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The Murdoch ‘triumvirate’ (politics/media/intelligence services) try and ‘legalize’… everything they do, for… themselves.


What they are really saying is they can forcibly … impose anything they like on anyone, anywhere, because the men with guns and trophy footage and so on were… never trying to protect children and women.



the witness… the catalan sicilian, syrian, sephardi, catholic ‘converso’…



The ‘triumvirate’ do not accept that people can in their… own lives, say no to others trying to… forcibly impose their will. 


The reality is once the 'triumvirate' tortured and attempted to murder me which was primarily about their trying to maintain my hidden identity (to maintain theirs) I was always going to be forced into exile to cynically stop me giving evidence about anything before a jury in civil lawsuits.


It is for example a legal impossibility to claim the ‘intelligence services’ could ever recruit an… infant !! (the genie in the bottle) whose identity they changed.


There's a 'definitive' case alright, about improperly exerting 'influence' on a minor.



... ditchley park and all that...



I lawfully stood to stop terror in the UK, which was the right thing to do, for the benefit of everyone, although I was inevitably forced into exile myself.


It broke my heart because I could not rescue my little sister, so the best I could responsibly do was try and stop the terror in the UK, which I did do for seven plus very long and difficult years in the 'no man's land' of Westminster, because there were... no terror attacks in the UK on my watch.


I won the 'decisive victory' in court on 13 December 2007 because I proved for the benefit of everyone, I was lawfully resisting all terror.




... little meowgli... i proved it is always lawful to resist terror...



There are no justifiable terror attacks on defenceless civilians anywhere.


The UK will stay in the EU.


I am legally entitled to stay in the EU too, just outside the UK, because I really need to build a new life for myself, which really is no easy thing to do.










It is self evident, the British and Australian governments are legally obliged to lawfully settle the lawsuits as I have lawfully instructed, so that I can safely… continue with my life… I choose.



The War of Terror is men with guns and trophy footage of sisters they never tried to protect.


No-one ever asked this... woman how... they could protect me


I do not 'plan' to leave the EU, because I am naturally a ‘converso’ bridge between Ashkenazis and Palestinians, and so on, because both ‘sides’ have been expelled by those who claim to be their ‘own’.





I am the one who stood for two, the 24 doing the whole 48 yards and then some for everyone, because my heart really was broken by the 4 September club, before I was exiled… yet again, because it is a… legal impossibility to deny my true identity etc.


I am the one... without an entourage of lawyers who fought the legal battles on the only real front line.



... i will never deny !! jenni was... my sister !! ...



I will never deny !! Jenni was my sister !! 


…1066, 1282, 1290, 1306, 1492… “I don’t like what they did to… my sister” Leonard Cohen 1988 … “I don’t like what happened to… your sister” REM 1991…




... the 4 september club... not protecting children and women anywhere...








It is true the so called ’World Heritage’ site of Parliament Square, Central London is a concentration camp which is a 'shit-hole' because it has state barriers and borders of all sorts all the time, and the ‘Houses of Parliament’ aka the Houses of Horrors across the road from the very real gas chambers was literally built on swampland.


I will never 'apologize' for being a woman and peacenik.


It's somewhat surreal to see 'five eyes' Murdoch pass... himself off as a 'Commie spy':



... very 1975... of course any real peacenik in the UK obviously knows Stakeknife Corbyn was the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace movement...



The 'triumvirate' of the Murdoch 'family cult' that obviously now includes Trump & Co:



... the murdoch 'family cult' including trump & co...



There were many... homeless people in Westminster who were very kind to me in all sorts of ways... because they incredibly said they felt... sorry !! for me (because I was out in the open) when... politicians repeatedly... stole my shelter etc etc :




... the... same... politicians et al who made... 'retrospective legislation' to... steal this female peaceniks shelter etc... in the middle of winter on 16 january 2012 in that whole groundhog day... (we did formally complain etc, that politicians did know they were breaching health and safety)...


(In fact, after the original unlawful arrest and the  malicious prosecution against... me on 22 February 2006 in Parliament Square, for not having Murdoch & Co's 'permission', with 'legislation' that did not exist... anywhere else in the country, the politicians did blacklist me so I lost my job. So I sold my home and my youngest son who was still living at home at that time, went to live with his father, while I continued campaigning to try and... stop terror. On 8 March 2007, when Judge Wadsworth did oddly rule in Southwark Crown Court, that Parliament Square was my... home !! which was not actually the question being asked, over the removal of unlawful 'bail conditions', emails disclosed in September 2010, from the same day !! show the not so anti-war Corbyn & Co working behind our backs at that time, with the MET Police, to try and steal peaceniks tents way back then. The not so anti-war Diane Abbott had voted with the DUP in 2005 to 'remove' peaceniks on the UK mainland, before Doughty's Starmer was made Director of Public Prosecutions and then an MP, and 'so on and so forth' to cover up what was really going on.



... torture and rape are used as a 'weapon' of war against women... there isn't even any pretence there is the rule of law now (it was bowcott who first published the lie it could be possible to steal... umbrellas being used for shelter)...



It was on 17 August 2007 that I was very violently punched in the head during an undercover operation run by Livingstone & Co to try and 'remove' us (where all the police and politicians disappeared the assailant) because they already knew I had won in court on 8 March 2007 not only over lawfully campaigning in Parliament Square, but that doing so included having tents. After I made a formal complaint to the MET Police about the assailant, Livingstone had me unlawfully arrested !! while trying to publicly smear us, all to keep trying to cover up everything)  


Most people know the Princess was not protected, because it is impossible to deny "a sequence of events were put in place that could only put her life at obvious risk".



... most people know it was... inexcusable that the princess was not given proper protection by either the royals or fayeds, so she ended up being driven (in many ways) by a stranger/s while anyone calling themselves 'media' was doing whatever they wanted...



It really was a very ’dirty war’ however anyone looks at it. 



... 48... people from all walks of life have always been united in opposition to war...





There would obviously never be any 'justice'… for me in the UK (or Australia) however anyone ever looked at it, because those... governments really did abandon me because I really am a woman and peacenik.


Anyone who has seen my ‘plan’ knows the… plan I naturally outlined is trying to stop for the benefit of everyone, what has happened, happening to anyone else.


I am a Catalan Sicilian, Syrian, Sephardi/Catholic ‘converso’.


I am really trying to protect children and women.



... when westminster et al's provocateurs labelled meowgli the 'satan jew'...



No more Mauthausen’s…



... catalans, jews, roma and people from all walks of life, all died in mauthausen...



I have only ever travelled in peace.


I do 'confirm' my real name is Donna.






A 'compromise' is my surname remains private.


You can call me Catalani.



... annunziata dei catalani...



There is only 1 meowgli sis(ter) now.


The men with guns and trophy footage do not fight each other in my name.


Maybe one day I will visit the Golan Heights.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!