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The differences in the ‘cases’ of myself and Assange (who I do reasonably believe works for the ‘intelligence services’ because of the a) timeline, b) storyline and c) governments involved) could not be greater.



... the witness...



In 2010 the Assange and Manning road show which was parachuted into London, among much else that was going on, hid the torture and attempted murder of me in 2009 after Murdoch & Co put out an unprecedented 'contract' to ‘remove’ me without any caveats, which inevitably brought every dog running to collect, causing even more harm and putting me in even greater danger.


In the European Union, exiles from… within the European Union are not ‘officially’ recognised so there are very real problems with anything and everything, while some guy can just avoid a rape allegation by waltzing into an embassy with an entourage of lawyers in tow.


It is self evident governments who do not care about their torture and attempted murder of a... female peacenik in the UK illegally denied legal representation to force true exile, knowing exiles from... within the EU are not 'officially' recognised, which causes... even more problems, don't care about whatever Assange who by contrast has always had a whole entourage of lawyers in tow, was doing.


The Assange 'journalist' legend is very much fashioned in the image of Murdoch and Johnson and their... combined interests they front, where so much else is... not seen.


The obvious reason for the Assange and the 'Chelsea' Manning routine would be, because the British and Australian governments (who did know what they were covering up) were also trying to cover up I am from... a ‘converso’ heritage, and was ‘raised’... by military ‘minders’ from the ‘highest echelons’ who… hid my true identity that was taken from me as an infant, to effectively try and keep me as their prisoner, really.


My own true story is really horrific, but I have always tried to do the best I can for the benefit of everyone anyway.


The sum total of the triumvirate of politicians, media and intelligence services Assange spin is presumably the old chestnut of trying to claim they have 'diplomatic immunity' to do anything. 


Murdoch is the 'common denominator' centre stage since at least 1975.


The Assange spin has always suited the triumvirate of politicians, media and intelligence agencies... agenda which is very much male oriented anyway, with the junctures of the rape allegations against Assange, and his entering the embassy 'coinciding' with undercover operations on 25 May 2010 etc and then 16 January 2012 too being legally busted flushes. 


My brief escape to freedom was winning the ‘decisive victory’ in court in the UK on 13 December 2007  for the benefit of everyone when it was found I had lawfully resisted the 4 September club, which... is sadly all about the... state abuse of women. The British and Australian governments then plotted to 'at best' try and exile me to … stop… me ever giving evidence before any High Court jury because they always knew they didn’t have any 'recognized defence in law' to even put before an civil jury in lawsuits. 


The 4 September club and the hidden state abuse of women:



... the 4 september club... there was never any 'plausible deniability' over this state abuse... which was real terror...



The 'decisive victory' when I proved I lawfully resisted the (mostly) hidden state abuse like on 4 September 2006:



... resist...



(I have never actually had the same freedoms and... opportunities any human normally has, because I have always been a 'genie in the bottle')


Most people know there is a very big difference in people having an 'interest' in your life where you still have the... independence to do simple things like 'invite' people if you choose and so on, and a 'controlling' interest where people are just trying to completely take-over everything in your life. 


The use of torture (over which there is no refoulement) was a guaranteed abuse to ultimately force my exile to (for example) stop me giving evidence over torture before a... jury in a civil suit, because there is no statute of limitations over torture.


I am the woman who was tortured and so on (because those are ‘weapons’ of war) who has had no legal representation either before or after exile, because the governments were trying to force exile and so on, in a continuing pattern of causing very serious foreseeable harm.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!