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The evolution of humanity (or hu… woman…ity) is not explained by the various ‘official’ narratives.



... Donna (aka Babs)... the 'tribe' of (Dan) Catalan - Roma - Asian and American Indian ?.... 



It is extraordinary that 'we' do not spend so much more time and resources on researching our true evolutionary cycle, let alone to connect with responsible administrative governance.


It is common-sense that ‘we’ did not evolve from black to white or brown which are the three main groups of people everyone is from.


Black people did not become other colours through marriage, because black would have stayed black, which would the same for the other two main groups of people.


Black people did not become whiter simply through migration northwards, because the same did not happen through migration to the south.


Therefore there must have originally been three main groups of humans.


Black people with brown eyes, brown people with green eyes and white people with blue eyes.


There are so many patterns of all sorts like the main volcanos in our time being primarily across the same area around the world. 


I could only be from the middle group of brown people with green eyes, who did migrate from around and between the Mediterranean as far northwards as the Kazakh steppes and westwards to China and India.


So basically I would be the 'Tribe' of (Dan) Catalan - Roma - Asian and American Indian. 


The evolutionary cycle of humanity/hu… woman… ity must have been started by three or three pairs most likely multiplied.


I personally think it must have been three pairs multiplied because one woman with two men or one man with two women still could not explain the evolutionary cycle if you do the maths.


There is no combination that really explains the various ‘official’ narratives of hu’man’ity that are all solely based on male narratives which inevitably ignore all sorts about the rather essential role of women.


When you consider the concentration of the human population, the world is clearly not overpopulated but rather suffers from a lack of responsible administrative governance.


The sad thing about the evolutionary cycle where we have not even devoted proper resources to understand our true origins, is that the 'official' narrative could slowly ‘take over’ creating a homogenised artificial ‘race’ that is not reliant on either men or women.


The only real reason for what is a human failure really to properly support humanity is the absence of necessary responsible administrative governance.


There are so many and too many wasted… opportunities into real research over our human evolution because 'we' do not devote enough energy into basic support functions. 



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!