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In the mid 1990’s Donna (aka Babs) naturally and lawfully opened a proverbial Pandora’s box, which inevitably eventually flushed out Murdoch being the 'common denominator' standing centre stage over all sorts.




...meowgli...  it is self evident the reality is real… competition would inevitably change public input to such an extent it would lawfully ’neutralise’ the… unchecked triumvirate of politicians, media moguls and intelligence services working together...



Considerable legal argument has ensued over the ‘levers’ in administrative governance that benefit too few.


It would surprise most people that I am nevertheless, not always so diametrically opposed to Murdoch’s views as might first appear, but rather question some but not all of his ‘methods’.


There is no doubt I won any and every legal argument… in court on 13 December 2007.


It is a legal certainty it was unconscionable to then put out a ‘contract’ against this peacenik after and because I won … in court, whatever numbers are spun against me.




… a crock of shallow perfidy…



I understandably obviously have a very real problem with the reckless ‘contract’ to 'remove' me that has and still does cause me so much foreseeable and identifiable harm because it was an open invitation to… hurt me without any caveats of any kind, because I had won in court.


You’d be surprised just how far the ‘intelligence services’ can cynically try and twist all language to try and suit… themselves.


It is not even ‘clever’.


The best I could do for the benefit of everyone in Parliament Square was stop terror in the UK which I did do for seven plus years, until I was forced into exile.


Murdoch put out a 'contract' to 'remove' the pipsqueak:




... the unjustifiable nexus of no distinguishable difference between politics, media and intelligence services...



This did not mean I surrendered… my own rights doing that and so we arrive at the ‘contract’ that was made against me on 19 July 2009 that resulted in… my forced exile.


The only real reason lawful settlement of my lawsuits is really being unreasonably delayed is because:


a) I am not owned by any leverage which is not something anyone would want to admit, let alone see catch on.


b) the traditional manifestations of leverage do not want me as fair ’competition’ not just because I could legally bowl them all out in… any court.



... the 'elasticity' of the word 'influence' could in it's true context, be argued in courts for years...



I was ’surprised’ to discover the greasing of palms with some rather expensive ’goalposts’ costing 598,000 euros on 22 June 2016 (think about the timing) along with further ongoing ‘development’ around 122,000 euros, all of which was obviously not done… for my benefit.


My own unprecedented lawsuits raise very serious legal questions where even the most basic levels of legal disclosure have not been complied with.


Their ‘homogenisation’ has created unprecedented legal problems because there is in practice no identifiable difference between the revolving doors of politicians, news media and intelligence services.



... in any legal sense... the essential... problem is when an 'interest' becomes a... controlling take-over...



I am unusual because I really did do what I did that they could… never do themselves, let alone for seven plus long and very difficult years, not including the ‘transition’ of my forced exile. 


What was central to the very dirty war that took place in Parliament Square, Central London was the fiction of law abiding civilians needing 'permission' from the Murdoch nexus, which I proved was untrue, because it was really only all about state sponsored... violence causing foreseeable very serious harm that had and still has devastating consequences.


So the 'permission' racket and (for example) the contract to 'remove' prove there was a very real pattern of escalating predatory behaviour from the nexus of politicians, media and intelligence services.



... most people know they are on the same 'side' of the 'permission' racket with... both really targeting defenceless civilians...



I am the prisoner who briefly broke free because I was … raised without any normal freedoms or opportunities of any kind any human usually has, so I have never had any opportunity to reach… my own potential, so the genuine reasons for my own motivation is not under any doubt.


I know how to multiply their money they owe me, many times over if I was inclined to follow their ‘rules’ which I am not inclined to do, because I want to see if… I can make a greater success… myself… for the benefit of everyone.




... where have we heard 'grab' the cat(alan) before from the old boys club ?...



People could waste years in court arguing over the ‘elasticity’ of the word ‘influence’.


The real question is over the… damage being caused to real human lives by the total absence of any real ‘competition’.


It is self evident the reality is real… competition would inevitably change public input to such an extent it would lawfully ’neutralise’ the… unchecked triumvirate of politicians, media moguls and intelligence services working together.


It is the female peacenik who was tortured who has been forced into exile, not the supposed Guantanamo poster boys who returned to the UK with the governments blessing.


Go figure.



... 'influence'... in fact there is a very long 'his... tory' since at least 1975, where everyone did know... putting out a 'contract' in 2009 to 'remove' a now exiled peacenik because the peacenik won in court was seriously illegal...



It has always been possible to reach a deal with the Murdoch triumvirate, but the Kingpin does not want to and will not do that, presumably because he sees that as ‘losing face’ to the pipsqueak, who really did do what he and his could never and did not do.


We each have our own strengths and weaknesses and I have been to hell and then some on a long journey so I am not about to waste and throw away what I have really fought so hard for, for so long as a real woman and peacenik.


It is a guaranteed I am seeking an… unprecedented lawful settlement of a lawsuit because the ‘contract’ etc against me is… unprecedented, without any caveats of any kind.


We all do know what we know… which is not really the real point of… anything, or at least not for me. 



... murdoch & 'public interest'... 'media plurality' ?... 



Murdoch works for the purple reign (which is their own business) and I am just a new and different pink… woman, who is naturally a bridge between the old and new because I fought… the real battles.


My identity matters just like anyone else’s because all war seeks to rob people of all identity in so many ways.


I am not just a… number.


I have a name and I am human and… I am a woman.


The 'moment in time' that has always haunted me the most from Parliament Square, is the young soldier who when I said I was a mother standing so my sons would not have to fight for the bastards in the Houses of Parliament, fell to his knees and broke down sobbing, saying he wished… his parents did the same.


The young soldier didn’t want to kill people in a distant war far removed from any rational reality.


I have always been his sister and his mother too who was heartbroken by his grief because he was not… a willing participant but rather a young man who was not a coward, but instead had no way out, because he was just being used and abused by propaganda, once he understood the truth.


Most people want real substance that is really exploring the real issues that matter to them in a more responsible manner.


The battle ground is not over the manufactured cult of celebrity and all that flows from that.


The real front line was always in Parliament Square, Central London.


When an 'interest' becomes a predatory controlling take-over against... defenceless civilians, there is an identifiable and unjustifiable very real problem.


There is... no refoulement over what has really happened.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!