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I don't personally understand all the referendum talk about 'transition' because I have already been subjected to the 'transition' of forced... exile from the UK into the EU, which obviously causes so many problems, because exiles from...  within the European Union are not 'officially' recognized.




... the catalan meowgli... the peacenik.... 



1. There is no refoulement... because I was tortured and Westminster are refusing to hand over the trophy footage.


2. I would just like to be able to use my... true identity which is Donna, without being tortured etc like on 4 September 2009. 


It was always... foreseeable and particularly because of my heritage (and I haven't even opened the... whole Pandora's Box) that I would be targeted and forced into exile. It is a legal nightmare to sort through the accompanying so called 'citizenship' issues because the reality is both the Australian and British governments...  illegally denied me legal representation as the person... they call... Babs Tucker !!.


3. The Treaty of Utrecht is a major problem, because that is a) both the reason exiles from... within the European Union are not 'officially' recognized' and b) why... no government from a... Treaty of Utrecht Country in the EU will ever accept a... Catalan peacenik ... exile, which is obviously seriously problematic.  


Labour and Tory spin the... same tune, because they have the.... same lawyer (Weightman's) because I lawfully campaigned for so long across different administrations who were obviously selling the same lies.


Two key points that contributed to my exile (along, with the undercover operation it turned out, they were running against me, while... hiding my true identity !! which is really surreal !!) were:


a) 23 May 2006 (because I was the one who proved no-one could be prosecuted in that case (which begged the obvious question why all the lawyers didn't go straight to the High Court with a civil jury lawsuit on 24 May 2006 when I was released without charge) It was that legal failure by lawyers on 23 May 2006 that caused me so much long term harm... because all the lawyers...  inevitably just all covered up for each other. 


(it was a very 'straightforward' cover-up across all Westminster) 




b) then 4 September 2006 which was the 'decisive victory' I won in court on 13 December 2007 (everything after that was groundhog day really)


(c) sadly it was on 4 September 2009 that Westminster tortured and attempted to murder me... because I wanted to use my... true identity, which didn't suit the government (all of which is obviously also a lawsuit too) 


In the real world the Houses of Parliament in Westminster are a 'no man's land' because there's no men who have ever been seen walking the corridors there, that's for sure. 


It would really wonderful if it were possible for people to be able to say that the politicians in Westminster have changed in some way, but we all know that sadly they have not, which is how it came to pass that it is... a female peacenik who was really... exiled from the UK. 


The Catalan Meowgli (10.02.2018)










27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!