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I am a real life ‘Schrodinger’s Cat & Genie in the Bottle’ because I was ‘raised’ by military ‘minders’ from the ‘highest echelons’ of the 'intelligence services'.



... the witness... (d.o.b. 10 February 1962)... a hostage to 'his... tory'...



This means I have never had the normal freedom or opportunities any human has, while always being illegally denied legal representation because it is obvious it is a legal impossibility for 'intelligence services' to claim they could 'recruit' an... infant !! and hide their true identity.


My brother did actually get barbed wire tattoos on his arms, like ‘prisoners of war’ really.


Little Meowgli in 1975:




... the two who lived at 646 next door to czech point charlie and limonchik, were not the same as the two who moved to 11 after we left, and the chinese dragon moved into 9 next door to them...



(There was all sorts going on in 1975 when two military 'minders' went to the UK so I had to go to other military 'minders' too)


It is actually very straightforward that I am a real hostage to 'his... tory' really over the ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ from 1713 because that excluded the Mediterranean Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi and Catholic ‘conversos’ who had been targeted since 4 September 1282 at Messina, Sicily in Italy, because they were united defending women.


The reasons for ‘the lists’ that are still kept is obvious.


The serious persecution continues:



... blair originally maliciously prosecuted me on 22 february 2006 which was the same date... nazi germany executed the white rose peaceniks on 22 february 1943. when i had the 'decisive victory' in court on 13 december 2007 (which was the same date they signed the lisbon treaty) over 4 september 2006 blair went running to ratzinger ! on 22 december 2007 to pose as a catholic !!...


Catalonia was really divided up by the Treaty of Utrecht: 



... mauthausen, austria...




An 'analogy' of how child trafficking empires treat stolen generations :



... most people recognise the story of mowgli is really an 'analogy' of how child trafficking empires treat stolen generations...



The Treaty of Utrecht 1713 is the reason politicians do not ‘officially’ recognise exiles from… within the European Union, while politicians do ‘officially’ recognise refugees from… outside the European Union, which is more than 'extraordinary' when you think about it. 


They were not at all pleased when Little Meowgli... found her little sister ( I was raised separately from)... because that challenged the 'official' version... hiding (all the abuse of the) 'Schrodinger's Cat & Genie in the bottle' etc:




... cui bono ?... 4 september ... 10 september



The real life 'horror movie' of the 'Olympics' in 2000. 


In fact it has always been possible to reverse the cultural genocide of what has happened over centuries without changing the Treaty of Utrecht, with an almost imperceptible 'pas de deux' of putting the ‘no man’s land’ of the Golan Heights under the jurisdiction of the ECJ and ECHR which (for example) stops me being an ‘exile’ in the EU.


It really isn't at all 'complicated'.


Everyone knows this 'Papal Knight' (no kidding) never built an empire from defending... women:



... the great pretender  and his 'genie israel' (10 september 2017) who... lost in court on 13 december 2007... before sky illegally broadcast on 19 july 2009 that we should be 'removed', and it was entirely... foreseeable i would be forced into... exile...



All I have seen my whole life since I was a small child is the men with guns and their trophy footage.


I don't have any let alone a whole... entourage of lawyers.


Murdoch worked with the likes of the Director General of ASIO Tudor Harvey Barnett (who posed as my godfather no-one would want) to hide my true identity that was stolen from me as an infant:



...the 4 september club & murdoch crony...



They have been hiding my true identity behind so many layers including the Fremantles, who have... no Catalan Italians in their job lot.



... something of an 'understatement'...



The media ‘mogul’ who has followed me since 1975 (the end of the Vietnam War and the 'take down' of Whitlam etc he was involved in )… lost the constitutional ‘crisis’… in court in the UK on 13 December 2007, when I won:



... 'genie israel'... and 'five eyes'... 



THE ‘FORBIDDEN CITY’ ? : THE WITNESS DONNA (AKA AS BABS) 4 SEPT 2006  & 2009 (& ‘TREATY OF UTRECHT’ ROBERT MUELLER FBI 4 SEPT 2001 - 2013 & JAMES COMEY FBI 4 SEPT 2013 ETC & … THERESA MAY MI5 13... 29 & 30 OCT 2011) (02.02.2018)


There's only a lot of questions the 'intelligence services' need to ask...themselves, about their... cruelty and so on, because I have never done anything wrong.


It’s a legal impossibility for the UK to explain why they have not lawfully settled my real lawsuits. 


It's always been more than odd the 'five eyes'... Australian born and naturalised... American media mogul spinning how... 'British' do people want to be in a referendum in the... European Union:



... the numbered plates etc.... do put the 'media mogul' who has followed me since... 1975, directly 'centre stage'...



You couldn't say I was the one hiding in Parliament Square, Central London for seven plus years, to publicly stop terror,  just like millions upon millions of people in Spain did in 2004.



... the treaty of utrecht over the... cultural genocide of a specific group of people from the mediterranean... 



There is a dragon tapestry and the rings etc.



... this genie in the bottle is a peacenik... who is no anders brievik...



A lot of 'white noise' about their... own in-house hacker in chief :





The 'official' narrative obviously ignores the Mediterranean in the round because that is... how the world was... 'divided' up.


The 'his... tory' has always hidden the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi and Catholic 'conversos' on 4 September 1282... defended... women from Norman 'Conquests' before being betrayed by the Pope and then everyone else, that eventually led to the Genocide of Two World Wars in Europe, that saw millions upon millions of defenceless civilians slaughtered.




... the cover up they have... already lost in court on...  13 december 2007...



The truth is I won in court, many years ago:



... resist... over 4 september 2006 (and the repeat performance on 4 september 2009) over which it was proved, there is no 'plausible deniability' of any kind... (13 december 2007 was the same day brown signed the lisbon treaty...


Blair legged it to Ratzinger in Rome on 22 December 2007 to pose as a Catholic after I won the 'decisive victory' in court over 4 September 2006 etc before Johnson went running to Moscow on 22 December 2017 after his 4 September 2009, waving around a blue FSB passport which was hardly 'news' to some of us. 


Go figure.


On 22 February 2006 Blair had maliciously prosecuted me on the same date Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943, which was hardly subtle !!





The warlords in Westminster never headline they still haven't repealed the Edicts of Expulsion 1290.



... napoleon was actually... an italian from corsica which kept changing hands...



In 2011 Westminster's provocateurs were labelling me 'Satan Jew' while I was being illegally denied legal representation because they were... forcing me into... exile :



... westminster in 2011 labelling me 'satan jew'...



(The King of Spain lays claim to Jerusalem on behalf of all the royals really)


There is no 'plausible deniability' over the state terror that had absolutely nothing to do with defending... women:



... 4 september 2006... (before the repeat performance !! on 4 september 2009)...



It has obviously always been in... my genuine interest to lawfully settle lawsuits to try and stop the escalating very serious harm quite deliberately being caused.


It's very serious because the... persecution is being hidden and... continues.








27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!