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THE TWO SISTERS : GOLAN HEIGHTS (2007) CONSTITUTIONAL ‘PARDON’ (NESSUN DORMA & AVE MARIA) [1282]… 1975, 1984, 1994... 2000, 2006, 2009 ETC (06.02.2018)




... the witness...



The two who lived at 646 next to Czech-point Charlie & Limonchik… were not the same… as the two who moved to 11 when we left, before the Chinese dragon moved in next door to them at number 9 etc.


The children who grew into adults never had the normal freedom or opportunities… any other… human has.


I have always been the ‘Schrodinger’s Cat/Genie in the Bottle’.


The ‘screenwriter’ has very obviously... followed me since 1975 building his empire etc which did ultimately cause the schism because everyone knew it was never anything remotely resembling a level or reasonable playing field of any kind.


1962 - 1975  - 2000 - 2018…


(Two World Wars) Vietnam, the Koreas, the Six Day War, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria....



... this is very interesting...



What has been lacking is this woman's input.


My friend was right when he came around in the 1990’s and spoke with me in my garden with the flowers while the sun shone down in a moment in time and just quietly said I was the ultimate flower power child and there was nothing wrong with that and… I didn’t have to change who I am.


I trust him because I know he wasn’t part of anything and he did speak the truth about all sorts when I was troubled by everything that was happening.


He was in the north but he was like another friend from the south some years earlier, whose wife was a beautiful singer, because their own lives were broadly similar enough that they did know what I was generally saying.


Sometimes people cannot understand because they have not travelled any part of your own journey.


The worst journey of my life was in 2000 because it was nothing but loss and more loss all over again along with so much else.


I have... proved what happened was... completely avoidable !!


There is no 'plausible deniability'.


I really would never wish what I have known and seen on any other human.


It crosses all red lines to use torture and rape and so on of… women as ‘weapons’ of war.


In Parliament Square, Central London I stopped the terror in the UK for the benefit of everyone despite everything and... even though I am not English.


I have always travelled in peace.


My real first name is known and... can be used privately.


I lawfully settled the constitutional ‘crisis’ in court on 13 December 2007.


1962 - 1975  - 2000 - 2018…




... oh look... voluntary...



The details of a lawful settlement can lawfully be negotiated with me because I am the only one who can really speak for myself.


I do have to have space when I want it.


Those involved are ‘pardoned’ by me.


I have other things I still want to do.


It is self evident, there are no legal grounds for governments to punish me at will, without going to the ECJ.


I have previously outlined… my own lawful interests for the future.


We all know I... own my own manuscript and 'codes'.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!