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Pope John Paul III gave Murdoch a… Papal Knighthood Order of St.Gregory in 1998 before Blair went running to… Ratzinger (who hastily retired in 2013 before Pell was sentback to Australia !!) to become a Catholic in… 2007 after I won in court, before Pope Francis now gives NATO middleman Erdogan a gold ‘Angel of Peace’ bauble to supposedly… 'choke the dragon of war'.


It's true.




... the witness...



It would obviously look embarrassing for a Pope ( I don't know if they do embarrassment ? ) handing an ‘Angel of Peace’ dragon slayer bauble to their own and NATO's... Papal Knight… Murdoch ( Order of St.Gregory) who everyone knows is the real dragon, along with Blair, who lost in court in 2007.


Other notables given the Papal Knighthood Order of St. Gregory include errr...  Jimmy Saville.


I do interestingly literally have a real... dragon… tapestry that… incriminates ‘forbidden citie... s’ of MI5, that included… Murdoch et al when he started out in Australia in 1975 before he collected Fox News in the Clinton trade with Marc Rich whose Glencore spun off into Trafigura and Vitol etc and so on and so forth.


I am a peacenik who is a real ’genie in the bottle’ because I have been a prisoner of the ‘intelligence services’ my whole life because I was 'raised' by military 'minders' who stole my… true identity when I was an infant !! (to try and... keep me in a legal limbo/schrodingers cat) while later on from 1975 onwards… ALSO all working with Murdoch (to obviously as everyone does know make lots of money… for themselves etc)


The 4 September (1282) club.


Murdoch, Ratzinger, Pell (and Blair who did the whole Nazi Germany execute peaceniks 22 February (2006) routine, before doing the whole 4 September 1282 routine on 4 September 2006. It is really, really bad what was going on in Melbourne.




... nato can have the baubles. this peacenik would like... the golan heights under jurisdiction of eu thanks that murdoch is trying to claim(i wonder if netanyahu has a papal knighthood too ?)...



In among much that makes no legal sense whatsoever, is why would Murdoch who is an... Australian born naturalised... American be so vexed about how... 'British' do people want to be, in an... EU referendum ?


(In my own situation, it is very straightforward, those involved just don’t want to… lawfully settle massive lawsuits, which is actually very, very serious because they are only trying to cause serious… harm because it has been unreasonably going on for sooo… long while I have been… illegally denied legal representation… and exiled… and so on)


One of the very 'interesting' legal points that cropped up in Parliament Square, Central London that they would not let get tested... in court... before a jury is the role of the 'intelligence services' in the... media, when they tell outright lies to get people unlawfully arrested and so on.




... november 2009... the murdoch- wolff - johnson revolving doors...



The fact that Johnson is a 'spymaster' is just a rhetorical flourish that really means he is just trying to hide what he does with media barons, from any public scrutiny, because he is knowingly trying to cause the most serious harm possible avoiding (for example) lawsuits.




THE ‘FORBIDDEN CITY’ ? : THE WITNESS DONNA (AKA AS BABS) 4 SEPT 2006  & 2009 (& ‘TREATY OF UTRECHT’ ROBERT MUELLER FBI 4 SEPT 2001 - 2013 & JAMES COMEY FBI 4 SEPT 2013 ETC & … THERESA MAY MI5 13... 29 & 30 OCT 2011) (02.02.2018)



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!