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This Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi/Catholic ‘converso’ has lived the... complete opposite of royals (like in the Netherlands) who have the ubiquitous… entourage of lawyers etc while enjoying all sorts of ‘lèse-majesté’ politicians from 'D66' are supposedly looking into.






The whole 'D66' spiel sounds more like... politicians... government men with guns looking for 'immunity' for...themselves !!


The navigation of multiple strands of any legal order should in principle depend on the facts of any particular case and equality before law.


In the European Union etc, this does not yet happen, because of the very fundamental yet 'inexplicable' failure of politicians to 'officially' recognise exiles from... within the European Union, while politicians do 'officially' recognise refugees from... outside the European Union.


People are quite correct to ask, how is it (legally) possible for all the politicians in the European Union to 'officially' recognise... refugees from outside the European Union and not 'officially' recognise ... exiles from within the European Union ?


Anyone can immediately see it is entirely... foreseeable that only creates... even more problems for true exiles from ... within the European Union.


In fact, a true exile from... within the European Union is in a far, far worse position in every respect than a... refugee from outside the European Union.


In the UK etc, the problems arose because we publicly proved the 'Royal Assent' which is the signature tune on everything, was legally meaningless, when arbitrarily used against members of the public.


The politicians in the UK... intended to force exile (by illegally denying legal representation) in the full knowledge exiles are not 'officially recognized' in the European Union, because they... intended to escalate and... compound harm.


In my own case, which is even more unusual, this was because I had been 'raised' by military 'minders' from the 'highest echelons' who stole my true identity as an infant, to force and try and keep me in a 'legal limbo'/'Schrodinger's Cat'/'Genie in the bottle'.


It's not credible the warlords in Westminster held a how 'British' do you want to be referendum, because they wanted/ intended to leave the European Union. Their referendum is only being used as cover to cause harm, because it was foreseeable... their referendum could... only cause harm.


So what would happen when the ’Schrodingers Cat’/‘Genie Israel’ is ‘released’ from forced captivity ?


Well :


1.The first thing those responsible need to lawfully do is pay the ‘genie in the bottle’s’ long overdue lawsuits, which would show those responsible acting in good faith in some way, instead of intending to continually escalate what they do know is serious harm, which is all they are knowingly doing now.   


I promise you it’s not an ‘experiment’ anyone would ever sign up to under any circumstances, let alone be… forced into as an ‘infant’.


Until there is a lawful settlement of lawsuits, there is... no pretence anything has lawfully changed.


I don't personally believe politicians are trying to... lawfully settle very serious lawsuits.


2. Then those responsible for the ‘protection racket’ would have to negotiate with the ‘genie in the bottle’ because there is the very serious issue of trust. It is the ‘genie in the bottle’ who has never been protected because the ‘protection racket’ has obviously only ever been looking after itself.


3. It is a matter of proven self-evident fact the ‘genie in the bottle’ who has done the whole forty eight yards and then some always doing the right thing, is the only one who has ever been harmed and put at risk of harm. 


4. It is true, the three primary problems that are a danger to the ‘genie in the bottle’ are from :


a) a ‘disgruntled’ member of the ’protection racket’ (which has been the biggest problem for a long time)


b) an unexpected attacker (who more often than not turns out to be linked to a)


c) who to make a formal complaint to about anything serious (which would have to be… agreed to by everyone after the lawful settlement of lawsuits)


There are all sorts of… legal problems because of what has… really happened, which is precisely why I have always sought to deal with things properly though a… jury in a court of law.


Most people know it is obviously possible to identify some obvious risks to minimise them, which is the best the ‘genie in the bottle’ can do, including with ‘proof of… life’ for family etc.


The ‘protection racket’ have caused so many problems for the ‘genie in the bottle’.


5. Most people can understand… everything is… really only a problem… for the ‘genie in the bottle’ … because the ‘protection racket’ who not only showed no responsible ’duty of care’ whatsoever but attacked the ‘genie in the bottle’… have caused the accumulated multiple layered problems.


A responsible counsel might advocate the ‘genie in the bottle’ listen to and agree with the ‘protection racket’ they showed some ‘duty of care’ ? which is in truth a very difficult one to work out/through after the… true circumstances of everything that has… really happened.


My primary interest is that I will go where… I want to go when… I want to.


6. In all the circumstances, the reality the ‘genie in the bottle’ would really be free and has been wanting to head in a different direction, should mean most ‘risks’ should be less/lessen over time anyway.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!