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The Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi and Catholic ‘conversos’ routed the Norman ‘conquests’ of …women on 4 September 1282  so managed to somehow !! hold off an… alliance of royals and… Kublai Khan (now… Kazakhs) et al too who also ‘sacked’ Syria/Jerusalem etc.




... the witness being held in a... 'legal limbo' (ie: the genie in the bottle')...




In 2009,there was Murdoch’s SKY news saying ‘remove’ peaceniks (because I won in court in 2007) which proves they were STILL trying to… keep me in a… ‘legal limbo’ (ie: ... the genie in the bottle)


It’s obviously a legal impossibility for the ‘intelligence agencies’ to claim they could ‘recruit’ an infant and hide their true identity to try and... keep them in a…  ‘legal limbo’ (and… now the Brexit ‘transition’)… their whole life.


Murdoch (whose ‘biographer’ just happens to be a Michael Wolff too) is … centre stage in absolutely everything… to do with me.



... murdoch, woolsey, summers et al...



You only have to look at how discredited Murdoch is in the UK.



... the usual suspects... it's all in the... detail...



I have obviously never had any of the same opportunities as anyone else would have, because the British and Australian intelligence agencies were always... hiding my… true identity… to try and keep me in a… legal limbo (the genie in the bottle) that anyone would know was illegal. It's a really dreadful thing to do to an infant because it is just all about abuse. 


(In real terms, Murdoch really built his media empire out of… leveraging state ‘secrets’/working with ASIO and the CIA et al to build the five eyes network, certainly from 1975 onwards (ie: the Whitlam ‘scandal’ at the end of Vietnam War too, while the Nixon and Kissinger show was going on) and including through Clinton’s… ‘pardon’ of Marc Rich which is how he got… Fox News, which just goes to show how ‘reliable’ the ‘intelligence services’ are.



... and people wonder why a supposed naturalised american is so interested in... 'brexit' ?...



There was a lot going on in Australia in 1975 with my military ‘minders’ going to the UK, while I was with other military ‘minders’ like the Director - General of ASIO Tudor Harvey Barnett who posed as my godfather.



The naturalised 'American' working for the 'intelligence services' :



... 2009...



This was the same 'five eyes' Murdoch saying 'remove' peaceniks in 2009 (which was an incitement to violence against... defenceless civilians) so it's very, very serious what's really been going on because of course I have lived my whole life in a... 'legal limbo' which has had so many devastating consequences:



... in the uk in september 2009 the warlords in westminster did torture and attempt to murder me...



Murdoch obviously wouldn't want to go on a witness stand and explain how... he did for example know one of my military 'minders' who posed as my... godfather and all about Anthony Blunt and so on


It's truly disgusting how the warlords in Westminster treat children and women.


There has been nothing but so called men with guns and their trophy footage… my whole life since I was a young girl (it really is a horror story) so most people could understand my genuine problem with being forced into… legal limbo.


It is true there are the ’nuns’ memos etc which just avoids… the real point is my… true identity, which is what the cover up is really all about.


Everyone knows there's nothing Blair wants to go on the witness stand in a court over after going running to Ratzinger to become a Catholic !! after I won in court : 



... most people know there's a reason blair & co who are all the same old, same old, who have no 'plausible deniability' or credibility with... the public...



What they most certainly are not trying to do is lawfully settle very serious lawsuits.


The irony really is that the one who was forced into a legal limbo as… an infant, that no human should ever find themselves in, (which was before being forced into exile in the European Union and Brexit) is the one who fought the hardest for peace for the benefit of everyone.


It has always been a legal impossibility for politicians to explain what was going on here:



... the 4th september 'deep state' club terrorizing me... that's why blair had to resign...



They really don't have any respect  for women at all. 


In reality I have a genuine interest in the lawful settlement of my lawsuits, to reverse the most 'extraordinary'... legal limbo (and so I can do my own thing in the European Union that doesn’t actually step on anyone else’s toes, because anyone can see there really is… massive potential in the internet and so on around the Mediterranean. There is huge scope around the Mediterranean to develop alternatives to the homogenised transatlantic Google & Facebook et al, which the U.S. & U.K governments use to say they can do whatever they like in the EU and so on)


Who was using nuclear depleted uranium munitions in Iraq, that soldiers complain about... too ?:



... the errr... homogenised 'transatlantic' is not very european, let alone at all... mediterranean (no mention of who supplied nuclear depleted uranium munitions in iraq) ... 



There is soooo much... opportunity to build new networks... around the Mediterranean with real educational and cultural value for... people to get involved in.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!