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THE ‘FORBIDDEN CITY’ ? : THE WITNESS DONNA (AKA AS BABS) 4 SEPT 2006  & 2009 (& ‘TREATY OF UTRECHT’ ROBERT MUELLER FBI 4 SEPT 2001 - 2013 & JAMES COMEY FBI 4 SEPT 2013 ETC & … THERESA MAY MI5 13... 29 & 30 OCT 2011) (02.02.2018)




I am the witness.




... the witness...




A ’Nixonian’ email etc ?


It is true the most difficult journey of my life was walking into the real life ‘horror movie’ of the ‘Olympics’ in 2000 for… too many reasons, when my little sister died.


The… true circumstances of the enormity of… all the devastating human tragedy is not something… I would ever want any human to ever find themselves faced with. It is fair to say there was finger pointing from politicians and ‘intelligence services’ that everyone has always known would never stand up to any legal scrutiny in a court of law. I have proved what did happen was always completely avoidable.


There are no words.


What happened would motivate anyone to try and make the world a better place for the benefit of everyone. 


I am Catalani so I… naturally take the 360 worldview of the Mediterranean, which the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi and Catholic ‘conversos’ did when they united across a diverse culture to rout the Norman ‘Conquest’ of women at Messina with Peter of Aragon on 4 September 1282.






It was the Treaty of Utrecht 1713 that continued the… cultural genocide of people from the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi and Catholic ‘conversos’ to keep ‘dividing’ up the world in a different way that sought to enslave us and... worse. 


Two World Wars saw the slaughter of millions upon million of defenceless civilians across Europe from all walks of life.


Think about that.


And I mean, really think about that.


I did the right thing and as a woman publicly stood for peace for the… benefit of everyone in Parliament Square, Central London to … stop the terror used against children and women by the men with their guns and trophy footage etc because I try to be a bridge between the old and new because I have always remained true to who I really am.



... 4 september 2006... the evidence is there are still... 'the lists'...



The reason I won… in court on 13 December 2007 was because I proved the ‘missing’ piece of the puzzle is the Treaty of Utrecht which technically speaking is not fit for purpose because it is only all about… cultural genocide.


I didn’t need or use a crown for that one that had politicians et al running all over because…  ‘the lists’ still do shamefully really exist.


It really was false of Westminster to call me the ‘Satan Jew’. I have never heard any politician ever making any public apology for the Edicts of Expulsion in 1290… because they have never been repealed, which tells anyone everything they need to know really.



... 30 october 2011... westminster warlords provocateur's strangely labelling me the 'satan jew' ?...  in another apologia for the edicts of expulsion... 



Most people know wars are only all about trying to rob people of all… identity.


How could I not know that because that is all I have seen and lived myself since I was a small child ?


It is not civilised for  ‘intelligence agencies’ to 'mark' the face of an innocent child for life, claiming 'ownership' yet still I turned the other cheek.


Of course it crosses any ‘red line’ to use torture and rape of women as ‘weapons’ of war.


Any reasonable and rational responsible adult… knows it is a legal impossibility for ‘intelligence services’ to ‘recruit’… an infant (moi) who was ‘raised’ by military ‘minders’ to… try and keep me in a… 'legal limbo' my whole life !!


Most people would know the… forced… 'legal limbo' has always been a problem.


Only ‘intelligence services’ et al have questions to ask… themselves over all that.


There is… no-one in the ‘intelligence services’ who signed up as an err...  ‘infant’ to do that to… themselves, which is obviously all very cruel etc.



... 13 october 2011...the whole 'satan's child' 66 routine...



The ‘intelligence agencies’ crossed a red line on 4 September 2009... too !! that was only all about disgracefully trying to take further advantage of the forced… 'legal limbo' and so on and so forth.


I am not English and do not understand the warlords in Westminster, and as everyone knows very well, I did not ask or want to go to England ever… for proven very obvious reasons.


The warlords in Westminster obviously created any problems that… I peacefully dealt with in the ‘decisive victory’ in court on 13 December 2007 that covers everything however anyone wants to try and spin... anything.







I personally have no idea why a ‘forbidden city’ of what are ‘states within states’… around the world... lawfully sent me an email on 29 October 2011 that would obviously be… evidence in… a court of law.



... 29 october 2011... everyone has always known it's all slightly more than 'nixonian' when you peel back the multiple layers ...



It is true it inevitably… admits some of the truth that even with just my own my testimony and the various public records would in court… unravel much around the world, landing back on… the door of Theresa May (et al) who was the MI5 ’snooper’ at that time, which… politicians obviously all… know about.


It’s fair to say it does open a… ‘pandora’s box’ that is… all very far removed from any ‘official’ script because there really are the… multiple layers of military ‘minders’ and so on and so forth it is impossible to deny.


It is however my…  personal view that currently the best course of action is that politicians and public officials should constructively work… together to help… reverse the cultural genocide of Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi and Catholic ‘conversos’.


I don't know why the situation couldn't sensibly (for example) be ‘reviewed’ by everyone by say 1 May 2018 ?


I have always told the truth.





…1066, 1282, 1290, 1306, 1492… “I don’t like what they did to… my sister” Leonard Cohen 1988 … “I don’t like what happened to… your sister” REM 1991…


The referendum could only be all about the Treaty of Utrecht 1713 because politicians do not recognise… exiles from… within the European Union, while politicians do recognise… refugees from outside the European Union.


People might well ask why Koreans were never given any referendum.


It has always been possible to… maintain the Treaty of Utrecht from 1713 that... excluded the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi & Catholic ‘conversos’ and and all that flows from that, with the almost imperceptible ‘pas de deux’ of the Golan Heights being under the jurisdiction of the ECJ & ECHR.




... resist... it has always been a legal impossibility for politicians et al to explain what was going on...



That would lawfully address the obvious… ‘imbalance’ of governments not ‘officially’ recognising exiles from… within the European Union, while recognising… refugees from outside the European Union.


I have always ‘traded’ in a… lawful ‘customs union’ myself.


It is right and proper to…  reverse the cultural genocide of Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi and Catholic ‘conversos’.


My own obvious genuine interest is the lawful settlement of lawsuits to… reverse the 'legal limbo' of … my whole life that no-one should ever find themselves in.


The name Catalani is the gentle music from the Mediterranean calling me home.


I have only ever travelled in peace.








27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!