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The Pope can’t just add a 'codicil' to the deceit of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 saying terribly sorry the Vatican betrayed the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi and Catholics who routed the Norman ‘Conquests’ of… women in 1282.



… ’schrodinger’s cat’...


The use of torture and rape against… women as a ‘weapon’ of war is obviously all about cultural genocide.


Most people know war is all about trying to rob people of all… identity.


The Treaty of Utrecht 1713 (‘Spanish’ succession) cannot just add a 'codicil' saying terribly sorry for the... continuing… cultural genocide of Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi and Catholic ‘conversos’.


I have never understood how it is ‘puritan’ to draw a 'red line' at the torture and rape and so on of women as a ‘weapon’ of war.


I know a state of denial when I see it.


There is no democracy when you are not even 'allowed' to have your own true identity (my real name is Donna) and there are... forced 'conversions' of all sorts.


All the royals cannot say they can further ‘assimilate’ Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi and Catholic ‘conversos’ under the guise of the Treaty of Utrecht’s Israel.


The reason the European Union does not ‘officially’ recognize exiles from… within the European Union while recognising refugees from… outside the European Union is directly related to the Treaty of Utrecht cultural genocide of the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi & Catholics.


There have long been ‘the lists’ which is how I came to be ‘expropriated’ by the British and Australian governments and raised by military ‘minders’ in the ‘highest echelons’.


The governments were not best pleased when my parents then had my little sister who was born… on the Aragon 4 September (anniversary) 1964 of the War of the Sicilian Vespers 1282.


I have been a ‘political football’ my whole life kicked all over the place.



... 4 september 2006...'the lists' are very real...



The truth started to emerge and unravel the lies, when I became ill in 1994 -1995 (which had increasingly been happening during the preceding years) and I went to a different female doctor who was very good and made me well again, because of course I had … never been getting proper medical treatment (for an underlying... genetic illness) which remains true now.


Of course, the ‘scandal’ surrounding all that is quite unpleasant because I am a true ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’ who was literally scarred by the Ax ‘miracle’ of Lucca which claimed to ‘own’ me in a truly unholy alliance.


I really am an original Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi Catholic 'converso'... scarface, who turned the other cheek. 



... all very treaty of utrecht...



…1066, 1282, 1290, 1306, 1492… “I don’t like what they did to… my sister” Leonard Cohen 1988 … “I don’t like what happened to… your sister” REM 1991…


When this woman stood for peace for the benefit of everyone in Parliament Square, Central London, it really was a... 'historic'... meeting of opposites in every possible way and I won… in court on 13 December 2007.


'Here Comes the Sun'/ 'super blue-blood moon' and all that.


I had successfully against very considerable odds, challenged most cultural... 'assumptions'. 


That had politicians et al running all over for all the wrong reasons.




It's no laughing matter that repeated... forced 'conversions' of all sorts is... cultural genocide. 


It is incredible but true that the Treaty of Utrecht essentially describes the entire ‘his…tory’ of the 'evolving' administrative governance of the world, that inevitably does not care about... defenceless civilians. 



... who knows how 13 + 13 = 27 countries who would supposedly be left in european union, or why amsterdam even put in a bid ...



What I have stood for is trying to find some kind of balance, which in the wider sense is something women really need because there is very little genuine respect for children and women anywhere.


The Treaty of Utrecht narrative is all about men with guns and 'trophy footage' which is the only… terror I have seen my whole life since I was a young girl.


It is common-sense that the only way to redress the ongoing cultural genocide that has been going on from Messina along the 37th parallel for many centuries is to make the ’no-man’s’ land of the Golan Heights a multi-faith cultural state under the jurisdiction of the ECHR (that Russia and Turkey sit on too) and ECJ.


It is about slowly trying to reconcile the various 'administrative' strands everywhere.



...resist... the 'decisive victory' on 13 december 2007... is an unprecedented lawsuit...



The evidence is that what has happened is that while the Catalan Crown of Aragon which is Mediterranean took a 360 world view, others have been dividing up those around the Mediterranean, committing cultural genocide against those from the 37th parallel along the… centre of the Mediterranean.


“You can be anything you like” just not anything to do with the united front of the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi and Catholic 'conversos' at Messina.


The united front of the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi and Catholic 'conversos' is the ‘missing link’ because our world view was always based on the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


I could not make an alliance with the Treaty of Utrecht per se, because that is precisely what I defeated in court on 13 December 2007.


When I did the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, Westminster broke every national and international ‘agreement’ in their abuse of all due process while I was illegally denied all legal representation.


What I can say, and is possible to do, is offer… peace to everyone (which I can promise you really is a lot harder than it sounds) within the defined boundaries of a real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law under the jurisdiction of the ECHR & ECJ.




... what we always called... the house of horrors (which was very strangely built on reclaimed swampland) undergoing a make-over ? ...



In (for example) Parliament Square, Central London, during the many long years of relentless state abuse of all kinds you always had to try and stay inwardly disciplined and focused, which you had to do anyway to do what we did, because you have to somehow (which is not always easy) try and deal with your own personal pain, to keep trying to make progress for the benefit of everyone. 


There was (for example) a crisis point in September 2009 when the government tortured and attempted to murder me, because I had to find a way of... continuing to campaign while trying to in some way work through and reconcile with myself whatever I could, which was extremely difficult (it was a very bad time for all sorts of reasons) but I did do. 


The starting point that everything about Parliament Square, Central London was very much a 'man's world' was of itself difficult because the last thing I have ever had any interest in being is 'one of the boys'.  



... in 2011... the warlords in westminster definitely saw me as jewish with their provocateurs labelling me... 'satan's jew'... around the same time... moshe dayan's daughter was speaking about the difficulties in israel of promoting peace...



This was compounded because of course I have been illegally denied legal representation... my whole life, which is a very unusual legal vacuum for any human to really find themselves in, which very obviously caused all sorts of the most serious cumulative harm that is something of a horror story.


I have learned there are some things that are so painful you can never 'get over' etc so you just have to in some way over time among everything 'accept' it as best you can in part of what is my "it is what it is". Sometimes you might unexpectedly make some kind of 'progress' on what is filed under that because we are all a spiritual work in progress.


There has always been the greatest inner human desire to continue to try and find peace for the benefit of everyone, which is a naturally ever changing 'landscape'. 


It is true that when you are honestly trying to find the best for the benefit of everyone, you will suffer much of the worst yourself. 


You just have to keep trying to quietly offer a real alternative to what really is formulaic spin, asking and addressing the important questions about what really matters to most people without stepping on each other/anyone else’s toes.




A neutral multi-faith Golan Heights under the jurisdiction of the ECHR & ECJ without having to belong to all the other ’institutions’ is all about being a bridge slowly putting the peace and harmony of the rule back into the global anarchy of big business.


It puts the... human identity 'centre stage' again.


A two step that is almost imperceptible, would bring so much peace.



... the olympics in... 2000... was the most difficult journey i have ever made, walking into the midst of a real life 'horror movie'...




I am I said and all that.


There is no government who would ever go to the ECHR or ECJ to argue against what in any legal sense, I really already won on 13 December 2007.


It’s a Schrodinger’s Cat of a quite different… kind, because there is only one DNA code for all of humanity that we have been slowly destroying, because it’s simple… human logic, however anyone tries to spin it, everything is not either black and or white.


There are shades of the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi and Catholic 'conversos' everywhere.


It is possible to slowly change ‘his…tory’ to reconcile with her story for the benefit of everyone.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!