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The real truth about ‘Brexit’ is ‘hidden’ in full view because while politicians recognize refugees from outside the European Union, politicians don’t ‘officially’ recognize… exiles from… within the European Union.




... the 'treaty of utrecht' 1713 has been all too real for millions upon millions of defenceless civilians....




It is common-sense 101 all wars (of which the warlords in Westminster are arguably the largest purveyors) try and rob people of all… identity.


I do not personally believe the warlords in Westminster have ever had any intention of leaving the European Union, so therefore... logically they could only have an... intention of trying to... hide they always... knew the European Union do not 'officially' recognize... exiles from... within the European Union. 


I have been a 'political football' kicked around for a very long time.


It is 'incredible' but true, the entirety of world 'his... tory' is based on spinning essentially the... same ground-hog day Treaty of Utrecht 1713 'narrative' in multiple ways that is built on the diaspora from... one... 'missing link' from the Mediterranean repeatedly excluded from any 'official' version for the past... millennium.


When this woman stood for peace for everyone in Parliament Square, Central London, it was a... 'historic'... meeting of opposites in every possible way. 


The comfortable slipper victim blaming brigade in Westminster have been living in a state of denial in their... island tyranny, over their use of torture and rape and so on of... women as a 'weapon' of war, all around the world, for their entire... 'his...tory'.


The... rest of the world has... noticed they have no respect for children or women... anywhere.


I didn't ever 'choose' to go to England. I was always their prisoner and hostage they literally marked for life when they stole my true identity as an infant too, because they said they 'owned' me. I don't understand Westminster at all. Everything they say and stand for is like the foreign language of savages to me, because my true identity and culture that is originally from the Mediterranean has only been changed because of and through all their lies that re-invented me as a 'converso' always having to change to suit whatever happened to be the latest passing 'populist' stage of administrative governance.  The fact I was already from a 'converso' heritage did not stop my being... exiled... twice myself, thus far. 


It's no laughing matter that repeated... forced 'conversions' of all sorts is... cultural genocide.


There's no democracy when you are not even 'allowed' to have your true... identity.


What I know is this.


I have seen and lived with my own eyes since I was a small child, that the men with guns don't protect children and women. 





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!