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In my own case it is impossible in… any legal sense to deny I was ‘raised’ by British and Australian military ‘minders’ from the ‘highest echelons’ who stole my true identity (my real name is Donna) from me when I was an infant.



... the witness...



This 'Schrodinger's Cat' has always been a hostage of the Treaty of Utrecht.


I was marked out with the Ax ‘miracle’ of Lucca… scar on my face (adds ‘character’ and I turned the other cheek) because royals claimed ‘ownership’ which I proved in court on 13 December 2007 could not be true.


The Treaty of Utrecht… 1713 is deeply disturbing because (to anyone who… really thinks about it) it led to so many stolen generations of children including Sephardi taken from Yemen by Israel.


There have always for obvious reasons been ’the lists’ of those from the line of Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi/Catholic ‘conversos’ ever since 1282. The UK has never repealed their Edicts of Expulsion.


What was the Treaty of Utrecht if not a… racist ‘plot’ ? because it sought to destroy civilian unity from the very centre of the Mediterranean outwards.


In reality the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi Catholics routed the Norman ‘Conquests’ but were betrayed by the Pope and so on and so forth throughout a millennium of divide and rule.


It was 1911 (not 2011):



...  'pure' what ?... think about it... redcliffe salaman an opportunistic british 'eugenicist' 1874 - 1955 (the potato man)...



Then there is the nonsense Ashkenazi should rule over Sephardi Jews… in Israel because that follows the 'official' northern narrative that ignores the expulsions that... began by targeting Sephardi.


Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather leave the Treaty of Utrecht boys to argue over Jerusalem.


It has always been common knowledge many Ashkenazi look down on Sephardi which in many ways has it's origins in the Treaty of Utrecht narrative really, because it's common-sense, people from all around the... Mediterranean have a similar DNA. 


I just think Ashkenazi look odd cozying up to the Westminster warlords who still haven't repealed their Edicts of Expulsion from 1290 that many are all too happy to 'gloss' over.


I consider myself an equal of any other so I'd prefer to have a ‘no-man’s land’ multi-faith neutral state called the Golan Heights under the jurisdiction of the ECHR & ECJ.


I am the woman, and real peacenik, twice exiled thus far, who really stood for peace for everyone, when there were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch, when I did not need a crown to do what I really did do.


…1066, 1282, 1290, 1306, 1492… “I don’t like what they did to… my sister” Leonard Cohen 1988 … “I don’t like what happened to… your sister” REM 1991…


The name… Catalani is the gentle music of the Mediterranean calling me home.


Annunziata dei Catalani and all that. 



 ... annunziata dei catalani... a 360 degree 'worldview' of north meets south and east meets west... 

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!