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I don’t personally understand what… politicians are trying to say is the difference between Puigdemont's 'Catalan' referendum which was rendered null and void by Rajoy's Madrid, and Westminster's 'British' referendum where the same could/will happen ?




... the crown of aragon is fascinating... it's just a shame it's so 'controversial'...




(In reality old Catalonia was divided up long ago so all I see myself is Spain speaking really with significant English tourist enclaves along the coast, and I do not personally believe that Westminster are leaving the European Union at all.)


I understand the Spanish Constitution says the referendum could not be held and was invalid but I can’t work out the legal logic behind anything beyond that, including Madrid then saying Puigdemont cannot rule as President again after a… separate… election that wasn’t a referendum.


This is because Madrid issued and then withdrew an arrest warrant against Puigdemont and then the court refused to issue another one after the election while saying all sorts in the press that doesn’t really all make any legal sense at all. 


(In the past there was a Catalan President who ruled from exile in France and that was before the internet age)


The British politicians don’t face arrest over holding a referendum and they don’t even have a constitution.


Of course in both the UK and Spain it is ultimately the royals whose signature is actually on the spin.


It is interesting that Spain just handed over Gibraltar to the UK in return for their both… being allied against Catalans !! who were not just in what is now called Spain in the whole dodgy Treaty of Utrecht, which in many ways is an… alliance against Catalans that doesn’t stand up to legal scrutiny from all sorts of legal points of view. Westminster unsurprisingly have a very bad reputation for being so untrustworthy. 


(The Treaty of Utrecht is a deeply troubling business because it just reeks of so much racism and so on)




... crown of aragon ...



It is all very curious really because surely the… logical sequence over everything that has happened in Spain would be for the Constitution to either be challenged or changed (which is a long haul commitment) so that referendums… could be held in regions, with any result then having to be approved by Madrid.


There's no doubt the Spanish Constitution needs to be updated because it is still all too closely linked to Franco and so on, while regional autonomy is also so elastic it doesn't lend itself to stability. 


The current situation obviously does not encourage referendums as a means of engaging the public in a constructive way because it is all so confrontational and just more for headlines etc for... politicians, rather than anything meaningful. 


I don't personally understand how it was proportionate to use police over a referendum because all that did was unnecessarily dramatically escalate the situation, because Madrid had already said it would nullify the vote anyway. 


(What is clear from both the Brexit and Catalan referendums which is concerning is that the issue of exiles where Puigdemont has always had an entourage of lawyers too, and citizenship in the European Union has not been properly addressed)


It is a shame that referendums are being given such a bad name through the actions of politicians because if done properly in a measured way it is possible to see how they have much to offer by providing opportunities for sensible public discussion and engagement in politics.


Referendum done properly, which neither Brexit or the Catalan referendums were (which do not have to be legally binding) should first and foremost hear all the... public voices rather than politicians hastily grandstanding for any number of personal reasons. 




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!