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I use the example of the Golan Heights to explain the current problem facing a true exile in the European Union (because exiles from ... within the EU are not ‘officially' recognised primarily... because of the 'wide-ranging' 11 April 1713 Treaty of Utrecht)



...the true history of catalan crown of aragon sicilian sephardi/catholic 'conversos' does mean we unfortunately have a unique insight into the difficulties of endless exile (which is my own personal experience too)...



That can however be resolved when you say well why can’t the Golan Heights which is a ‘no man’s’ land remain 'neutral' and come under the legal jurisdiction of EU courts like the ECHR and ECJ.


This is not really as strange as it might sound because for example Russia and Turkey belong to the ECHR without belonging to the European Union.


The true legal position is there is no reason the 'no-man's land' of the Golan Heights could not remain 'neutral' and come under the jurisdiction of the EU, so someone from... within the EU could be a citizen of both and the problem of a true exile no longer exists, and politicians and royals blushes etc are avoided and you don't have to join any other 'institutions'. 


In fact remaining 'neutral' (which is really not as easy as it might sound) means you are in practise offering peace to...  everyone, within defined legal boundaries.


Our mantra in Westminster was well known as "which part of no don't you get ?"


The real point is trying to resolve the issue of true exiles (where there is no refoulement in my own case) which can only be done by looking at how the.... countries around the Mediterranean... really co-operate and what the true legal order is anywhere.


The manner in which administrative governance has evolved has meant the legal order for... civilians is always the last consideration.


I am also saying the Golan Heights should come under the EU legal order and remain neutral because as a woman, peacenik and exile, it is about doing what I can to take a lead in trying to bring peace all around the Mediterranean because the Golan Heights is the 'missing link' in the puzzle, which does happen to directly be related to Catalans and the Treaty of Utrecht.


It's a statement saying I am a woman (and true exile) standing for peace on all 'sides' while the boys argue over Jerusalem that they know is really claimed by all the royals through the King of Spain who expelled Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi/Catholic 'conversos' too. In a legal sense I wouldn't be treading on anyone's toes because the Golan Heights is and would remain a separate legal entity that isn't part of the 11 April 1713 Treaty of Utrecht which specifically... excluded us, but includes everyone else. 


It is making the point too, asking what is real behind so much because I did stand for so many years on a very difficult front line in Westminster as a real peacekeeper, dealing with the reality of the warlords. 


A Catalan Crown of Aragon Sicilian Sephardi/Catholic 'converso’ … exile is the longest line of exiles around the Mediterranean because of the way Europe and the Middle East (and North Africa) ‘evolved’ so (putting aside a personal horror story of being a ‘political football’ myself my whole life) we do inevitably have a ‘unique’ insight into the very real issues faced. 


We have always been forcibly separated, pushed out from and 'marginalised' and so on by absolutely... everyone.


When you 'translate' Brexit into the 'language' of a true... exile from within the European Union the issues are broadly similar, minus the allegories used by politicians that inevitably 'gloss' over much.


By way of example, we just openly did the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law in Parliament Square, Central London, comprehensively winning in courts, time and again, while the warlords in... Westminster just disregarded and broke every national and international 'agreement' of any kind in their unlawful actions against us, year after year and... year after year.


The names Catalina or Catalani are like gentle music from the Mediterranean calling you home.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!