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The post (below) about Syria, Russia, Turkey and the Kurds is odd in two respects.



... men with guns who were never interested in protecting... children and women...



The Turkish... government would not be doing Operation 'Olive Branch' in Syria without the Russian... governments consent (a similar 'scenario' before in the UK between Westminster and Moscow was used against... defenceless civilian... peaceniks !!) and everyone knows it’s a fact Kurdish leaders really work for all governments primarily acting as a front for all sorts of mercenary outfits who are really conducting… ethnic cleansing.


So the spin (below) about the Turkish operation looks more like trying to find ‘plausible deniability’ all round over all sorts which includes/harks back to the Vietnam military ‘pacification’ process.


It’s obviously not ‘independence’ to take lethal weapons from any government to murder defenceless civilians with impunity which is what Kurdish leaders really do. Therefore it is entirely possible that Kurdish leaders are just trying to cover their tracks like governments do because there’s obviously only ever been all sorts of deceit around who really hides behind the all too convenient ‘Islamic State’ moniker.


The devastating war in Syria was entirely down to the failure of irresponsible ‘leaders’ President Assad included, because so many… civilians have died and are not even… remembered.


No-one can even pretend they didn’t know… exactly what shameless Westminster are like.


It is worthwhile remembering there was nothing stopping President Assad and… his… armies of lawyers bringing a legal challenge… in British courts when the UK government were talking up a military… invasion, and agreed to conduct airstrikes… and yet he didn’t !!


So he had both the means and opportunity to save… all those civilians lives and yet did nothing really meaningful to try and stop war so he does bear… huge responsibility too for so many civilians losing their lives, and soldiers being called up and so on.


Their ‘constitutional’ point of view is only interesting because it explains the war in Syria in so many (bad) ways.


The Syrian government is really trying to say it’s ‘constitution’ (like those of too many governments) is not justiciable outside Syria.


Really ?


This may or many not be true depending on how you look at/approach it like (for example) through the military agreement with Russia and Turkey (who are part of the ECHR) and so on. Most people know that nevertheless it is an old way of thinking when a government says it is above legal oversight anywhere else, because that obviously doesn’t benefit a civilian population.


Is President Assad really going to get… other people to… shoot himself out of every corner/problem ?


It’s not exactly a constructive ’strategy’ for good administrative governance.


The shame of the war in Syria is that however you look at it, it really was completely avoidable and only happened because political 'leaders' (who are never on any kind of front line) did not make enough effort to prevent it.


Frankly, I don’t know why President Assad doesn’t do himself a huge favour by having a public consultation on… amending the Syrian ‘constitution’ for real and catching up with this century too.


Did he even get exiled for being a… peacenik ?


Of course not.


His General ’Tomato’ says they are pretty much accepting anyone in the Syrian army these days which is pretty… strange when you think about it, but would presumably include the City of London YPG. (think Treaty of Utrecht 1713 which is applicable too) All very Cluedo, with Professor Plum & Co.


(It is worthwhile remembering that President Assad’s father also previously expelled Catalan Sephardi from the Aleppo governorate and Syria. It’s true. We get expelled from everywhere… even for being peaceniks !!)


Syrian Arab Army Facebook page, 27 January 2018


A long post regarding the situation in Afrin, and in Northern Syria in general.

We are often asked whether the Syrian Military will step in and aid the militant in Northern Syria. However, before we can answer this question we must make one thing very clear.


The Turkish action in Syria is an act of war, an act of aggression against Syria and is denounced by all means.


Let us go back to October 2016, when Turkish jets hit targets that they claimed were Militant in Northern Syria, the Syrian Military Command did not wait for anyone to ask for help, and issued a clear warning and declared the Syrian airspace closed and a no-fly zone was established by SyAAD against TuAF; and in fact SyAAD and SyAAF Fighters were locking-on TuAF jets even inside Turkish Airspace for a good few weeks after the warning, and we all remember the Turkish complaints about SyAAD and SyAAF preventive actions.


What you do not know that back then the Turkish political command kept for months trying via the Russian's to convince the Syrian command not to shoot any TuAF jets, they tried threats and they tried negotiations; and the only way Syrian Command dismissed the issue was after signing an agreement between the Syrian-Russian-Turkish military which included SyAAF having the authority to enter Turkish Airspace if necessary.


So what changed now?! Why isn't the SAA deployed in Afrin and why the SyAAD who everyone know even the Turks, that is capable of a complete no-Fly zone over Afrin and most of Northern Syria, are not holding back the TuAF?! Why isn't SAA joining the fight?! A valid question but put in the wrong format.


Let us put it as simple and as clear as we can: Any point that raises the Syrian flag across the Syrian Arab Republic, whether in Afrin or even in Idlib is safe from all military actions, including the Turkish. But those who seek to divide the homeland, and declared just few weeks ago that they will fight against the Syrian Military and will not allow the Syrian government to enter their self-declared administrative areas want the Syrian Government to protect them?!


Don't get us wrong, we do not want the Turkish military in Syria nor we agree on their presence, they will be kicked out whether peacefully or by fighting them until they are kicked out.


So the correct question is not whether SAA is going to join the fight, because SAA is required by constitution to defend its homeland, and will defend its homeland no matter what and no matter who it is from.


The correct question is, would the so-called YPG return to the fold, raise the Syrian flag and work under the Syrian Military just like many other self-defense formations did in many areas in Syria and are now operating in the ranks of the Syrian Military? Or they just want Syria to go to war so they can keep their separatists dreams?!


As we said, any city, village, town or even a checkpoint that raises the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic and declares that they are part of Syria, and governed by its constitution will be safe from any military action, and will be protected by the Syrian Military


PS. For the record, the Local Administrations are a crucial part in Syria, they are protected by Syrian Constitution and are done according to the Syrian constitution and Syrian laws; where the self-declared administrations backed by militant occupying a location regardless of their origin is an occupation and taking people as hostages while holding arms against their Armed Forces. Those who want to change that are welcome to bring it up in the Syrian Parliament; but taking arms in the streets is terrorism and will be fought no matter who or what.


Finally a disclaimer:


As most of our followers know we are not an official page, we are not monitored by any official channels nor we are told what to share by any official side; everything we share here, all the work we put is from our own time, volunteering and asking nothing in return and that gives us the flexibility to share and speak of everything, and we believe we had shown the level of responsibility on what to share and what to hide at certain times. We are a team of Current and Ex Syrian Officers and soldiers, civilians and even Syrian civilians who currently live outside of Syria.




They should all try being a civilian peacenik because that really is something that is difficult.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!