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The British and Australian intelligence agencies (think Gibraltar Treaty of Utrecht 11 April 1713) took Catalan’s purrfect 10 (my birthdate) changing my true identity, which is Donna, as an infant.



... once an exile, twice an exile... an original old catalan crown of aragon sicilian sephardi/catholic 'converso'... scarface... 



War is always about trying to rob people of all identity.


They could never have imagined and were never pleased my parents… then had my little sister who was born on Peter of Aragon’s !! 4 September anniversary in the 1282 War of the Sicilian Vespers.


Some things are impossible to explain.


It was sadly a real crime and human tragedy the two sisters were raised separately.


Most people know there are too many human lives that have been devastated by the actions of ‘intelligence agencies’.


I was ‘raised’ in the ‘highest echelons’ by cold military ‘minders’ who wanted me to be Satan’s child !! which is how Westminster do ’reference’ me (see below) but I was always really a peacenik. 


It would obviously be a legal impossibility to claim an infant or anyone else gave ‘consent’ for anything.


I have always had nothing but trouble from intelligence agencies who did literally 'mark' me out for life … for no other reason than because I am a Catalan Sicilian Sephardi/Catholic ‘converso’. 


Royal Parks MET Police :



... a 'memo' to 'satan's child' /66 (see below)... 13 october 2011... rather 'overlooks' the edicts of expulsion in 1290 that has never been repealed etc... (on 10 april 2013, city of london police were doing the whole 666 etc gig too)...



They do keep ‘the lists’ of those descended from the Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi/Catholic ‘converso’ lines for very obvious reasons.


The real reason Catalan 'conversos' were often falsely accused of being ‘witches’ and so on, was because of everyone trying to cover up the double-crossing by royals and religions over the War of the Sicilian Vespers that after all the expulsions too, ultimately led to the Genocide of Two World Wars.


The real ‘Godfather’ of the ’Ax miracle of the... Holy Face of Lucca 11 September 1334’  was one of my military ‘minders’ the 'Corleone' Director General of ASIO Tudor Harvey Barnett.



The 'omerta' :



... the director general of asio tudor harvey barnett was literally my godfather/one of my 'minders'...



Another of my minders, Leila Rachel did literally buy a goat she christened Mrs... Peel, who as a child I noticed they treated very 'differently' to all the other animals we had.


There is no denying I am a real Catalan Sicilian ‘converso’ woman tortured and so on just like women at Messina.


Everyone was always trying to cover up so much so unfortunately I was never treated well, or given even basic healthcare as a child, which was what it was, which was a long time ago. 


(I do blame the British and Australian intelligence agencies for what happened to me in Turkey in 1984 because they had basically carved a banner on this innocent ... scarface, who never worked for them)




...wesminster were not pleased when i installed the new banner/s on 23 october 2011 after they stole everything on 31 august 2011... so...



Anyway I was always a political football after 1994 - 1995 when I was ill and happened to go to a different doctor who was a good female doctor who did her job properly and then all the other lies inevitably slowly unravelled, which no-one liked.


They did engineer it so I ended up back in the UK by extension, when it was well known I had not wanted to go to the UK which was (for example) putting me the other side of the world from my little sister, who did need me. 



... westminster sent along one of their provocateurs in front of our campaign pretending he is us.... calling me the number '10' jew...



Although I am not English I did do the right thing and try to protect other defenceless civilian lives in the UK and so there were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London.


While I was doing that all of which politicians et al tried to… violently stop, I won the ‘decisive victory’ in court on 13 December 2007 because there was never any ‘recognized defence in law’ to what they were doing in the very ‘dirty war’ that went on for a very many years in Parliament Square, Central London.


I didn’t need a Crown of any kind to do that.


This was actually directed at me :



...charming... westminster's provocateur (they have no shame) was spinning the whole english 'edicts of expulsion' 1290 that actually targeted... sephardi... calling me the 'satan jew' etc ... 



I guess you could say, Westminster handed me a High Court Order over 13 December 2007 in April 2008 they never wanted to pay out over that I added a lawsuit to etc, which is how it came to pass they forced my exile from the UK into the EU in 2013 knowing full well the EU does not ‘officially’ recognise exiles from within the EU.


They also signed the Treaty of Lisbon on 13 December 2007 with Article 50 before Blair went to Rome and became a Catholic on 22 December 2007 and Johnson went to Moscow waving around a blue FSB 'passport' on 22 December 2017. Go figure.



... the provocateur was trying to cover up the pictures of the... children...



It is publicly documented the royals bizarrely took us to court over Parliament Square, Central London in 2010 -2011 which Brian and myself had never wanted anyway because we properly argued it is a public space.


They all know my High Court Order from April 2008 etc trumps everything.


They also all knew that after the British and Australian governments had both illegally denied me legal representation there were only… one of two directions they could possibly try and force me to go into exile to, which was either South America or the European Union.


Their preference was South America for obvious reasons, and they did not want me going anywhere near the Mediterranean. 



... we always had palestinian members of our campaign (but i don't support the muslim brotherhood)...



The 'imbalances' of all kinds around the Mediterranean do arise from the repeated abuse of Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi/Catholic ‘conversos’ who have been expelled from everywhere all around the Mediterranean.


There has never been any… reconciliation with Catalan Crown of Aragon Sephardi/Catholic ‘conversos’.


I feel most comfortable among Italians, and like French but can’t return to Spain because the King of what is now called Spain claims Jerusalem, which is why such terrible atrocities have happened to Catalan Sicilian Sephardi/Catholic ‘conversos’ while of course the old Catalonia was divided between France and Spain (which still included parts of Italy too). Henry VIII was no fan of Catalina of Aragon either.



... peace for everyone's children...



(I don’t even actually have strong feelings about which politicians are in power in Italy because I do understand them all... to a point and like everyone else know they are not as bad as Westminster who... only do war. You can’t say Gentiloni is not being honest when he says there is a certain ‘flexibility’ in Italian politics. Berlusconi is a rogue but he is not as big a rogue as Westminster. I am old so I personally think Matteo Salvini is wasting everyone’s time with his spin but I understand why he does it for votes etc. I am not English so I could never understand… anything Westminster did because it is like a foreign language to me, so there is a cultural thing, including of course I do know Westminster really do treat... civilian... women disgustingly)


I am into the gentle beauty all around the Mediterranean that is my world where I am a bridge between the old and new.


Catalan Sephardi were expelled from Syria and are not really welcome in Israel either because of the King of Spain who also expelled Sephardi, along with everyone else. This woman and peacenik does like eating real Italian tomatoes myself, which are very good for you. Some girls can probably never have too many tins of Italian tomatoes. 




The ‘missing link’ in everything including the legal order, is Catalans in the Golan Heights which should be a safe multi-faith cultural neutral state (like Switzerland) first and foremost, but obviously not exclusively for women, with Mt Her... mon as a beacon of peace watching over the countries around.


I would always be open to making sensible alliances with governments that would protect and benefit… civilians.


I have seen too many men with guns who are not... protecting women, since I was a small child.


I have stood on a real front line and taken responsibility in a real battle in Westminster, while I otherwise choose to move quietly in the background.


I have never been 'allowed' to choose.


Am I Sephardi or Catholic ?


The boys can argue over Jerusalem and have their own celebrations on 18 April 2018 etc, because I obviously still have things to do. This woman takes Mt Hermon in the Golan Heights and puts it under the jurisdiction of the EU Courts (they can dress it up however they like) and I will no longer be an exile and nor will anyone else, and there will be peace for the benefit of everyone.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!