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It is a matter of fact the ‘missing link’ that unites everyone all around the Mediterranean are the Catalan 'Crown of Aragon' Sephardi, Catholic Sicilian 'conversos' from Messina.




... the witness... and 'missing link'...



This is very obviously why I was 'raised' my entire life without having any access to legal representation, because it is impossible to deny my... true identity was changed when I was an infant.


What this real peacenik did nevertheless conclusively prove in Parliament Square, Central London was, civilians can just like people in Spain did in 2004, stop terror, because the (legal) reality is we are all equal.


The fact I am really a peacenik is of course precisely why I was illegally denied legal representation that it was foreseeable would ultimately then force me into... exile in the European Union. Everyone... knew the EU do not ‘officially’ recognize exiles from... within the European Union. Of course there is no refoulement over what has happened to me either. 


The real question is how I have my legal status safely lawfully restored so that what happened to me is lawfully redressed and cannot happen to anyone else ever again, because there are the most fundamental questions like access to proper medical treatment so that future medical... emergencies are... avoided. 


The British and Australian governments who illegally denied me legal representation to try and stop me lawfully settling lawsuits obviously acted... intentionally in seriously bad faith, because the overwhelming evidence is they did not want those lawsuits to be lawfully settled in the UK -or- through exile in the European Union (because it is all one and the same really). 


What I am saying (using the example of the Golan Heights saying it should be neutral under... EU courts legal jurisdiction) is that if you look at the true legal situation of who sits on (for example) the ECHR that includes governments outside the European Union (like Turkey and Russia) ... all the... governments are really... linked.


The 'irony' is that it was in fact actually getting proper medical treatment in 1994 -1995 so that I got... better from what did turn out to be an... inherited genetic illness that (may as well be called... exiles illness) ... had not been properly treated... for a very many years, triggered everything else that then happened. Any and all illnesses I have ever had have mostly been very clearly been linked to one... genetic problem.


All that happened was I just happened to go to a... different female doctor, who happened to be very good. 


(In 2013, after I was exiled from the UK, and I was first sent by a doctor to a hospital in the European Union, their 'enthusiasm' to... operate actually had me leaving quite quickly, because yet again they were all too hastily 'overlooking' the one connected... underlying... genetic problem that a good doctor many years earlier had identified, pretty much everything else has always been linked to) 


What I personally think is very sad is that those who have done what they do, have... always failed to recognize that the 'missing link' is very much also a bridge between the old and new called... peace, for the benefit of everyone.


There's no denying I am an original Catalan Sicilian Sephardi, Catholic 'converso' scarface, whatever I happen to think about all that.





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!