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... 'conversos'... the forced exile of this... peacenik, was not only always entirely foreseeable but entirely... deliberate... because of my 'origin'...



The 'persecution' of Catalan Sicilian Sephardi 'conversos' that has been going on for... centuries like at Messina in 1282 where women were specifically targeted, only really continues.


There are only hollow words from all politicians over 'Holocaust Memorial Day' (millions upon millions of innocent... civilians from all walks of life were slaughtered in the... Genocide of Two World Wars in Europe) because the truth remains that royals and politicians have all consistently and STILL do oppose putting in place the most basic and fundamental legal system for civilian... exiles from...  within the European Union, who are not recognised even when it involves no refoulement.


The UK haven't even managed to repeal their Edicts of Expulsion from 1290 while they illegally deny legal representation.


It is well known many Ashkenazi look down on Sephardi too, while being allied with the King of Spain (et al) who lays claim to Jerusalem,  yet expelled Sephardi who are still not really welcome in Spain among other places either.  


The reality is the original Catalonia was divided up between France and Spain long ago which was all connected to the Crown of Aragon and the War of the Sicilian Vespers and Sephardi.


I have already... thus far been exiled and all that really goes with that, by two governments, while being illegally denied legal representation, so it was never any kind of 'mistake'. 


It says it all that I was exiled because I am a... peacenik (and I have campaigned with people of all religions, no religion)


I have been a 'political football' for a very many years now, that no government would ever want, because of course what has been and is really going on is... cumulative.


The 'hidden' truth (because people only hear what is really a northern narrative) is of the divide and rule of Catalan and Sephardi from... the Mediterranean. 


The 'irony' is that I naturally do support a European Union because there can be many opportunities, but the European Union sadly as a starting point does not support me or anyone like me, because they have always refused to put in the fundamental safeguard of recognizing... exiles from... within the European Union. It would never even be safe for me to be a Sephardi, because it wasn't even safe being a... female peacenik. It is a matter of fact the British and Australian governments always did do everything they could to try and hide my... true identity because of everything they really did and do. I have lived so much abuse of all sorts myself that of course I will never be 'allowed' to speak about. What was really important was standing up as a... peacenik to try and protect other civilians regardless of their religion or the fact I had never really had any real choice over religion myself.


Sadly, the real world of 'conversos' has not really changed in Europe (0r anywhere else really because most governments are connected in some way or another) over a very many... centuries.





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!