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My own… true story about how I was ‘raised’ by ‘British’ royals military et al ‘minders’ who refuse/d to acknowledge my own… true identity (which has and still causes me… only problems) does in many ways exemplify the crossroads the world currently finds itself in over administrative governance.




… ‘the paradox’ of a legal vacuum… i do support the european union, but in fact the european union does not as a starting point support me…



All the politicians in the European Union could only want exiles from... within the European Union living life on the road with the tent stashed in the boot of a car option etc because there is no legal system for... true exiles from... within the European Union. 


It is impossible for the British government to deny they always knew the true legal situation for exiles from within the European Union all along, because it is a matter of fact they have never wanted to lawfully settle anything. 


It is all very, very damaging, including that it is entirely deliberate that true exiles have no access to proper medical treatment of any kind.


If you are descended from the linked Crown of Aragon/exiled Catalans/Sephardi 'conversos' around the Mediterranean from Messina in Sicily you do still have massive problems in the European Union that would be the same anywhere else because all the governments are linked really.


I have never had the freedom that comes through recognising my true identity because governments obviously never wanted to unravel their many lies to move towards that truth for… a multitude of their… own reasons.


On a practical level it only causes me cumulative problems that obviously cause me considerable serious harm and personal distress etc which was always intended. 


At the most... human level how can I like other people do, have a legitimate relationship with another adult if I am not ‘allowed’ the most basic right of having my true identity just because of whatever happens to calls itself administrative governance.


A very serious crisis point was reached when I was forced into exile for the second time really from the UK because I was... illegally denied legal representation by both the British and Australian governments, over which there is obviously no refoulement.   


All that is far more ‘complicated’ than it appears.


It has only ever been my own experience politicians and royals only ever want to 'complicate' anything. 


My own true origins are from the central area of the Mediterranean.


The important point is we have… all contributed to the genetic make-up of the… one DNA code of humanity. 


The ‘British’ royal line (which includes the King of ‘Spain’ etc really who claim Jerusalem too and are from the Bourbon French line) do really claim to on the one hand own people, yet also be able to and have in all real terms, exiled me from (for example) the UK, and in my own experience will only really ’recognize’ my exile if I… go to/remain in their northern Germanic ’domains’.



... this is not true...  all the royals and politicians STILL don't recognize... exiles from... within the european union...



The Edicts of Expulsion from 1290 that no-one ever speaks about have never even been repealed in the UK.


This is all problematic for all sorts of reasons, because there are very real issues because of course I have a real lawsuit and yet have undeniably been subject to very serious ‘witness intimidation’ etc.


In any event it is a fact, my own true roots are proven to demonstrably be from… the Mediterranean. so why shouldn’t I be able to… enjoy that (whatever my 'identity') ?


What is also interesting is that the King of ‘Spain’ who expelled… Sephardi lay claim to Jerusalem !!


There has never really been a reconciliation between any royals and… Sephardi and how could there be when exiles from... within the European Union are not even recognised.


What has happened to me was in all the true circumstances entirely... foreseeable.


It is extraordinary the European Union still do not recognise that there are exiles from… within the European Union.


Despite the fact of such long persecution of Sephardi and those from Catalan/Occitan areas.


It is impossible to deny that there has been the most incredibly long history of ‘persecution’ against the Crown of Aragon, Sephardi and Sicilians arising from the War of the Sicilian Vespers 1282, but really it began long before that because royals and religions are another form of governance.


We don’t need to relate the whole his… tory of Europe that everyone knows led to the... Genocide of Two World Wars which saw millions upon millions of people from all walks of life slaughtered.


There is very little ‘emphasis’ on what really led to Two World Wars because his… tory is very narrowly viewed almost exclusively from a Northern perspective.


So all in all it’s “somewhat of a muddle” because it is all based on those who create a perception that is not built on a) any real world identities or b) legitimate administrative governance.


How can someone even feel safe when a government refuses to even acknowledge something so basic as someone's... true identity ?







If we turn the ‘perceptions’ around which it is an entirely legitimate thing to do, it is legitimate to say, well the ‘Crown of Aragon’ (use any other Mediterranean name you like too) does not… recognize the… legitimate grounds of those who refuse/d to… recognize them.


In a practical sense that is what I did in the UK that did lead to my forced exile because it raised all sorts of legitimate questions more widely about… global administrative governance.


Most people know he who has the biggest guns is not necessarily legitimate administrative governance.


It is only more recently in human history there have been more widely ’recognized’ borders and 'passports' and so on.


Of course I am not trying to unravel the whole history of administrative governance, but it is (for example) possible to right some wrongs around the central area of the Mediterranean that… everyone else could then slowly adapt to, if they wished and when it was possible.


The issue of identity is both very important and an interesting wide ranging one with the biggest obvious gaps being between a) a woman like myself who is... refused their true identity and b) those who just… buy whatever identity they like and c) global businesses.






There would actually be no… conflict in declaring the Golan Heights a neutral multi-faith cultural state with a constitution under the jurisdiction of the European Courts, when you think about it.


The Middle East will always have it’s rich religious heritage with Mecca and Medina and let others who wish to, argue over what they call Jerusalem.


It is only really the same old royals and politicians who have sought to split Catalans and Sephardi who are from the centre of the Mediterranean, and then Ashkenazi and Palestinians and so on.


What's the worst that could happen to an already... twice exiled female Catalan Sicilian Sephardi 'converso' ... peacenik from the European Union (in practise made stateless because there is no recognition of exiles from... within the European Union... even when no refoulement is involved)  in... the Golan Heights ?


Being exiled... again !!     By whom ?      Why ?


(There is a long standing 'legal dispute' over who has 'jurisdiction' in the Golan Heights)






1. The issue of the Golan Heights raises interesting questions because it is possible to show that someone can have dual nationality from the European Union and say for example in the Golan Heights too, so therefore the European Union must really first be based on people’s identity, rather than politics.


2. So is Spain really in or out of the European Union because it lays claim to Jerusalem etc ?


3. Is the UK really in or out of the European Union along with it’s Commonwealth and based on what ?


4. What is left of Catalonia is already divided between France and Spain so what is the Catalonia people talk about today ?


5. Can the Middle East make a similar Union to the European Union for… civilians with all recognising the legitimacy of the European Union courts/legal system because there is trade between all anyway ?


6. What is the future role of NATO which is based in the European Union, yet is really a transatlantic military union between the UK and America that Europeans help fund, and what will be role of an EU army and will both complement each other ?


7. What is the real role of the United Nations Security Council which was created without a corresponding legal institution and should it be expanded ?


8. What is the real role of the… optional International Criminal Court based in the European Union ?


9. Can the European Union grow without strengthening it’s legal order ? which is being undermined by various competing strands who are in truth half in and half out of the European Union ?


The Russian and Turkish governments sit on for example the ECHR yet are not part of the European Union.


The different strands of global administrative governance are the UN Security Council, NATO, the European Union and royals Commonwealth etc.


My personal view is the European Union is a basic blueprint that has massive… opportunities for progressive administrative governance, whose inherent fundamental flaw, sadly is that it has been built without the starting point of protecting civilian… exiles from… within it’s own union.


So I support the European Union but in fact the European Union does not as a starting point support me.


I am only really saying what is obvious to most people that an… identity and… a legal order must come first in any… legitimate administrative governance.




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!