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I disagree with the British General Nick Carter’s view of NATO and Russia in the European Union because while his words may have been slightly adapted with populist jargon, he misrepresents a true picture anywhere.



... a millennium of exiles...



The last one hundred years have seen profound changes for… civilians lives all around the world with all sorts of changing borders, where few existed in their current forms.


A world government of sorts certainly exists through the United Nations Security Council (i.e: the British royals and Russia) NATO, the King of Spain (and Jerusalem).


A… civilian worldview from the continent of the European Union would actually understandably view the UK, US and Russia as currently the combined greatest… threat to a… united European Union, which sadly is not so different from much of the truth of the Genocide of… Two World Wars involving divide and rule.


The emergence of a European Union that also has some monumental basic faults is nevertheless at least some kind of blueprint for what is… possible in evolving administrative governance.


It was Spain’s Javier Solana who started to push the Club of Rome agenda for an EU army.





The Spanish royals are not on the UN Security Council but do lay claim to Jerusalem.


The British and Spanish royals are aligned in all sorts of ways because of course along with for example France there is such a long colonial history.





In any true sense it is only more likely than not, that NATO could only inevitably become less relevant in the European Union because most people on the continent of the European Union would… naturally want an EU army because the divide and rule/good cop/bad cop of the UK, US and Russia is very, very unpleasant.


The European Union is not even really properly represented on the United Nations Security Council which has so many inbuilt inherent flaws that are multiplied so many times over because it was not created within a corresponding legal framework.


There are the three tiered obvious problems with NATO which finds itself in an uneasy situation of all sorts in the European Union. These include politicians not really being able to justify the cost of what is really a British and American institution that has actually caused so many problems inside and… outside the European Union too, so NATO almost only continues to exist by default. It does not really serve the interests of the public in the European Union but it would also represent a major undertaking for a revolving door of politicians to collectively address it’s numerous shortcomings. Of course, the single biggest turn-off about Westminster is they only view the world in terms of waging endless war !! which is just so negative for... civilians.


A real problem NATO does actually have is that there is a very big difference between algorithms spinning the Twitter sphere and those who want to join any military. The expanding use of military contractors obviously just creates more problems from any fundamental legal perspective within the European Union.


It is likely to take a long time for all the different institutional strands to move closer together to mirror the general direction of travel… civilians in the European Union would like to go.


To use General Nick Carter’s example of Russia who are not exactly my own most favourite government, who were more welcome in Westminster than… peaceniks, the real question is why the European Union do not invite Russia to join the European Union ? The Russian government already belong to the European Court of Human Rights. The Russian government would presumably be very unlikely to want to join the European Union but there is no real reason there could not be closer open ties between the … governments.


It must be true that governments who are more openly allied leads to less weapons anyway.


A real missing part of the jigsaw puzzle around the Mediterranean is the Golan Heights. Imagine if there were ’peacekeepers’ there who were under the jurisdiction of the European Union legal system !!


It's an interesting consideration that's not as strange as people might think because of course governments outside the European Union do bring cases within the European legal order and Turkey and Russia belong to the ECHR.


The Golan Heights is as good as any other place to... really try and... unite the Middle East.


I remember walking into Gaza in 1984 (which in hindsight probably did look a bit odd at that particular time) with a young American woman who was openly (Polish) Ashkenazi (descent) and the one thing young men who spoke with us did not ask about, while asking where we were from, was what religion we were.


It wasn't that we were naive, but rather that we had a genuine interest in other civilians and cultures, so sometimes civilians can do what politicians can't or won't do.


It is my own personal view that in many ways a Middle East Union like the European Union, because in reality they are connected in so many ways, would solve so many… civilians problems.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!