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… donna …the catalan sicilian ‘converso’ is technically a ‘double dan’…



I was one of two children ‘raised’ in a ‘control’ experiment by 'others' from the 'highest echelons' (where my brother also had a twin brother and I had a sister and have a half sister in what I guess you could say were also two sets of three or a set of 5 too, that is actually larger in terms of 'Dans' because there are other 'Dans' in the same generational line)


In a 'technical' sense both my real parents (who were married) are ‘Tribe of Dan’ (and used both their surnames for reasons related to the 'others') 


In fact, what are called 'Dans' are very common, so people's 'views' on that particular 'subject' matter do inevitably widely differ for so many reasons too.


It is nevertheless impossible to deny, the Catalan and Sicilian line from Messina and around... the Mediterranean who have been relentlessly persecuted to obviously try and keep spinning the diaspora that goes back before the past millennium, with the same happening at one connected other end of  'the spectrum' to a lesser degree, all happened for exactly the same socially constructed reasons. 


It was a female doctor in 1994 - 1995 who set me straight on what was a hereditary illness that both my sister and I shared, so that I did get better.


It was eerie that two sisters raised in such different worlds had so much in common down to idiosyncrasies in our speech and mannerisms that were unique to us that no-one had ever taught either of us.


I was young when I first experienced some sort of connection like a radio being turned on, with lots of static, that I did not understand was my sister until I met my sister, that left me when she died. 


There's so much we obviously don't understand about human identity and relationships that is hugely interesting, but should not be 'tested' through using subterfuge and worse on... children, for... other people's selfish reasons, because I can promise you that is enormously damaging, and sometimes devastatingly so. 




It’s a very strange ‘scientific’ study to ‘neuter’ cats to study ‘cat’s paws’ which most people would recognize is seriously flawed in so many ways. Neither myself or my sister were 'cat's paws' because we knew our true selves.


I was for example a left-handed female 'cat' in a ‘control’ experiment who was forced to write with my right 'paw' when I 'learned' to write, so technically I am an ambidextrous 'cat' yet not, so the starting point of conclusions into ‘domesticated’ cats is incorrect on multiple levels.



... 'schrodinger's cat'... the 'control' experiment...



The right hand writing was just another example of what was ‘allowed’ which was related to what was oddly 'fashionable' in some sections of society in those days. It’s an odd one because while I was also moved around three different primary schools although I didn’t move house, I then obviously knew plenty of other children of the same age, who had never been forced to learn to write with the right 'paw'. When it came to learning ‘joined up' writing I got that completely wrong with it all slanted the wrong way, so then I just learned to copy all the letters in a round format and let people make whatever they wanted of all the a’s and o’s that were then apparently... too rounded.


In fact, what I really learned is that what you are told you have to do in what was in our own lives a particularly looooong list of what is 'allowed'/'not allowed' is not always… right or natural. 


It’s rather like a Catalan Sicilian’s ‘world view’ is inevitably different in that what some people (for example) view as a 'dispute' between the UK and Spain over Gibraltar, others could view as just another alliance really to maintain division among the Mediterranean 'Tribe of Dan'.


Most people know that even from a scientific or cultural point of view it is completely unnatural in so many ways to keep trying to split ‘the Dan’ through endless... exile, for the interests of any others.


It's common-sense the social construct of a millennium of relentless true... exile and all that... really goes with that, including specifically targeting... women, ultimately weakens the natural DNA code of... humanity for no good reason.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!