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In the ‘arts and culture’ series:




... purring along… it’s difficult to know why anyone would want the Continental GT in anything other than black chrystal…



It would be impossible to justify spending £150k on a car, but as a ‘Turing’ home away from home/the latest in tents… on wheels !! the Bentley Continental GT 626 that scored 9/10 from Top Gear is possibly the cat’s whiskers.


The Bentley Continental GT is quite a sculptural masterpiece in sleek black chrystal (why would anyone have any other colour ?) with Portland contrast stitching and piping to emphasise the contours and dark stained burr walnut trim.


It's the whole black and white cat thing.


When you think about it, it's quite a good 'disguise' that would be just the business for a ‘fugitive’ peacenik pulling off a ‘heist’ down Villefranche-sur-mer way because who on earth would ever suspect… a peacenik of driving a sleek black Bentley Continental GT ?


It would go some way to peacefully settling the odd 'account' or two.


Most girl cats could see themselves driving one because it’s neither boy racer or just touring, while being adaptable to the odd convoy.


It is a reminder that people have all sorts of choices to live in a house of some kind, most of which would cost more, and or just quietly cruise in something like a Bentley Continental GT while taking in all the sights, with a tent stashed in the boot for stopovers at beauty spots, making the 'luxury' vehicle, in some ways, the best of both worlds. 





Meanwhile the horrible 'his... tories' spin their signature tune :



... tinker, tailor, soldier... plumber... they're all dodgy geezers...


The Titians:



... the whole 'bigly'/most stupendous thing is rather a grim tale... i think the prado art museum in madrid is the best in the world and i remember the viennese art museum... they both have extraordinarily beautiful collections...



The whole issue of 'ownership' etc :  


... the titian '24' ... it would be obvious to most people, sensible girls don't like monsters...







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!