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The sculpture of Little Millie in Parliament Square, Central London was most probably commissioned by politicians because they are always desperate for people to vote for them.


It does nevertheless show a universal message that all women can understand, while nearby royals sadly have their memorial to the rock of Gibraltar at the MOD.



... a millennium of exiles... the sisters and the brothers of the sisters...




A police officer in Westminster speaking to me using his badge as 'cover' for… harassment, was once telling me how a PC Ahmed had my original pink sequinned banner saying “I am not the serious organised criminal” on his... wall, after District Judge Nicholas Evans ordered it destroyed (because it could never possibly be lawful to have such a defence ??)


I leave the visuals, of a police officer with a pink-sequinned banner stolen from a... peacenik on his wall saying that, to your own imagination. It is all what it is where I did conclusively prove I was not a criminal of any kind. 


Anyway this copper claimed I was a “legend” in Westminster and asked me why… pink.


I explained Westminster was all grey and male and miserable and I was a woman and pink just like my little sister. Girls like to be girls and all that.


There could never have been a starting point of a level playing field in Parliament Square, Central London because Westminster is all very much all about a males world where your first hurdle to overcome is the fact you are a woman. 


So those of us who have been in Parliament Square in recent his... tory, which in the real world, led to exile, find it more than peculiar the same politicians would have a statue of a woman who is... "allowed" to have a banner !!


Let alone with those words !!


I remember I once confided in Brian when we were discussing something that had happened at Downing Street and I had said to him, I had actually had a fleeting feeling of fear in the particular situation but in all the circumstances couldn’t back down and he said that is called… courage. He said most people would have backed down long before that.


It was often members of the public who would stand up for me when police harassed me and so on at our outpost at Downing Street. One day a group of young people just came right out with it and said to the police they should be... ashamed of themselves so obviously bullying me in a big gang, while some of the students helpfully went and told Brian what was going on. There were many similar instances. The bus driver who pulled up while I was crossing the road and insisted I get on board to the astonishment of myself and passengers, because he said he was going to see me safely across the road. The lady at the launderette who was shocked to see police attacking me one day and so on. Everyone in Westminster knew what was going on. The people just loved the peaceniks because we were the people’s peaceniks trying to do what we could for the benefit of everyone. People from all around the world saw what people could do because we just did it.


I always say Brian was the greatest information superhighway because we did what needed doing where it needed doing because it is the politicians who are the problem.


One night the police ran an undercover operation to steal politicians dirty washing I was showing during which they unlawfully arrested…Brian.


When Brian was released he explained what they said and I asked how they could arrest him for what I had shown because it was going to be both of us they had to try and prosecute all over again really.


So a few of us made another version and took it to Downing Street to give their dirty washing a real airing. The police saw what we were doing and followed us saying I was being “provocative”. I responded that I begged to differ because it was politicians being “provocative” murdering defenceless children. I said to the police that if they didn’t want me giving an airing to politicians 'dirty washing' at Downing Street they would need to return what they stole to Parliament Square and stop anything against Brian. Anyway surprisingly the dirty washing the police had stolen was returned to Parliament Square, before we returned from Downing Street and the undercover operation was never mentioned by police ever again.


Brian was very good about freedom of expression. He would always quietly chide our chatterboxes if he thought they were distracting me, telling them to leave me in peace when I was campaigning because he did recognize when I was focused on the message, and did not want to get into other long conversations about all sorts that has it’s own different time. He would also tell off other campaigners if they interrupted me while I was making a banner in Parliament Square which wasn’t easy to do anyway because of weather and so on, because he would point out it was my freedom of expression. I was usually more ambivalent on that one because while I knew where I was going with a banner, other input was sometimes helpful.  He was nevertheless an experienced natural curator and in many ways an advocate for women.


He saw and said to Tony Benn, at the High Court on 21 June 2010 that Benn was trying to undermine me and told him off big time in the last time they ever spoke. Brian said to Benn he was covering up (Brian thought) I was like all the suffragettes rolled into one, with what had happened to me, all of which is what Benn was really trying to cover up with the all too typical weasel words of males.


I had once asked someone why on earth the police had pushed me into the road and the person said they were trying to suffragette me, in what did turn out to have been part of an undercover operation that went seriously awry.


The abuse of women is often pernicious because it is usually cumulative and hidden.


I remember having to say to a police officer once who was using the ‘cover’ of being a ‘police’ officer to engage in harassment towards Kitty Kat, that he needed to ask himself why he was talking to her breasts because that really was what he was really overtly looking at while harassing her. He wasn’t talking to her face or to her as a human. He unsurprisingly didn’t have an answer to that one because what he was doing was just however you looked at it unwarranted harassment where he was just being very blatant. On another occasion when police 'photographers' just would not leave us alone at Downing Street sticking their team of 'cameras' in our faces harassing etc, one of our number did the original Femen and just took off her top. That did actually stop the ‘police’ cameras because what were the pervs going to do with that footage… in a 'court' !! Of course what went on behind closed doors was generally worse, although there were violent undercovers and so on in the open too, like on 17 August 2007.


I have never understood why some men will often say as some kind of throw away excuse that they are always thinking about sex because is that what they really think about on a real battlefield ?


It was a young female teacher with young school children who once commented to me in Parliament Square, Central London that she was shocked that Westminster was full of so many statues to war, which is very true.


The statues in Parliament Square, Central London thus far represent war, but not men who stood to protect children and women anywhere.


Brian did not like statues because they do mostly represent idolatry and Brian wanted people to do what he did… in their own way, because we are all different, rather than talk about whatever.


The statues in Parliament Square, Central London are all about men who said whatever they wanted because they at most had the biggest guns, using a lot of cover from airbrushing, all of which is obviously not at all inspiring, because their statues are only about the vanity of politicians. 


The sculpture of Little Mille is a very different cultural work of art because you don’t need to even know who the person is or what issue they stood for, to understand the wider woman’s message that is universal. 


In contrast, Thatcher could only ever be a statue however you look at it, because she was only ever of those who used her as long as she was useful to them.


Most women stand for peace which is the hardest thing to find.


It was in 1990 - 1991 that I was first ill with what it came to pass was revealed to be a hereditary illness, that there were originally all sorts of tests and so on over, that was not properly dealt with until it started to flare up all over again in 1994 - 1995. Then it was a female doctor who blind-sided me with two questions that did discover the truth that did make me better again because it is what I really think should be called… exiles anaemia that can indeed be pernicious etc for all sorts of obvious reasons.


Little Millie is a sculpture with a universal message that both women and men anywhere can if they choose, understand on all sorts of levels.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!