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Brian really was the greatest peacemaker of our times. 



... the witness… we know i am not the fremantle ‘bayeux tapestry’…



What we did together was very real.  I know because I lived it. 


I have always travelled in peace and did everything I did in Parliament Square, Central London as my true adult self, to try and save and protect life for the benefit of everyone.


When my true adult self who is a real flower ‘power’ peacenik did the right thing in Parliament Square, a harrowing truth about the hidden true identity of an infant was naturally turned on it’s head.


The only real reason I really know what I know is because… I have always done the right thing.


That is the true… 'paradox'... hidden in Parliament Square, Central London.


I was only ever searching for...  peace.


I obviously didn’t break anyone’s ‘code’ that I had never signed up to anywhere to do what I did in Parliament Square.


I was ‘nature’ doing it’s best against more than very considerable odds, while what can most politely be called ’nurture’ was literally torture, over which there is no refoulement.


The biggest ‘culture’ shock in my own life happened years earlier, seeing the truth of those who 'raised' me alongside those who really… loved me, because the two worlds were sooooo different.


That was what was really... different.


There were two ‘extremes’ I never had any opportunity to even try and reconcile in any meaningful way.


The two 'Phils' and all that.


It was knowing the pain and grief of losing my little sister, that has never left me that there really are no words to express, that meant I could only try and do what I could do to try and change the world for the better.


In Parliament Square I was motivated by my love for my sister so I did my best to try and do what two sisters would do together for peace.


It was a very long ’24 hours’ because I had to do the whole forty eight yards for both of us because I have always loved my little sister so much, just like anyone else loves the beauty of life.


When I lost my little sister it was... a loss for... the second time, because we had not been raised together, and all that went with that.


I lost my big brother who was my protector, and respected women, when I was forced to leave Australia in all that horrific 'political football'. 


Any reasonable and rational adult would know it is a legal impossibility to say an infant could be ‘owned’ by ‘intelligence agencies’ so what has happened to me has been more than very cruel because it has only ever been about others trying to avoid all due process.


The Schrodinger’s Cat is a vicious ‘social experiment’ and in particular in all the true circumstances.


I always turned the other cheek and in all the true circumstances have just done my best because there has never been an easy road to follow.


The lie is that because the ‘intelligence agencies’ owned me, which really was always a lie, that I could never have any due process.


It was inevitable for many reasons that I would do what I did in Parliament Square, Central London because I really did want to stop very real terror for the benefit of everyone, which I did do for seven + years.


I really don't want the BT name the British and Australian governments gave me that has literally only caused me such... endless grief, men with guns and all that.  



.... there's actually a fake 'bayeux tapestry' in the museum in reading, berkshire too, which was a very long time ago in the uk...



Of course anyone would have been lawfully very publicly blowing the whistle over their 4 September routines against me !!


I did the right thing in courts and with a lawsuit over the ‘decisive victory’ in court on 13 December 2007.


The reality is the government didn’t even want to know how to negotiate any peace with… peaceniks, in what was just an abuse of all administrative governance. 


I’ve seen too many mice with guns myself, who are not men protecting children and women like myself.


What has been done to the public trust ?


There are the military and the private contractors who are by and large just another layer of the interchangeable. 


The government are obviously legally responsible for their military and private contractors.


You can tell when you are just another job to people because people... at best, go through the motions without really caring, which is not how people really are. There really is a massive difference between how people who really love someone behave and those who are sadly faking absolutely everything. 


All I know is the only thing those who are faking it are really bothered about is causing... harm really with endless ‘excuses’ about anything and everything.


Everyone knows it’s not right that an… infant is brought up in a world, where they are 'owned' for life so they can never have any due process of any kind ever… themselves.


That is a Schrodinger’s Cat too far.






It is self evident I only always ’distanced’ myself from very real… danger when people crossed all red lines in trying to do the 'irreversible'.


Most people know it has never been true that… civilians have to put up with whatever… politicians !! ‘intelligence agencies’ want to do to them. 





There were certainly never any legal grounds to use intelligence agencies et al… to try and delay, stop and cover up lawsuits !!


It's obvious there was only ever really a problem when ’watchers’ unilaterally … ignored my saying I am not a part of or going along with what you are doing because that could only ever be all about people ‘punishing’ me… and worse, for... no reason.


The only 'support service' possible would be genuinely trying to lawfully resolve the settlement of my lawsuit. 


It was never easy for me to even try and turn around what happened to my sister and myself to do what I really did do in Parliament Square, Central London for the benefit of everyone.


It is also important to look after myself too.


There is a moi.


This is what's real: 10 02 - 05 09 - 20 10.




Of course it’s always been impossible to link one ‘Bayeux Tapestry’ with the Fremantles & Co because there are no Catalan... Italians in their job lot.






It is entirely normal that civilian children and women should be treated with respect.


What could be more wrong than to ‘mark’ a child out from infancy ?


I tried to put some balance back into the world, like (for example) over what happened between four adults when I was an infant that caused sooooo much harm and devastation to innocent... children.



... 'culture departments'...



I am my true mother’s daughter because she called me Donna because she said I would always be her Madonna, which everyone knows is really how all loving parents think of their children they love, but I am also my father Neptune’s daughter too.


My real mother showed me she had loved me all my life. 


What happened to me obviously changed my real parents and everyone else’s lives too.


Sadly, the 'others' I was 'raised' by were devoid of all real love for... children !! It was more than pretty weirdsville to be 'raised' that love was a 'bad thing' and so on and so forth. That was all seriously weird along with the rest of the package that if I am being honest was so cold, but is all long ago now. 



The Johnson-o-graph :



... the fort... 19 june 2012 & 13 october 2013  they have always been... free...



The best that I could do was that I rose to be the Donna of peaceniks which is what most women really aspire to be, because most women don’t want to be 'the Don' per se because it's not really our thing, and yet in many ways we are, because what most people want is... peace, which is too often the hardest to find. 


I remember one time when Brian and I were talking about what we would do when we left Parliament Square, because the government had publicly said what they said and did what they did and so on.  It was very difficult what we did for so many years.


I did do what Brian asked me to do xxx




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!