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I am I said. Donna.



... the prisoner, the witness... it's about how politicians treat... children and women...



The last time I was in Australia after my sister died, and the Alfred Deakin ‘Bloody’ Brookes ‘explainer’/‘excuser’ at Point Lonsdale, all of which was under Downer’s watch, it could only be construed I was being warned it was not safe to be in Australia again, because there were the men with guns again too.


It was by then pretty obvious I was a ‘political football’ between Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, who we obviously proved chapter and verse didn’t want a peacenik !!.


It’s self evident I won’t be returning to any of those countries, after everything that has happened.


Anyone only has to read what is really Johnson et al's 'biographer' Michael Wolff's tawdry spin and translate the 'broad brush strokes' into its original true context in... Europe etc to understand it involves fraud towards... civilians like myself, that all has a not dissimilar background to the 'Treaty of Florence'.


I obviously need to get back my... true identity in my father’s name (because it is very clear that true identity that has been stolen from me, makes me the prisoner and witness etc of others... lies) and what we know is I don’t want what has happened, happening to anyone else either. 


Any responsible adult would know it is a legal impossibility for politicians to claim an infant !! (get real) gave 'consent' to be 'raised' in the 'highest echelons' of their horror story. I have only ever stayed true to myself and have always done the right thing, like being a real peacenik.


I am quite certain it is absolutely unlawful for 'intelligence services' to try and sign up (other people's) infants !!


It is all about Westminster being the biggest warmongers who I have never wanted anything to do with. 


Article 50 and it's orange accompaniment is not about the UK leaving the European Union at all, but instead about the reality politicians always knew there was no due process in place for real exiles (not tax exiles or politicians with an entourage of lawyers and media barons in tow) from within the European Union, including over no refoulement. I've had the spiel from the whole 'five eyes' network etc. So mine is a very unusual case for all sorts of reasons, but only really because of what the 'intelligence services' illegally did for so long. They just never cared about or considered that someone would want their true identity back, because politicians et al never did think about anyone but... themselves and what they want, so the true facts of my own 'case' was all a bit too 'inconvenient' for them in so many ways. Of course with 'intelligence agencies' there are always so many 'layers' of lies involving politicians. 


Most people know it is entirely normal that I want to have real... adult relationships with my true identity (that is free of everyone else’s baggage) because there really was a massive difference between the two worlds. I just naturally want the normal life within the due process of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, outside the UK, within the European Union.


This is what's real : 10 02 05 09 20 10 


There are three of us who have been to Florence, Vannes and Verona, together and with others, both before and once after I was in Parliament Square, Central London.


The other two people out of the three of us, obviously have a free pass. 


It is possible to agree that a lawful settlement of my lawsuit/s and giving me back my true identity which would free me to sign a ’Treaty of Florence’ version 2 would suit and be for the benefit of everyone really.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!