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I am Donna, a woman and real peacenik.


I am the witness, who was made an exile and a prisoner of politicians deliberate no due process.



... the prisoner and witness... it's all about how politicians treat civilian... children and women ...



There are mice and there are men.


I am just a bridge over 'troubled waters' and all that between the old and new really.


This is what's real : 10 02 05 09 20 10.


I just want adult relationships with my real identity which is considered quite normal, compared to their illegally changing my name when I was an infant and then 'raising' me in their 'highest echelons' in what is all a very nasty business.


It is quite a significant 'hurdle' to try and get back my true identity so I can renounce not one but two' citizenships' too from the Australian and British governments, who were the ones who forced me into... exile !! from the UK into the European Union in the first place anyway, because of their appalling behaviour while I was illegally denied legal representation. They are just such vicious bullies who have engaged in a truly extraordinary abuse of all due process for soooo long. 


Their 'citizenships' have done nothing but cause very real grief.  


It's just terrible what happened in Australia and then the UK that continues really.


All Westminster do is war.


Any government can spin some things, but the comfortable slipper brigade can't fake me saying the right words etc that only I can say.


The politicians are very strange people who just really hate... civilian women saying no to them.


I have no problem with anyone who accepts me as my true self... Donna, treating this woman and real peacenik with real respect, because along with lawfully settling lawsuits (that unfortunately do span a lifetime) that restores my life to... normal... within due process. 


It's self evident anyone who really did care about someone else would want them to have their true identity.


I have always traveled in peace and just done the right thing for the benefit of everyone.


N.B :

What happened was when Cameron publicly said they were going to illegally 'remove' us, they tortured and attempted to murder me in police custody that did include an argument about my true identity !! in September 2009 (because I don't and have never worked for the "intelligence services' and never would) I then lawfully blew the whistle on... their undercover operation they were illegally running against us, because it was obviously all I could do to try and save our lives. There was so much the government was doing in Parliament Square, Central London that was sooooo illegal. 


We had won the 'decisive victory' in courts... years earlier and had a High Court Order and then later civil lawsuits. 


So then while they were covering up the torture tapes !! they mounted a massive operation against us on what I can now see were multiple levels with the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commission's Matryoshka with the likes of the Daily Mail 'embedded' in it that Westminster hid was actually a busted flush pretty much straight away too, when they were used to unlawfully arrest us, which was.... at the same time as they parachuted in the 'Julian Calendar' and 'Chelsea' Manning spin to try and run cover too. 


They had numerous problems incl. the dual problems that a) someone who was an infant illegally 'raised' in the 'highest echelons' who was not part of the intelligence services, was lawfully blowing the whistle through legal proceedings on an illegal undercover operation being run... against us !! all of which was quite unusual. 


It's very clear that part of the purpose of running multiple operations against us was to try and cover up my true identity too, and what they had done along with their undercover operations illegally being used against us. They were doing everything they could to try and stop my true identity coming out. They knew terrible, terrible things had happened in Australia too, so it was all very, very nasty and still is.


What politicians have been doing is very, very serious witness intimidation etc, because there is no legitimate reason to use undercover operations involving the 'intelligence services' to try and find ways to illegally stop... lawsuits, I actually just want to lawfully settle and sensibly move on from anyway. 





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!