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'Article 50' is really just a continuation and extension of nothing but including so many years of no due process in Parliament Square, Central London, in a slightly different way.



... the prisoner and the witness...



The fact there is no due process for true… civilian… exiles from within the European Union did not change before and will not change during or after the UK has used 'Article 50' to try and hide what it has been doing for so long.


There is an obvious inconsistency from all politicians choosing to have no due process for civilian exiles… from within the European Union... before 'Article 50' only they invented, to suit themselves.


'Article 50' only involves a lot of 'strong arm' witness intimidation and attempted blackmail and so on and so forth.


This exiled female peacenik is the prisoner and the witness without any due process or legal representation, which is a legal vacuum I have lived in... my whole life.


I only 'officially' exist when they want… money, but I don’t exist when it comes to due process over politicians trying to stop me having my true identity, while they are stealing anything they feel like or can get away with.


I am a true Schrodinger’s Cat, which is hardly surprising.


Who could have ‘guessed’ !! it could have happened to someone from around the Mediterranean, of take your pick of Catalan, Sicilian, Aragonese, Sephardi or Catholic converso origin of all sorts over the past… millennium ??


All of Westminster. 


'Article 50' is a bit of a give-away that Westminster's focus is... outside the UK.


It’s like they ‘forgot’  the whole ‘his… tory’ of Europe including Peter of Aragon in 1282 and the War of the Sicilian Vespers and their Edicts of Expulsion in 1290 (which were never repealed) and Catalina (Catherine) of Aragon and Henry VIII and the Genocide of Two World Wars !!


It’s hard enough for me to even get my… true identity back so I can renounce ‘citizenships’ and so on, all of which is a major undertaking politicians never thought about because of course they only ever think about… themselves.


They are sweeping their own lies under the carpet denying someone their true identity, while using the euphemism of 'Article 50'. 


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!