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I was an innocent ‘marked’ out as a child and now I am an adult and woman.



... the witness...



I turned the other cheek and travelled in peace because I have always been reconciled with my true self, because a woman is the personification of peace.


There have never been any easy roads to follow.


I never got over losing my sister. Some things just don’t happen. I guess the pain goes too deep.


I did the right thing.


I became the lieutenant of the Don of peaceniks and rose to be the Donna of peaceniks.


I stood for peace. To save lives.


Remember Brian.


“Father forgive them for they know not what they do, children forgive us for now we do”


They always knew exactly what they were doing.


There has never been any ‘comedy’ of ‘errors’.


There is no ‘plausible deniability’.


What have they done to all the children ?


A Catalan Sicilian doesn’t do tiaras or politics because why would we ?


Everyone knows the ‘code’ is men should respect and protect women and children… defenceless civilians.


Mice and men.


The Jeremy who has never been any peacenik is really the biggest hunt.


Anyone will tell you that.


The hidden Judas.


8 March 2007.


Corbyn is Johnson et al’s enabler.


Left is right and right is left. 


Chapter and verse.


Labour & Tory have the... same lawyer.


The governments need to put the cheque in the post to… me that I don’t sign for.


I will then renounce the name they gave me and their citizenships.


My word is my honour.


Remind me who is the Cosa Nostra ?


I am the only one who can give the ‘right account’/numbers so that it is known the lawsuits are lawfully settled.


You don’t put a camera in my face, I won’t need to shine the light.


I have only always lived and marvelled at the beauty of all the culture it is possible for humans to create… together. 


There can only be peace in our time.


The ‘jewel in the crown’ is Messina in the middle of the Mediterranean on the 37th parallel that is a bridge between Catholics, Sephardi and Islam.


Annunziata dei Catalani.


Politicians have the opportunity to take responsibility.


You knew me by what I did.




(‘formerly’ known as Babs Tucker)


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!