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I was once the lost child and now I am the adult and woman.





I never really understood the ‘culture’ of the British and Australian governments because they have no respect for the most basic fundamentals of women and by extension children.


The best explanation you will get from them is Michael Wolff’s book about the orange one that is really the broad brush strokes of Westminster’s… ‘confessional’ of… what they did. Wolff is really… Johnson’s ‘biographer’ who started out with the April 2008 ‘switch’  he effusively called ‘The Boris Show’ which hasn't really stood the test of time at all well with it's fawning and sycophantic apologia for anything and everything that was well over-egging the pudding back then. Anyone who thought so highly of the vicious thug Johnson wouldn't have a problem with whoever was in Washington. 


In all the true circumstances it certainly is fraud to (for example) take money using false pretences.


The shame of it all.


It is an interesting example in the age of Brexit now into the 'Year of (wag) the Dog' how you can steal an infant from its own culture but you cannot change the child will always yearn to be a part of its own culture that has nothing to do with the revolving doors of politicians.


To add insult with injury, the cult of ’intelligence agencies’ marked my face for life and appointed ‘godparents’ from the ‘highest echelons’ like Tudor Harvey Barnett (Director General of ASIO) as ‘minders’.


It was an ‘initiation’ alright of an… infant.


It makes you easily recognisable in a group of people.


'Marks' you out as 'one of theirs' because all someone has to know is its the woman with the scar.


My brother who tried to be my protector understood it all because he was a protector of women.


It is what it was and… I have moved on.


I call it 'added character'. 


I don’t want war and never have.


I have been through too much of Westminster's war.






It's all about the 13 December 2007 lawsuit.




Everything after that was groundhog day, a switch here, there, and everywhere. 


The patterns.


I can promise you that if you ever become the 13th monkey, you only want to be the monk, because you will have gone through the full 360 of so much. I said to someone much later, that I didn't care if I didn't speak to anyone for two years, and I did really mean it. 


Of course, Johnson crossed all red lines. 


The 13 December 2007 lawsuit ended up in the High Court and just got bigger whatever other numbers they tried to spin over and around it, that they could not after 2012.


Russia ? The best that can be said is that at least we were all adults in Parliament Square which only leaves legal issues, where I just did the right thing through courts, whoever it was. Russia is finding its own 'equilibrium' between the Cold War and the Wild West. 


It is true I have my own personal 'mental block' over Russia that really goes way back to when I was a teenage girl who was a minor who was less than sixteen years old during the Cold War. That is just one of those things it is impossible to overcome, however it is looked at, because it breaks any possible 'code'. Time never healed that one on a personal level.  


I have the real "Wish You Were Here" love for my brother, sister and Brian who all loved and were family to me. It is their love for me that always kept and keeps me going to this day, because I stood and took responsibility to do what I could for... everyone, not just us and in so doing honour their memory. They were the giants in my life, who no-one could ever replace. 


The only thing the governments involved have in common with me is that we all want the 'divorce'. 


It sure is a dirty, dirty game they've been playing to try and cover their tracks trying to make 1 + 0 = a lawsuit, they have not lawfully settled. 


To see how they do it you only have to look back at the con-'artist' Wallinger, who was one in a long line of many.




There are no adults who wage war on others.


When I hear Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” it always first reminds me of my big brother because those were his songs. I can even tell you the song that was playing in the background when we met up before I had to leave Australia. Think about it. We both drank a rum and coke, but we didn’t have our ubiquitous brown paper bag of peas in pods with us, that was our signature tune, because we were in a pub. He was Mr… stay at home, but I had no choice.


There was never any easy road for us to follow because we did not choose what others tried to impose on us.


We stayed our true selves.


We were always reconciled with ourselves.


We grew into good adult relationships with others whenever we could keep far enough from the reaches of spook-dom.


Brian and myself had a very good working relationship and he was like another big brother of sorts to me, despite spook-dom.


That was a mind-f*** all round. I stood for and with peace and the 'cult' of 'intelligence agencies' called itself my 'family'.


Oh please !!


I think not.


The schism. 


The 'intelligence agencies' had betrayed all ... peace.


They managed to discredit themselves over the Iraq War without anyone else's help. 


Leila Rachel who bought in what was allegorical real life a goat she christened Mrs Peel had some ’issues’ that were somewhat ‘disconcerting’ as a child, but are not my life. She did a whole Blair-ite ‘theological’ degree via Catholicism although she wasn't Catholic and asked WTF I was doing in Israel and Gaza in Orwell’s real 1984 because of course he was also a propagandist too hiding what had always been.


The Fremantle pirates had a problem because you couldn’t really spin a child through their line even if you added Portugal and Spain because it just didn’t include the Catalan Italian Sicilians. There are no… Italians in the Fremantles. There came a point when they knew they could NOT keep on denying the Italian in me. There was the whole Alfred 'Bloody' Deakin Brookes 'explainer'/'excuser' at Point Lonsdale. It defied common-sense any good could come out of growing... horror. They own what they were a part of that was a trail of human devastation.


They couldn’t spin themselves into my real life, but they knew I could spin myself across theirs, however I am not and have never been into Henry VIII and all that.


All spook-dom is built on inventing as much ’plausible deniability’ as possible and there just isn’t any.


The governments are mostly friends with each other at some level or another because... businesses of one kind or another have to be. 


That is not a problem for civilians who should not be played a... different way.


There is no ‘mystery’ attached to a responsibility free zone spinning you between the good cop/bad cop of Henry VIII and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night ‘Comedy’ of ‘Errors’ that civilian populations are not laughing about.


There is no ‘comedy’ of ‘errors’.


I have never seen anything adult or responsible in what 'intelligence agencies' do, that they are only trying to drag you down into their world by doing to you.


You really can see why they would think it was Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ to try and hide the true identity of an infant Catalan Sicilian to try and use that person as their own.


It just beggars belief.


Go figure.


They were the same MI5 who recruited Mussolini who went after Catalan Sicilians too, before MI5 et al later pretended they were on the side of and the 'liberators' of Catalan Sicilians !!


In a geographical sense, Messina in Italy is the 'jewel in the crown' of the Mediterranean.




It was my brother who told me when those who had lost me first came looking for me. This is how I know who said what and when and why when I was then threatened while I was still a teenager who was a minor less than sixteen years old, because of course the government then wanted me out of Australia.


What a reckless sh**show of a number they did on the girl.


The governments didn't want the three, Donna and her brother and then Catalan sister on any witness stand together with a jury because it was always a legal impossibility to explain what the f*** had been going on.


In Parliament Square, Central London, the cycle… repeated itself because MI5 said I was not ‘allowed’ to be a… peacenik or by extension Donna, let alone a woman.


You could be “anything you like” just not those three.


Excuse me ?


I can’t be a peacenik ?? A Woman ?? Donna ??


I was Westminster’s worst nightmare… they created when I joined Brian in Parliament Square, Central London, because the ‘denouement’ was I proved the original Catalan Sicilian ‘scarface’ is a peacenik.


I became the lieutenant of the 'Don' of peaceniks, who rose to be the Donna of peaceniks.


Peace, Love and Justice for All, and all that.


I rejoice I am Catalan Sicilian woman, hear me purr.


Get over it.


Westminster's 360 spin did unravel.


The truth really is always ‘stranger’ than ‘official’ fictions that always inevitably ‘minimise’ the truth (for public consumption) they know the public would not accept.


On 25 May 2010, I am the Catalan Sicilian peacenik who told the terribly precious ‘senior police officer’ he was a f******* arse**** and his lieutenant, he was a lying piece of sh** ( which was after I had told the President of the Queens Bench Division he was a f****** b******) and before I told the government agent she was not a B.I.T.C.H, she was a f******* (emphasis added) b*****.


It was all true.


They had to bring in the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commission to illegally edit and maliciously publish their lies over that because it is a legal impossibility to hide politicians, and media barons who were 'embedded' in their undercover operation were in any legal sense the errr.. true ‘complainants’ in our unlawful ‘arrests’.


To example. Johnson who is ‘hidden in full view’ is the latest MI6 ’spymaster’ !! + ‘politician’ + ‘journalist’ spinning the whole 360 degrees of his…  same bull and thus it ever was.


An American lawyer once asked me what it was “I had on the government” that I could say what I did in the High Court (and I had thought I was being very polite that particular time) and… the ‘judges’ would run. Brian and I would time how long it took High Court 'judges' to run. Justice Collins took 17 minutes when Brian mentioned he should recuse himself, because he had failed to understand Article 11 Freedom of Expression extended beyond errr... one person (Collins had illegally denied me legal representation in my original 2005 case with Brian, when it finally got to the High Court in 2007 when they then 'forgot' to invite me to my own appeal they nevertheless went on with in my absence, over legislation that did not exist anywhere else in the UK, Westminster were forced to repeal that shamed all those involved) The record was around 5 minutes on 21 June 2010, before they illegally denied me legal representation on 23 June 2010.


It was pretty straightforward that the government was always a) illegally denying me legal representation to b) stop High Court jury civil lawsuits.


No 'Judge'... in the High Court would ever do me for ‘Contempt of Court’ because then they would have had to... give me a lawyer and bingo, juries in civil lawsuits, which was precisely what Westminster were trying to stop. 


We had to do all the real 'heavy lifting' ourselves to get anything at all done in courts, where there is also a well documented public record of lawyers illegally running without lawful excuse from... peaceniks, which says it all really.


The real reason the government use ‘intelligence agencies’ is when they have ‘no recognized defence in law’ to… put before any High Court jury, so all they are trying to illegally do is buy time and for example… exile you.


So the government will have to remind us… who is the Cosa Nostra really ?


There is freedom of expression, where ?


Who is saying women are not ‘allowed’ to be… peaceniks ?


I do naturally feel most comfortable among Catalan Sicilians because that just happens to be who I am and so what I understand.


We are not interested in tiaras and politicians and so on, because why would we be ?


Politicians and so on will only always shuffle around among themselves.


Westminster only do war.


I don’t.


War is a major turn-off to women.


I just want the D.I.V.O.R.C.E now.


It has to be formally and legally done now and put under a court order, because I don’t want to just renounce… citizenships. I want to renounce the… name they imposed on me and I want my own name formally back etc.


The Australian government’s re-invented Downer ’Ambassador’ to the UK, and the Attorney General Brandis, have my real parents marriage certificate etc. I did think 29 April 2015 and all that was odd, they did manage to send to me.


I know it’s too much to ask savage and brutal Westminster to do the whole gentleman thing, but they will pay their bills they owe me. 


Cats have been known to get hungry from time to time.


It needs to be clear that I am not and will not be ‘owned’ by the Westminster job lot.


The D.I.V.O.R.C.E really is better and healthier for both sides because groundhog day belongs to and is owned by politicians.


The whole Brexit hoax is not real. Westminster are not leaving the European Union. They just like their own theatre.


I formally want freedom from all Westminster’s lies that have caused sooooo much harm.


Too much has happened with the 360 groundhog day there is no refoulement over.


I am the peacenik.


It really is okay to say Westminster et al are all Jeremy Hunts.


I want real adult relationships.


To quietly move among people like me, who I already know I love.


Donna Bxxxx - xxxxxxx

(‘formerly’ known as Babs Tucker)



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!