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The War of the Sicilian Vespers in 1282 stands as a testament to what those with crowns crafted to suit their own egos, with accompanying comfortable slippers do, when they wage war on civilian populations, crucifying women with a man-made ‘crown of thorns’.




... the witness...



Any society that does not respect civilian women, will not respect children either. 


Most people know the reality is human behaviour exists within defined parameters so nothing much has changed down the centuries, regardless of how anyone wants to fashion their ‘turf’ wars.


Catalan Sicilians have heard it all before.


When you consider that we proved politicians in the UK always knew they never so much as had any lawful excuse to even know peaceniks ... names, using legislation that... did not exist anywhere else in the country, that politicians et al only used for their own... personal profit, the full extent of what they really did that emerges is truly... shocking


The true story of Catalan Sicilians led to the Genocide of Two World Wars in Europe and the emergence of the European Union which STILL did not lawfully address a fundamental cornerstone in... civilian life by properly addressing the reality of … civilian exiles from… within the European Union.


That’s quite an ‘oversight’ given the supposed reasons for the European Union.


Sadly the ’turf’ wars which had their origin in Europe once again emerged in Australia during the Cold War.


I was from the stolen generations, and raised by the military junta’s ‘highest echelons’ so I was from infancy, always essentially an innocent civilian hostage.


What happened in Australia beggars belief, but it did happen and... didn't improve in the UK.


When I was threatened while I was still a minor who was less than sixteen years old, I was in any real sense exiled from Australia when I was a teenager.


When I was many years later in New Zealand and wanted to be with my sister and my sister who was in Australia then wanted to be with me, which most people would think was… very normal !!  it became all too obvious the ‘highest echelons’ didn’t want the two Catalan sisters together.


I can only presume this included Alexander Downer busy with his Russian friends in universities and so it came to pass that by extension I ended up on the other side of the world in the UK again.


The lives of myself, my sister and my brother were always extreme examples of what people in governments wanted for their own selfish reasons in their ’turf’ wars of all sorts.


Thus all wars have always been.


I cannot tell you how many tears I have wept myself.


Who has ever seen any crown of ego with it’s comfortable slippers on any real front line anywhere ?


Then 9/11 was used to start the War on Terror with the US errr… returning to the Afghanistan narco state they had never really left.


That was then used as the false pretext to invade… Iraq in the attempt to keep inflating the price of abiotic oil that is not running out anytime soon.


In 2003, the UK and US invaded Iraq despite wholesale public opposition from… civilians all around the world.


The Iraq War conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror.


Most governments can nevertheless always find people within a country who are willing or can be persuaded to go along with a war on… defenceless civilians either abroad or in their own country, because that is all war ever is.


The problem then becomes that those unholy alliances then affect… defenceless civilians in all the countries involved in an escalating cycle of however you look at it, state sponsored violence. 


It is always only defenceless civilians who are the real victims of wars.


A government who invade ally themselves with whomsoever they can find while also turning against their own civilians who oppose war.


In 2004 millions upon millions of Spanish civilians from all walks of life forced their government to pull troops out of Iraq after the Madrid Terror atrocity, doing their best to save civilians lives… at home, and by extension in Iraq.


In 2005, the 7/7 terror atrocity happened in the UK.


It appears to have been the warlords in Westminster worst nightmare when the Catalan Sicilian turned up in Parliament Square, pointing out they needed to stop bullying Brian and stop terror attacks on defenceless civilians in the UK.


The warlords in Westminster were very, very nasty to me, spinning the whole I was not 'allowed' to campaign with... Brian, which any sentient adult would know lacked any due process.


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square Central London, when Brian and myself really were the only law there was in Westminster.


We really did everything we could possibly do to try and save… defenceless civilian lives and the government had more than enough time to make the peace they did not want to make in Iraq. Instead they went and waged more war, with governments making up all sorts of excuses why they hadn’t (for example) joined the International Criminal Court. 


I am something of a sceptic when it comes to how much any government cares about civilians they claim are their ‘own’ civilians because I have myself been twice exiled, firstly during the Cold War and then over the… Iraq War which forced me out of the… UK into the European Union.


I was indeed forced out of the UK into exile within the European Union because I am errr.. a peacenik !!


I was that teenager who had been exiled by Australia during the Cold War all over again.


Anyone other than peaceniks were more welcome in Westminster.


The fact Westminster never tried to make peace with any peacenik is exemplified by their Brexit mob mentality that has never cared about civilians anywhere either.


Brexit is classic political warfare engaged in a very seriously abusive process of... attrition against civilian... populations across the European Union really, trying to cause as much harm as possible, because the political classes all agreed the propaganda device of Article 50 that could only ever be used by the largely united political classes. 


There are no negative outcomes of any kind for any politicians from Article 50 because politicians can manipulate it however they like.


The best any script could do to de-escalate is Theresa May ‘pardons’ her MI6 'spymaster' Johnson from the FO giving him a ‘bigger better’ Brexit ‘portfolio’ to be nice to... civilian women, which would involve starting to actually show some kind of respect to... civilian women.


There is no refoulement over what has been done to this female peacenik and I don’t have the slightest intention of going back to the UK or Australia, because I only want to move on from all that. I was exiled before Brexit. 


Of course if and when I have the formality of a new… passport and they have lawfully settled lawsuits, I will renounce British and Australian citizenship to avoid any doubt etc.


The Donald will presumably ’pardon’ Brexit Assange, the 'journalist' à la Johnson (no true exile would ever support Article 50 because they would never want what was done to them done to anyone else) while King Felipe (with the Article 155 variation) ’pardons’ the... politician Puigdemont (who always had a gaggle of lawyers in tow too) and the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commission pays Iran’s bill, while North Korea is out playing golf.


The latest Pope defines himself as Catholic but not as many know it, while no-one knows why Netanyahu and Abbas cannot show some real leadership and stop arguing over Jerusalem that the Spanish King fashions himself as the King of too !!


The fact the Spanish King does fashion himself as King of Jerusalem too means that Article 155 will also be linked to the a) Crown of Aragon (from the Sicilian Vespers etc) and b) the English Edicts of Expulsion beginning in 1290 and continuing with the Expulsion of Sephardi all around the Mediterranean in 1492 etc and c) what Palestinian people on the Mediterranean call their Nakba on 15.05 in 1948.


There are even different people at Theresa May's 'Florence' in 'Bethlehem' now.


The 'Windsors' along with Phil the Greek who is hanging on to those 'Elgin Marbles' were a re-branding exercise themselves, so it is unusual for anything the usual suspects portray for the widest possible public consumption, to have much truth attached to it. 






The clue is the King James Bible was really initiated by the savage and barbaric Henry VIII (for himself too) who it can now be seen was a true Brexiteer who didn't like Catherine of... Aragon or women more generally much either !!


The King James Bible from 1611 says in Genesis 1:5 that the fifth day is the first day with verses 6, 7 & 8 being all about 'the firm' (ament) being 'heaven' in the second day, with the third day being on the 13th with the fifth day being 1:23 etc. 


In the UK, the (for example) 13 January 2010 and 23 June 2010 were only ever about trying to cover up we had our 'decisive victory'... in court many... years earlier on... 13 December 2007. Everything was always about covering that lawsuit up because very sadly it... proved nothing was not only no 'mistake' but the British and Australian governments were always running the most... appalling !! operation against us. 


Over time, I have become a little wary about just which 'God' people other than Brian were really talking about.


Brian practised a very real religious expression while politicians denied both Brian and myself any religious freedom of expression in Parliament Square.


I remember a group of British, American, and New Zealand men who were devotees of... the King James Bible (and talked about Ireland and Gibraltar, which I have heard before, along with boats and the Queen and so on) in early 2011 in Parliament Square, Central London too.


In the UK it was Theresa May nobbling High Court judges on 17 January 2012, before Johnson put me in hospital on 23 January 2013, while Spain did their whole 23 January spin in... 2013 with their 17 January 2018 spin which will probably go on until 23 January 2018 so it is just politicians doing the same... in reverse really.


There is a very long history of royals, popes and politicians downright double-dealing deceit over the Crown of Aragon and Catalan Sicilians of Sephardi and Catholic origin on the Mediterranean going all the way back to the Sicilian Vespers in 1282. 


It was absolutely appalling what went on in Parliament Square, Central London with politicians et al own War of the Sicilian Vespers on... peaceniks.


Most people know the warlords in Westminster have only ever abused religion.


There is no doubt that if the European Union had a lawful system in place for... civilian exiles from... within the European Union, politicians might just behave a little better.




The European Union might actually one day have a real ‘public consultation’ among civilian populations, rather than only indulging the vicious nastiness of Article 50, which is all it has collectively been doing, towards... civilians.


This Catalan Sicilian from the Mediterranean is of, yet not owned, by any state in the European Union so is on a strange journey where some freedom comes through what is really in any practical sense... stateless exile.


I don’t personally want to ever be ‘owned’ by any revolving doors of 'politicians' et al in any state ever again, having already been exiled by... two countries, that the nastiness of Brexit by one only re-inforces, although I respect some people might want to be 'owned' by whatever passing 'populism' brands itself as, which is their choice.


All politicians Article 50 has done is invite politicians to further abuse civilians, which is only really a reminder of the need for a significantly improved legal order within the European Union, so that civilians are not subject to the passing whims of the revolving doors of any self-serving politicians.


There is a direct... identifiable connection between the failure of the European Union to lawfully address... civilian exiles from... within the European Union and... Brexit.


I know I am a Catalan Sicilian civilian female peacenik from the mountains and around the Mediterranean in the European Union.


When you consider that we proved politicians always knew that they never so much as had any lawful excuse to even know peaceniks names, that politicians et al only used for their own personal profit that 



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!