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Brian was a devout Christian while I was always a conflicted ‘converso’ when neither of us were ‘allowed’ to practise any religious freedom of expression by the government who persecuted us both.



... the witness...



The almost past millennium of history around the Mediterranean can be explained by the War of the Sicilian Vespers at Messina in Italy, which sought to viciously crucify… women with a man-made ‘crown of thorns’.


There is a very big difference between men laying claim to all sorts of crowns like a comfortable pair of slippers, and really protecting women and children.


Brian and myself had a strong working relationship while trying to save civilian lives because we had such a strong alliance between ourselves based on the combination of religion and the rule of law.


I was the conflicted ‘converso’ who was so lost in so many ways, so I could only do the rule of law while Brian was the religious leader so it brought together our various strengths and weaknesses.


Brian’s message was ‘right our wrongs’ while I tried to overcome the hurdles to facilitate that.


It was Brian who restored my faith in religion that had been destroyed by so many lies.




... 'the firm'...



Most people know most people’s ideal of an ’end state’ in a world no human made is to find reconciliation between religion and the rule of law.


In the High Court in 2011 in the UK, it is a matter of public record I did mention to the ‘Judge’ that I would obey God before man, which anyone involved would pretty much agree I have always been true to.


There is always much to consider:






In fact being a ‘converso’ can be turned into an opportunity too because it involves such a very difficult search for truth.


I am a ‘converso’ on so many levels, being the stolen child, raised in the highest echelons, who was denied… all freedoms to ever make any of… my own choices.


I remember very vividly the conversation my little sister and I had when we walked in the water at the beach together. It was so very, very wrong to hide the sisters from each other etc etc because that was only all about... other people's reasons. 



... 10.09.2000... my sister is me and i am my sister ... trying to 'right the wrongs' too... my sister had known about me but i hadn't known about my sister for too long...



It was a young British soldier who came from a military family who stayed with us for a while in 2009 after having been to Afghanistan who also said it is the voice of women that is not heard in all wars.



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('Le Comite D'Animation')


There is no real reason a woman’s voice cannot be heard without having to stand centre stage for all to see.


Any journey of peace will almost always inevitably necessarily involve forgiveness and reconciliation along the way because that is about trying to ‘right the wrongs’ too.


I have always tried to be guided by what Brian would want and stay true to what we always did.





My sister has always been in my heart because I would obviously never want to see what happened to her happen to anyone else because there were too many lost... opportunities.


I personally want to make a journey along the Mediterranean as a learning experience that can only contribute to and be part of obvious opportunities for peace in the Old City of Jerusalem.


This is obviously combined with my wanting to do my bit to build real opportunities for young people within the European Union.






The European Union does need to have a far more constructive ‘public consultation’ with civilians, because there are so many opportunities.



... brian was the greatest peacemaker who was a true gentleman..



What I know is that I am first and foremost a woman who is a peacenik.   


There is a 'transition' between being 55 and 56 years... old.


The certainty is that we are all a spiritual work in progress.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!