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THE BREXIT 'TURING' EXILE 1:55 : BOOK OF GENESIS, CREATOR MADE "FIRST DAY ON 1:5" & "EVENING & MORNING ON 1:23 WAS FIFTH DAY"... 1918 - 1981 - 1948 -1984 - 2018  (03.01.2018)



The Sicilian War of the Vespers in 1282 which resulted from the abuse of women led to the most incredible double dealing over the Crown of Aragon. This along with the Edicts of Expulsion starting in England in 1290 that were never repealed basically explains all of European history that eventually resulted in the emergence of the European Union.



... the witness... the catalan sicilian... sephardi... catholic... once an exile, twice an exile...



My own journeys in 1981 and 1984 are connected to the earlier dates of 1918 which was the fifth year of World War One and 1948 which is the Nakba because of the 37th parallel of Messina in Italy in the centre of the Mediterranean.


I was born on 10 February 1962 and was 19 years old when I visited Spain in 1981 and 22 years old when I visited the Middle East in 1984, before some 33 years later I am still 55 years old, at the start of this year. 


Brian started our Parliament Square Peace Campaign on 02.06.2001 so 05.01.2018 is as good a time as any to start trying to expand knowledge again.


It will be interesting to do quiet research, into freedom of religious expression. It was something the government just did not recognise at all in Parliament Square, Central London. 


Brian was for example a devout Christian and I was a conflicted 'converso' so we both believed in religion, but because of the persecution by the government had to work out our own balance between ourselves, because we had to manage the practical realities of their endless malicious prosecutions etc etc while we were trying to save defenceless civilians lives.


In the wider sense, there have been so many conflicts within even just 'converso' history, there are so many questions and so much to still learn about religious freedom of expression along with real reconciliation with and within religion.


A journey of peace that is the same yet different begins with 1:55 and 05.01.2018 along with 17.01.2018 before 23.01 2018 over Spain's err... Article 155.


It wasn't pleasant what was going on in Parliament Square, Central London on 17.01.2012 and 23.01.2013.


In fact it is the current King of Spain, who is the same royalty who err... expelled... Sephardi too, who fashions himself as the King of Jerusalem.


So 5.01.2018 is a good starting point for another chapter in a journey that is the same, yet different.


The reality is the people who live in (for example) Bausen in Catalonia in Spain and Bagnères-de-Luchon in France are the same within the European Union, which is the only way for many people to be united in so many different ways, while still retaining their own culture across indiscriminate boundaries. 


So there are many interconnected strands to look into and very carefully think about.


The broad brush strokes of the five primary points along a journey of peace and learning are 1) the starting point 2) near the old rock with the chips 3) by the lake with olive trees 4) the artists courtyard and 5) the artists retreat in the olive groves.


The world can obviously never have too much peace.


It was on 4 September 1282 that Peter of Aragon was declared King of Sicily in Palermo, which was a real 'crown of thorns' way back then !! and then centuries later it was 4 September 2006 & 2009 in the UK that led to my being forced out of the UK (over which there is no refoulement) into exile in the European Union in 2013.



... i was hidden from my own little sister for so long essentially because of religious conflict, so i never had any choice about any religion ever...



Most people know politicians and media barons are very strange people:


... the former 'mayor of london' turned mi6 'spymaster' doing his whole 'shroud of turin'/the 'enigma turing' spin... i was 'excommunicated' by the warlords in westminster years ago to cover up what blair & johnson et al did to me on 4 september 2006 & 2009...



It was nevertheless a real 1 in 4 billion honour and privilege to stand for peace with Brian who was such an exceptional human being.



…brian (07.01.1949 - 18.06.2011) is obviously the ‘curator’… the inspiration… and so on...



15.05 is called Nakba Day because this is when Palestinian people remember their Exodus after UN resolution 181.


I am myself a Catalan Sicilian exile from the UK and Australia in the European Union.


There is obviously still a fundamental failure within the European Union to lawfully properly address... civilian exiles from... within... the European Union. 


20.12.2005  25.12.2018 etc







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!