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I once again found myself starting a new chapter on the same journey as 1984 in 2013. 



... the witness... sicilian... sephardi... catholic... (i have always been an original 'scarface' having had an identifiable scar on my face since early childhood, making 'official identification' methods mostly rather superfluous)... 



This was followed by Blair’s Ratzinger suddenly resigning in March 2013 invoking the Turin shroud which was included in the first comments by Pope Francis before Cardinal Pell from Melbourne entered stage right, that also signalled the end of a chapter and the opening of another over the Iraq War.


We were finally... forced into exile following the incredible City of London 666 mark of the beast on 10 April 2013.


I am obviously an original old 'scarface' having had a real scar on my face since early childhood, which sadly is actually all too symbolic of much.


The dating of the 'ambiguous' Turin shroud thus far only extends back as far as... around the War of the Sicilian Vespers. This was around the time the Crown of Aragon, Sephardi and Catholics defended... women at Messina in Italy, which led to the long history of Catalan Sicilians being persecuted by every royal and religion thereafter and the emergence of the European Union.





We are still the wanderers by the Mediterranean in the sense that our true background means that we are an amalgam of a number of modern day states and religions rather than owned by any state, royal or otherwise.


We are the avant-garde in the sense the true legal order is most important to us.


We don’t lean towards the extremes of any ideology because we understand the true legal order.


In all the circumstances, I do think it was actually Downer and his Russians in universities around the world after the Cold War, and Kazakhstan oil that had led to my by extension returning to England, which separated me from my sister on the other side of the world... again.



... 'turing' and all that... 1...5... 0... 5... 2... 0...1...8...







In Melbourne, Cardinal Pell who supported Pope Ratzinger, worked with Catholic Archbishop Frank Little who did nothing about child sexual abuse etc in Australia, who in turn was good friends with Anglican Archbishop Frank Woods:






The Australian government concluded their own 'inquiries' into child sexual abuse in Australia in 2017 and Pell was 'recalled' to Melbourne.




Of course most people know the obvious fundamental problem within churches has been that too many within them remain convinced they are above the rule of law.


The Iraq War generated all manner of conflicts over religion because most political and religious ‘leaders’ around the world lacked any genuine or effective leadership.




The only real congregation church leaders seek out is with political leaders.



... the mi6 'spymaster'... 



This was highlighted by the contrast in Brian’s real stand in opposition to the Iraq War which showed the very real difficulties... civilians face because his religion was his fundamental freedom of expression that he lived in practice, where one could not be separated from the other.


When the government fettered Brian's freedom of expression they really fettered his religious freedom of expression because they were identical.


My own stolen childhood raised in the highest echelons… because of religious conflict obviously caused me all my problems too while campaigning, which in some ways, made me even more conflicted about religion than before because of course I could only view the problem as a failure of wider religious leadership too. 


The most animated conversations among we campaigners were based on reconciling practising freedom of expression in a meaningful way while being viciously persecuted by the state for having religious beliefs or no religious beliefs because Brian embraced people of all or no faiths. He was wonderful how he so openly embraced people of all religions or none while never seeking to proselytise because he really didn’t need to because his religious energy spoke for itself.



... 13 december ... the strength of brian and my own campaigning was a... combination of both religion and the rule of law...



Brian restored my own faith in religion because I witnessed him so powerfully living his beliefs, including so they made sense. He knew his religion inside and out and there was nothing he did not know about the Bible in the same way that many Muslim people know the Quran.


The government could not engage in an overtly religious battle with Brian because he was real religion personified, and he was very much persecuted for his religious beliefs. His religion made political and religious leaders very uncomfortable because it was so real compared to the self-serving messianic zealotry of Blair and Bush that did not face any real or meaningful opposition from too many religious leaders.


My conflict is of a different kind because it includes the reality I have never really been ‘allowed’ to choose a religion, which is all tied up with the 'highest echelons' and my sister by contrast being raised as a Catholic.


What is undeniable is that we were both persecuted in different ways because we were not 'allowed' to have or choose religious beliefs.


The 'official' version started out with I wasn't even 'allowed' to campaign with Brian which anyone can see had no due process.


Not only did religious leaders fail to really oppose the Iraq War but they failed to stand up for those of us who were persecuted because we did. The religious leaders in Europe didn’t do anything meaningful over the Iraq War at all. Of course, this was compounded by the UK and US then using religion to divide up Iraq along sectarian grounds to try and create further problems.


Then Pope Ratzinger embraced Blair’s 'conversion' (Westminster are big on the forced 'conversion' of 'expropriated' property) before the Tories reciprocated welcoming the Pope in the UK in 2010. It was all just so shameful because of course the politicians were torturing and attempting to murder peaceniks and openly calling for us to be illegally removed in the UK.


The best that could be said was that at least Blair’s mic had broken down when he had tried to put on a performance at the Catholic Cathedral in Westminster, while of course Westminster Abbey were brazenly opposed to us, trying to help cover up 3 & 4 September 2009.



... my sister and myself were hidden from each other for so long...



The opportunistic attack on religion in the Iraq War is undeniable. 


The ‘official’ version of religion in the UK was completely exposed by it’s lack of opposition to the Iraq War, which of course included the Saudi Mosque by Regents Park in Central London.


I can remember only too well one Lord Chief Justice Phillips rather hastily leaving the High Court in 2008 when Brian had memorably asked him if he would try and ‘fetter’ Jews who had been in Nazi concentration camps from speaking out too ? which the Judge couldn’t answer.


They did all know what they were doing that was no ‘mistake’.



... the 'family'...



When Gary and I had been at Downing Street once when he had his massive Cross with “What would Jesus say about Iraq ?” emblazoned on it, we actually had trouble on all fronts from the MET Police, National Front and al-Muhajiroun. The MET Police said we were being ‘provocative’ although in fact  al-Muhajiroun were fine with Gary and only criticised me because I was a woman with a tiny cross around my neck, while the National Front opposed us because of course we weren’t the National Front. In fact, they all really only complained because we were genuine campaigners, while they were all only there to do a quick photo-shoot for the cameras.


I remember when we returned to P.Square afterwards, the armed police turning up because while they really hated us they are also quite the gossips in Westminster so they had actually been sent to find out why we weren’t arrested !! at Downing Street. I was incredulous and just said I doubted Westminster would have the front to take a Christian to court with a massive cross asking errr…  “What would Jesus say about Iraq ?” The fact that hadn’t occurred to them is illuminating.



... brian restored my own faith in religion... 



Most people would have thought that would have been even harder to prosecute than my “Peace, Love and Justice For All” which did get prosecuted once, but not when I was unlawfully arrested on Easter Sunday when I had it. It was so incredibly offensive when I was violently unlawfully arrested on Easter Sunday when I had the pink-sequinned banner with “Peace, Love and Justice For All”. I was violently unlawfully arrested another time with that banner on 9 July 2007 on the false pretext of ‘obstructing a police officer’ which obviously didn’t fly either.


When they stole everything on 23 May 2006 of course they just refused to let Brian produce it in court !! because their real point in stealing it was because it shamed them.


I remember saying what hypocrites the Muslim Brotherhood were when they were installed in Cairo because they then replicated the very same legislation used against us in Westminster !! we proved was illegal.


People like al-Muhajiroun and Anjem Choudary with his various spin-offs never campaigned in Parliament Square because most people knew that just like the EDL who never did either while just passing through instead, because they were just government stooges who would have looked very, very odd alongside Brian. The media completely spun those groups into existence for public consumption to try and stir up trouble. It was very telling that the government only allowed religious freedom of expression when it suited their own narrative which only ever really indicated the groups they created themselves.


There was no contest between Brian and Anjem Choudary over who was real and who was a fake propagandist.


The best that Cardinal Pell could say over the Iraq War was that the bully boys Howard (and Downer) were a bit misplaced which explains exactly why anyone’s child sexual abuse in Australia didn’t seem like any kind of problem to him.


The reality is most people know that politicians and religious leaders who aren’t really opposed to war in any meaningful way are not going to care about or do anything about torture or child sexual abuse.





I always find it deeply disturbing when political or religious leaders hold up/hide behind the image of Jesus to say he died for…our sins, because of course he was gruesomely crucified because of exactly the same mindset that persists among too many political and religious leaders today who don't care about defenceless civilians. 


When religious leaders invoke the Turin Shroud but don’t go to any war-zone and bring back some clothes a defenceless child who was slaughtered was wearing to parade before their congregation, then surely all they are really trying to justify is the murder of… defenceless civilians... anytime.





That is what I find most conflicting about most religious leaders.


Where are the religious leaders really trying to save… defenceless civilian lives ?


The problem churches have is not that there is a problem with religion but instead that it’s own leaders have been giving religion such a bad name.  How is it true religious 'doctrine' that is any different from patriarchal arrogance and so on, when a confessional can be used by criminals ?


Unfortunately churches that put a 'confessional' of all sorts above the rule of law can only ultimately be making excuses for themselves,  just like politicians saying they can vote for whatever they like.


One of my own biggest personal questions after the Iraq War, is how to reconcile with religion that has forced me into exile all my life too.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!