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The European Union and world would be a far, far better place if Blair had not started the Iraq War and then invented  Article 50 to keep causing trouble for civilians.


Those are two things people can be sure about.



... what blair is doing is actually very, very serious harassment...



It's not surprising he has a full time dedicated team of… 200 sycophants devoted to his ‘reputational management' at his 'Institute' falsely portraying himself as the Messiah who supports civilians… freedoms.


His two 'achievements' in life were destroying Iraq -and- the UK, while doing his best to do the same to the EU !!


He pushed through Article 50 knowing he could not use it himself, in the whole baton change to Brown and so on, where he was so discredited.


It's absolutely inconceivable that he could have used the referendum but he was... the one who fast-tracked Poland into the EU and the UK in return for their running the CIA torture site, while British politicians used torture, and then worse on... peaceniks in the UK.


There was a proven... intention to use torture in the EU that then... extended to the UK.


It's not like Blair doesn't have a considerable "pattern of behaviour" terrorizing defenceless civilians.


Nothing was a 'mistake' because it got progressively worse because more and more politicians became... involved.


It was the whole 'mob mentality' thing.


I remember a senior police officer coming to speak with me very early on and saying he was getting out of Westminster because it was too dirty what was going on.


He was talking about the 'mob mentality' there, saying once one does something they just all go along with it, so in that kind of very centralised & closed 'culture' of deceit in Westminster they are just egging each other on because there is so much money/brown envelopes involved.


I saw Westminster's hyenas truly ugly... gloating along with all their lies when Brian died so they are very strange creatures indeed.


It is common-sense to most adults that if there are x amount of politicians who are… all that is on offer, who are all rotten because they are only competing to see who can rip off the public for global corporations the most, with media barons as their only conduit, they can call themselves whatever they like, including 'populist' which is just about their own egos too.


There is no ‘populism’ of any kind in the UK because the facts are 100 % of politicians back… lying to the public over a referendum that only 37 % of the voting public even supported.


Given that it is now so apparent the politicians all wanted such a referendum, it is more likely than not that they just simply lied about the outcome, because ultimately it is only the same lying politicians who control the electoral commission.


The reality is that minority is the same kind of outcome politicians get in a normal election, where they don’t even get over 50% of the registered public vote to get elected when they are not saying that is the last… election they are having because it is the “will of the people”.


Yet with a referendum on… people’s freedoms, was… suddenly the “will of the people” with the biggest liar of them all trading places to pretend he is “opposition”.


Of course, the House of Lords don’t need anyone’s votes and that is the “will of the people” too ?


There are so many obvious contradictions in their lies.


The media bubble control their comments columns very carefully while the ‘intelligence agencies’ and so on, who were discredited long before Brexit, are employed to write ‘comments’ accordingly, within an agreed spectrum.


The MI6 ‘spymaster’ is Johnson for goodness sakes, so they really are scraping the barrel.


The only time they have a relatively ‘open’ comments section is when they are trying to find out how their propaganda is progressing because the one thing politicians and media barons don’t do is talk to the public, let alone in any meaningful way. 


In politicians world there is no democracy because that does actually require the “checks and balances” of the rule of law too, where ordinary people can actually go to a court and say politicians are not taking my freedoms away. 


Politicians don’t step outside their media bubble to really be… questioned by anyone because they are only handed the script to spin. They do all know they are lying big time.


Imagine Blair being asked if people could just go to a court and say they don’t want their freedoms stolen by politicians.


What is he going to say about that ?


That people can’t go to… court and challenge politicians ?


Because ?


The lies are so blatant politicians couldn’t even stand in a court before a jury.


It is this 100 % lying by politicians that is exactly how it came to pass we were forced out of the UK into exile for being a… peacenik.


When the truth was 100 % of politicians wanted to illegally ‘remove’ peaceniks, there was no democracy left.


The politicians knew what they were doing and intended to do what they did like they always do.


It’s very simple for the leaders of political parties to agree among themselves what they are going to do and all of their politicians do as they are told.


In 2007 Brian got 54% of the public vote as Channel Four’s “most politically inspiring person of the year” with General Donut Dannatt, 18%, Blair 8%, Cameron 6% and the rest 0% so they changed even that voting system after that.


There’s no such thing as a vote that ever means politicians can just arbitrarily take away people’s freedoms.


The damage that all the politicians have done starting with the Iraq War is just incalculable, while of course they also just keep lining their own pockets.


If Blair had the slightest respect for any of the public, he wouldn’t continue insulting sensible adults in the manner in which he is.


What he is doing is very, very serious harassment, because the true facts are he is saying politicians can force people... into exile, then use a referendum to keep on... harassing them, still trying to take away their freedoms... elsewhere.


It is very, very serious harassment of... civilians.


It was never a 'secret' in Westminster what was going on.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!