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The facts are, in all the circumstances, I really have lived the whole enchilada during my own life.



... the witness...



I do happen to be a Catalan Sicilian born under the ‘star’ of Aquarius on 10 February 1962 (Annuniziata dei Catalani, Sicily on the 37th parallel, Neptune and all that) and my beautiful little sister was born on 4 September (1964) which is the same date Peter of Aragon (father of Alfonso III) won Sicily in 1292 in the War of the Sicilian Vespers.   


The War of the Sicilian Vespers arose out of the… state (which was at that time French) abuse of… women.


The Catalans on the 37th parallel have been all around the Mediterranean where we have been persecuted for the past millennium because our natural… worldview… is of the Mediterranean in the round.


The Catalan Sicilians have been double crossed by Popes and empires since the War of the Sicilian Vespers, while always being exiled.


The expulsions of Sephardi Jews began in England in 1290 (the Edicts of Expulsion have never been repealed) France 1306 and Spain (which by then included parts of Italy) in 1492.


The Pope in Rome excommunicated the Catalan Company after the Sicilian Vespers too because they set up the soldier republic in Athens. Of course 'excommunications' tend to obviously be ‘void ab initio’ if you didn’t happen to follow any religion or were a Sephardi Jew and so on. 


The Catalans rocked the treacherous Byzantine Empire, because they really represented… ordinary people.


And thus it ever was.




... and in other 'news' for those who use... telephones... and back-doors...



The Pyrenean Catalonia could never be conquered because of it’s strategic location around the Mediterranean which is quite unique in many respects, which meant it became another ground zero after Catalans defeated the Umayyad, with the two state ‘solution’ between France and Spain that led to Auschwitz and another divided… Jerusalem. 


The true story of Catalans is what eventually led to the European… Union.


I am from the stolen generation who was raised within the ‘highest echelons’ of a military junta which has thus far meant I have been exiled twice and was never ‘allowed’ to… choose a religion and so on and so forth.


I was only given the choice of… no choice to work for the intelligence agencies or military both of which I only ever refused before standing for the freedom… of everyone to live in… peace.


My true mother had called me Donna (which was always intended to be hidden from me) because she told me I would always be her Madonna, because of course that is how… all… parents view their/all… children they… love.



... 'suits'... most girls wouldn't consider this 'highest echelons' their... family...



I was not the same person who left Orwell’s London early in 1984 who travelled in the Middle East (think about 1948) including to Israel and Gaza, who returned that Christmas to the same fakery of Geldof & Co who are not the real deal like Brian, because I was hugely conflicted by what I saw and experienced, which was human sadness all round.


1984 -1948.


That was all when I was twenty two years old, thirty three years ago.


When I travelled in Gaza and met young men there, they asked where we were from but they never asked what religion we were. The person I was travelling with was a blond American of openly Polish Ashkenazi descent. After we had been to the Middle East and the shocking ‘events’ in Turkey I did not fully know the British government had been ‘monitoring’ me until they very overtly moved to… stop my friend from seeing me anymore in 1986, before it also later transpired they had illegally ’expropriated’ some of my property without my knowledge. It was not a co-incidence that my friend had previously also her property illegally 'expropriated' in Milan in Italy, although we got most of it back. We did notice the men in suits following us, before that happened.


I was then not the same person who was first with Brian in Parliament Square, Central London many years later (when I was again told by the ‘highest echelons’ I was not ‘allowed’ to be a… peacenik, which led to what was a complete schism by then) before I was once again conflicted on my journey into exile for a… second time, over… Jerusalem.


Brian had been on a different but similar journey to Northern Ireland and saw the Berlin Wall fall before travelling through Russia on his way to Cambodia where he learned the best he could do was challenge the warlords in Westminster, which he did.


His father was one of the first soldiers to liberate Bergen-Belsen.


Brian and I always had a shared passion for peace, love and justice for everyone because both our... childhoods had been destroyed by war.


I instantly saw that Brian was the real deal.



... matt marcel marceau...



We really were the bridge between the old and new and what we did was historic.


I don’t personally see that Netanyahu who lost his brother he loved at Entebbe, which was wrong because that was an attack on defenceless… civilians too, before the shocking massacre of defenceless Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila, as any worse than the… warlords in Westminster who are Israel’s… real boss.


War which only entails survival inevitably generates extremes. 


It is civilians who should never be targeted.


My Palestinian friends who have always been able to actually choose their religion and travel on British passports are more likely to be ‘allowed’ into Israel before I would now be, after my already having been exiled… twice by the British government and their Australian counterparts.


We did prove the Russian… government was more welcome in Westminster than errr… peaceniks.



... too much violence...



You ask anyone in the Middle East who rules the roost and most know it is Westminster who are somewhat strangely called the ‘mother of all democracy’ only by those who have not lived… the truth.


It is the… British government who really run their military garrison called Israel and all that flows from that.


The Jews really were slaughtered along with millions upon millions of innocent civilians from all walks of life in the Genocide of Two World Wars in Europe.


The truth is you either care for… all civilians who died or you don’t really care that any died.


It is possible my natural world view of the Mediterranean in the round could be reconciled with the socially constructed European Union, Middle East and Northern Africa.


The fact is ground zero saw Catalonia divided between France and Spain in that two state ‘solution’ so I don’t recognize the Catalonia that the latest Catalan President/journalist talks about that he can easily reconcile with Madrid because they are all politicians, not civilians.




...244... there is never any victory in war, only in peace...



They know what the shepherds watching over their flocks in the Pyrenees say because the... same people live on both sides of the French and Spanish border in the European Union.


We all know the Spanish King fashions himself as King of Jerusalem.


There are always all sorts of Matryoshka's. 


It is self-evident the sole reason for Article 50 and the use of it that led to Brexit after peaceniks were already… exiled out of the UK into the European Union, is because the most obvious single failure of the European Union is to properly address… civilian exiles from… within the European Union.


That is why Mr Brexit Assange’s lawyers have not gone to the EU courts because it would expose the … Australian government and… 'Sir' Kier Starmer’s Doughty who are his lawyers… working with Johnson all along because it is really the… twice exiled female peacenik who has been… illegally denied legal representation, who does not have an entourage of lawyers etc.


The bankers ‘Cryptokitties & Cointelgraph Catifesto Killer App Collectible’ that is obviously not a children’s game is not exactly subtle.


The involvement of (for example) Larry Summers is just a bit of a give-away.


The basic ‘design’ flaw obvious to most people is that everyone knows cats are never… owned by anyone.


Of course Westminster always ‘outsource’ whatever they can to other governments to try and maintain ‘plausible deniability’ they do not have. 




... middle-men... don't sign-off the actual real deal...



In ‘medieval’ times Catalans were incredibly even persecuted on the pretext of having… cats.


We used to have a gorgeous small tortoiseshell cat called Shelley who was very gentle and feminine in her ways. A friend staying with us at one time commented that he always knew when I was about to return because he noticed Shelley would go and sit on the windowsill and sure enough that would soon be followed by my coming home. I always used to give Shelley a big hug first thing whenever I came through the door before we carried on doing our own thing. It’s pretty simple that if you love, respect and take care of your cat they do the same.


There is no 'ownership' involved on either side.


I did know when politicians ‘intelligence services’ had been in my home in the UK (after MET Police had very obviously illegally taken a copy of car and house keys one time I was unlawfully arrested on Easter Sunday in April 2006) because they spooked Shelley etc, who everyone knew was quite particular about the company she kept. 


Shelley wouldn’t hurt anyone and got along fine with the ubiquitous hamster, but wasn’t too sure what she should do with mice if they came inside when the back door was left open in summer, because she only really wanted to shoo them back outside when it came down to it. She was just bemused by what toads who would turn up from time to time in the garden were all about, before discovering that a hedgehog who is rolled up is not a cricket ball in disguise.


The warlords in Westminster all know peaceniks won the ‘decisive victory’ … in court on 13 December 2007 that is backed up by the ‘promissory note’ in the form of my April 2008 High Court Order etc.


In real terms I am stateless because the evidence is I was illegally denied legal representation by both the British and Australian governments which forced me out of the UK into exile in the European Union, where there is no refoulement for civilians who politicians torture and attempt to murder.


I am the one from the Mediterranean (I have been to North Africa several times too) who has never been able to… choose any religion… among those represented in the Old City of… Jerusalem.


We all know the ‘two-state’ solution to that one for me personally (that is really three) would include Italy and in Jerusalem in the area near King David’s tomb. There are Italians living in Jerusalem. Of course I would like the opportunity to live in Jerusalem too from time to time and … visit the Old City to…  choose a religion for myself.


My brother was also part of my life too.


It is true that a -'two state'- (that is really three state) solution would... resolve the problems of Brexit... and right the wrongs. 


Ein Gedi nearby has healing waters for tired peaceniks too.


All honest Arab people know that we are all very similar around the Mediterranean so true leaders in the Middle East would want to… share the four quarters of the Old City in Jerusalem. 


People need to look at their own Arab leaders in the Middle East too who are by and large no different from the European Union at best arguing about the price of abiotic… VITOL oil that is not running out any time soon.


Who is saying… Muslim people cannot live in the European… Union ?


There really does need to be more respect for women in the European Union and Middle East, more generally.


I stand as testament to the warlords in Westminster’s appalling treatment of women.


A two state solution… also involving a shared… Old City of Jerusalem is really no different from Catalonia because what it really means and can be made possible is that people can live in peace in one part or another or all of Jerusalem.


What civilians want is for everyone to feel safe.



...  most women could understand the 'flaw' from the... beginning... 



Messina, Mecca, Medina, Catalonia, Jerusalem, Lourdes. 


It really is not at all strange that an ordinary young girl at Lourdes heard the voice of peace that is within us all.


In Parliament Square it so happened that our small band of peaceniks were all together in peace whatever our religion or no religion because we really did all stand for the freedom of all people to live in peace.


Brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times and a true gentlemen.


Would Brian want me to return to Jerusalem too ?





... the greatest peacemaker of our times...



He would be with me in my heart and spirit in Jerusalem.


The peace that does not happen overnight, can nevertheless happen and continue to be built.


The three peaceniks, where it is true two are quite the ‘connoisseurs’ of crisps/chips etc do only ever travel anywhere in peace in appropriately powered continental horses.


I was the one who taught our 'accountant' to make Spaghetti Bolognese. 


He taught me many things I didn't know.


People always learn all sorts from each other.


The colours of Aragon etc should cover it all. 


It is only when there is the real deal, that… four then retire really.


Three of us stood with Brian to right the wrongs.




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!