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It is 'surprising' the IDF would spin such a clumsy disinformation campaign like that of Ben Caspit against a young girl, because “get our payback later, in the dark, with no witnesses or cameras” echoes their shame of Sabra and Shatila really.




... sabra and shatila...



My own experience as a by comparison old woman in the UK included I was attacked by a man who turned out to be from the IDF (I went through his bag while Brian had distracted him) and when he was busted he threatened he would “be back” even after we busted who he worked for (he also had ‘private security’ ID) We did think that was all odd at the time, because of course we didn’t know that the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village would start… several days later.


That saw politicians and media barons illegally edit and maliciously publish audio to illegally hide the true ‘complainants’ in our unlawful arrests were politicians and ‘embedded’ media barons. So it is not always even true that ‘journalists’ can position themselves as ‘liberal’ and so on because that is more often than not just a false position on a spectrum of divide and rule in war.


I’ve seen Johnson the politician and 'journalist' spin the whole Matryoshka of an MI5 Democracy Village against us 'hidden' in full view for two years to hide he crossed all red lines in being legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of me, while he has always illegally refused to hand over the torture tapes which they did have to secure. The vicious and nasty piece of work talks big but he obviously didn't want to front up before a High Court jury in a court.


We experienced a lot of seriously negative "patterns of behaviour" from a violent state against ourselves in the UK, like 4 September 2006, 2009, 2012 and 19 July 2007 & 19 July 2009 and so on.


The best those sitting on the spectrum argument can make is “degrees” of abuse towards women and far worse young girls.


Ultimately the deliberate failure is by what is undeniably predominantly 'male' (and I use that term very loosely) politicians (it is what it is) on supposed ’sides’ who have only ever been far more comfortable making money out of other people’s discomfort, which is just appalling when you consider all the … children and young people.


In the UK, a 'referendum' led by the same deeply misogynist sleaze-bag... Johnson has only been used by politicians and media barons to spin... themselves as... 'victims' of all sorts before being joined by the whole contrived cringeworthy Trump dump. 


The two faced royal flag waving mumbo jumbo brigade hide they have no qualms whatsoever expelling... Jews with their latest hate filled... Brexit etc:



... the royal flag waving mumbo jumbo brigade who have never supported any jews anywhere really, are just hiding the... royal edicts of expulsion in 1290 against... sephardi jews which have never been repealed... jews who are not zionist could not be prosecuted for complaining about both the edicts of expulsion and zionism which would be like saying errr.... no-one could criticize any...  royals or... political movement...



No-one in the UK ever mentions the royals Edicts of Expulsion in 1290.


... in real terms they 're-branded' the a) edicts of expulsion 1290 with the b) police reform and social responsibility 'act' 2011 which was made against moi because they were covering up my 'decisive victory' in court on 13 december 2007 that includes my also getting a 'promissory note' in the form of high court order in april 2008 etc before c) brexit which was after i had already been exiled...



The records do show the warlords in Westminster did always consider me to be a Sephardi 'converso' Jew.


It's common knowledge that many Ashkenazis look down on Sephardi.


Catalan Sicilian Sephardi and Catholics have been exiled and excommunicated all over the place.


My own experience in the UK all very much echoes the Dreyfus Affair in France in many respects.


Of course we proved the politicians knew they had never had any lawful excuse to know any peaceniks... personal details using the false pretext of legislation that did not exist anywhere else in the country, that they only ever illegally used for their own... personal financial ends in a quite appalling "pattern of behaviour" by the politicians.


The warlords and all their algorithms et al did know they hadn't been practising any due process.


All I ever saw was sadness among so many people, when I was twenty two years old and I was in Gaza and Israel in the Middle East in... 1984, which was thirty three years ago now. 


I would never even be 'allowed' in Israel these days, which in many respects is sad really.


What I can say for free is this.


Palestinians and Israelis cannot find peace until Jews and Palestinians unite because they know Jews and Palestinians have been and are being used and abused by ‘leaders’ in Europe and the Middle East.


You cannot deny what leaders in Europe have been doing to Jews for centuries and you cannot deny that Arab leaders have not really cared about Palestinian people who if they ever even speak about, they view as a useful banner for them to spin from time to time.


The ‘argument’ that my religion is better than your religion or my religion has been around longer than your religion when anyone can join or leave a religion on any given day or as Catalan Sicilian exiles will tell you, be forced to convert from one to another to... still be discriminated against, is not a logical and therefore convincing argument.


There is no real reason there is not an Arab Union (or African Union) like the European Union, with greater freedoms for… civilians because what we really need to be talking about is the limits of any administrative governance.


There is a very long “pattern of behaviour” from politicians and media barons who don’t want to end war that they all profit from wherever they pretend to sit on the spectrum.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!