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A woman called Leila Rachel who called me Barbie (it was our Brian who abbreviated that to Babs) said during a phone call, that was recorded by MI5, the British government was not going to ‘allow’ me to campaign with Brian.


This was although it was admitted I wasn’t doing anything illegal, and was being illegally ‘monitored’ by ‘intelligence’ agencies.



… the witness… i am peacenik… hear me purr…


That was the last time I directly spoke with the one who bought a goat she christened Mrs Peel who came from the ‘highest echelons’ which I was raised in, because it was an irreconcilable difference/the schism in what was always to its end one kind of very, very serious ’discrimination’ or another.


There was no rancour on either side, or at least not on mine. It was just the end of what it was, that had been heading in that direction of travel for a long time after too many years of lies and human tragedy.


It was the most serious matter of conscience that I really had to be who I really am, to really try and save… civilian lives.


A long journey in living the truth ensued. 


They had stolen a Catalan Sicilian of Jewish and Roman Catholic extraction from the lineage of the whole Roger de Flor Crown of Aragon and Sicilian Vespers who had all errr… turned on royalty before, and had tried to subjugate and transform me into their Admiral Fremantle ‘family’ cult. It was always a very dark story where I have always been trying to find the light. 



... this was westminster warlords 'framework of reference'...



I was the ultimate Schrodingers Cat social experiment for them, where it has to be said, they really didn’t like the results, which only explains why Catalans have always been so persecuted.


They had ended up with something they had really never counted on or contemplated.


A Catalan Sicilian… peacenik from the Crown of Aragon, Vespers who… stood up to and faced down politicians and royals… too.





I was doing what came naturally really.


There was all their deceit that was completely turned on it’s head.


I am my sister and my sister is me.


I am a mother.


We are all human.




... anyone who knows me, knows the revolving doors of the badge and label brigade has never really been my thing...



My journey has been leading me to where I am going, leaving behind what I never wanted, was forced on me and was never me that… led to an unprecedented miscarriage of justice where following forty eight unlawful ‘arrests’ !! and the torture and attempted murder of me in the UK, then led to the further devastation of my being forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union.


For being a… peacenik.





It was all an open ‘secret’ within Westminster itself, with all the politicians, and I do mean all the politicians with their mob mentality having embarked on a vicious course of action, then lacked the courage or intellectual capacity to stop what they were doing.


Their mendacity was only aided and abetted by complicit media barons.


It was slightly more than extraordinary what they did over so many years.





I never made any secret of my disinterest in and contempt for the facade of self serving con-artists who fashion themselves as politicians and royals with all sorts of airs and graces, but not this grace.


I was always a true Catalan, a human like all others, in Parliament Square, Central London.


The hidden (Catalan) truth was always an undercurrent in the long and violent dirty war politicians waged against peaceniks in Parliament Square in Central London in what they saw as their very own War of the Sicilian Vespers… all over again.



... peaceniks decisively won in court on 13 december 2007, because we conclusively proved there had never been any due process...



(It was the whole enchilada of the Crown of Aragon, Malta, Knights Templar, the Vespers, Byzantine Empire, Athens, Annunziata dei Catalani, Sephardic Judaism, Islam, Catholic thing)



... 13 december 2007... the catalan sicilian's 'decisive victory' in court in the central case over 4 september 2006 proving there was no due process...



There needs to be respect and there was none.




I stand as a testament to Westminster’s capacity to abuse civilian… women is unmatched.


I am not a victim.


I always just try to change what is wrong that I can.


It's all about real people and their real lives.


It’s called finding freedom.




... we are all human...



When I had asked my mum after reading her beautiful letter (and who was also not pleased with me going to Parliament Square either, but for different reasons) why she had called me Donna, she said it was because I would always be her Madonna. That was the most honest and warmest thing anyone had ever said to me because it was so common-sense normal. It is how all parents look upon their children they love. There was love and it was real and came from a mother who tried to do everything she could in her fight for her daughters.


There is a sadness that even my real name was hidden from me and was supposed to remain so … forever. It had taken me all of about oh less than… five minutes to realize the legal records didn’t bear any legal scrutiny at all.


Nothing new in that one.





It was an entirely avoidable tragedy my sister and I were raised separately.


There were only secrets and more secrets which were all about socially constructed conditioning to suit some.


It was a cover up; I was raised in the ‘highest echelons’ of a military junta which in my own experience has always meant their stealing an infant who from the beginning could never expect the norms of living in a world where there was even any pretence of a legal order they could ever have access to. The military junta saw and just treated me as a chattel and worse.


At every turn I was made to feel that it was somehow ‘wrong’ for me to be me or even want to be me, and I was always only pressured to... not be me.





I am nevertheless going to be Donna, not their Barbie.


It was always a legal impossibility for them to slap an 'Official Secrets Act'/'Public Interest Immunity Certificate' on someone taken as an innocent infant who never asked or wanted and always refused to be any part of their whole deceit.


There's no way of spinning I ever could have or gave my 'informed consent'.


I am... another 'example' of what should never be done to anyone.


The human struggle for peace and freedom should never be a secret.


The partnership with Brian who helpfully abbreviated me to Babs, was the beginning of the final 'transition' that had been so long coming through so much.


The entirely natural was slowly taking place in Parliament Square really, throughout all the hardship because I was as overtly as anyone possibly could naturally rejecting Westminster’s ‘values’ that I do not share, all of which actually brought me closer to who I really am.


What happened in Parliament Square was so profound you had to draw on all the inner strength you could find and that came from slowly becoming Donna.


The High Court was serious when they said a 'class action' from us would bring the courts to a standstill.


What we did was historic.


The person who first came to Parliament Square no longer really existed when I left, when I was conflicted in all sorts of ways primarily it has to be said, because of what happened to Brian.





Sadly, the long history of Catalan Sicilians is that we can’t/don’t trust anyone.


My sister had died before I even came to Parliament Square, because someone else who didn’t know or mean to made a mistake, because they didn’t know about the ‘highest echelons’ who… wanted them to blame themselves.



... conversos... it never made any difference whether we were jewish or catholic... 



They found out my sister and I met under the clocks in Australia and they really, really didn’t want the… two Catalan sisters to be… together.


It is an understatement of the century to say a lot of people made money trading in the truth about… our lives.


My ace little sister lost her beautiful, beautiful life because we were not raised together.


Something in me had died then too, when my heart was indescribably broken for ever, but not my love for life and humanity which is so strong. There are no words for the grief that never really goes away. There is however a total difference between revenge and trying to right the wrongs.


Brian was my best friend because we shared a passion for peace, love and justice for everyone because our own… childhoods had been destroyed by war.


There was one occasion when Steve and I were unlawfully arrested when the police were talking about taking Steve’s DNA, but not mine and we asked why while police were looking everywhere else like at their shoes making up all sorts that didn’t ring true.


I saw the looks on their faces and they subsequently slipped up in the cover up all over the place, during which we lost count of just how many police officers queued up to collect the golden handshake and early retirement etc at the expense of real peaceniks.


Make no mistake that Brian really was the greatest… peacemaker of our times.


A gentleman and a man of peace like no other.


It was one of the passing police station lawyers who asked the question no-one could answer. He asked what was going on, because he said it didn’t make sense that since I had been unlawfully arrested so many times, the police had… kept taking my DNA only to endlessly destroy it, because he could find… at least… nineteen examples of them doing that.


It’s not like your… DNA changes.


The long and sort of that truth was they were literally trying to destroy me along with my DNA.


How do you say it was really bad what was going on, that was compounded by its background ?


I really was their dirty secret. The Frankensteins really had created their ultimate… worst nightmare…. a real peacenik.


In fact the lawyer really should have been asking why politicians stole any peaceniks personal details at all in the first place because it was all as we conclusively proved, completely unlawful.


Politicians were just illegally using the false pretext of legislation that did not exist anywhere else in the country, to violently attack peaceniks.


What the broad ‘brush strokes’ of the torture tapes from 4 September 2009 show is a man coming up… behind me and violently punching me to the ground, while then trying to hide in… Westminster Abbey who did try and help him !! before the government tortured and attempted to murder me… to try and destroy me and my DNA.


Johnson, the Turk was coming for me then… just like Blair, trying to Roger de Flor/assassinate me before hiding behind his ‘blue’ Russian FSB ‘publication’.




... the 'blue' passport... in all the circumstances this admission is not 'news'...



It is possible to walk back and ‘overlook’ much, but not that.


Annunziata dei Catalani, Sicily on the 37th parallel and all that.



... the centre of the mediterranean in the round...



The far from ‘Commonwealth’ were always invoking the Sicilian Vespers of a 29 April ‘marriage of (in) convenience’ or the Hitler’s, the Franco’s and Mussolini’s trying to de Flor, Brian or myself conveniently ’forgetting’… they had throughout history always recruited what they err… supposedly wanted the Catalan Sicilians to stop.


There was the royals trying to lay claim to Parliament Square, Central London, after 13 December 2007 on 19 February 2008, baulking at the possibility of the ‘Crown of Aragon’ taking possession.


Such matters have never interested me because their ‘worldview’ was not mine.


It was all very Lisbon Treaty 13 December 2007, along with Cameron on 19 February 2016 with his 'referendum' knowing full well we had ourselves, comprehensively won… in court, just like a… jury found over the execution of my nephew in Australia on 19 February 1999 too.



... 22 may 2000... 13 december 2000...



The 19th February 1999 in the far from 'Commonwealth':



... 19 february 1999...in the far from 'commonwealth'...



We proved we peaceniks in the UK never had any intention that Parliament Square, Central London should change from being anything other than a public space for everyone.


The 19th February 2008 in the still far from 'Commonwealth':


... 19 february 2008... the re-branded 'windsors' and their nazi-goose-stepping phil the greek trying to make another land grab...



In 2006, a retired accountant who had always called me the Andalusian had contacted me and told me that he had found out, what could only have always been the first attempt on my life on 4 September 2006, had come from the most senior politician, signed off by the Commissioner of the MET Police which was indeed all true.


The reason really was because it was impossible for the government to change the truth of the DNA which involved the old groundhog day of a cover up of a cover up.


Once an exile, twice an exile in a whole millennium of exiles over war.


It was the most extraordinary culmination of a Matryoshka of all sorts.


The royals just wanted me to be their Vice Admiral Fremantle but I was really a Catalan Sicilian descended from the lineage of the Crown of Aragon school of Vice Admiral Roger de Flor, who was the Count of Malta, Knights Templar and the Catalan Sicilian from the Byzantine Empire and Athens, who established the original… soldier… republic.


What royals called a ‘mercenary’ before the Mafia and Mossad.


It’s only the royals who airbrush their own history to cast themselves in a more favourable light.


When I left London early in 1984, when I was twenty two, which was thirty three years ago, I really was not the same person who returned that Christmas.



... i instantly understood brian was the real deal...



I remember sending a postcard from the Middle East saying what I was doing. I did receive a letter back from Leila Rachel with words to the effect of WTF because of course I had popped up in the last place anyone wanted me to be then because of course the stolen generation always proved to be an inconvenience for the military junta.


It is clear someone obviously flagged up something somewhere that led to the awful events in Turkey before the Italians collected us, when we crossed over into Greece, although I was never anyone’s Little Drummer girl and never would be, whatever others wanted to spin over the foreign Caesar of Constantinople.


I was instead, hello... peace .


After we went to D’Annunzio’s somewhat unsettling Il Vittoriale by Lago di Garda one of the Italians said something I would remember, that I now know what he meant, before we travelled along the Italian and French Riviera. Europe is beautiful. It was a very long time ago and we went as far as Cannes before turning back so I only remember very vaguely stopping in Monaco before ‘the grandfather’ returned separately to Genoa, while we travelled north.


Gaza is like yesterday. Nightlife in Milan and elsewhere not so memorable, although I have been known to be fond of a jazz club or two.


What I can say for free is this.


Palestinians and Israelis cannot find peace until Jews and Palestinians unite because they know Jews and Palestinians have been and are being used and abused by ‘leaders’ in Europe and the Middle East.


You cannot deny what leaders in Europe have been doing to Jews for centuries and you cannot deny that Arab leaders have not really cared about Palestinian people who if they ever even speak about, they view as a useful banner for them to spin from time to time.


The ‘argument’ that my religion is better than your religion or my religion has been around longer than your religion when anyone can join or leave a religion on any given day or as Catalan exiles will tell you, be forced to convert from one to another to... still be discriminated against, is not a logical and therefore convincing argument.


There is no real reason there is not an Arab Union (or African Union) like the European Union, with greater freedoms for… civilians because what we really need to be talking about is the limits of any administrative governance.


In early 2007, the police tried to put me, the peacenik under lengthy ‘bail’ in Orwell’s London to try and buy themselves time, so Brian and I said I would still be campaigning anyway even if I had to temporarily do so at the other end of Whitehall by Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square so they would have… peaceniks at either end of Whitehall. The warlords in Westminster capitulated over that ‘configuration’ so the Judge at Southwark Crown Court on 8 March 2007 read the script that had been prepared for him that surprisingly said Parliament Square was my home, which was considerably more all embracing than I wanted.


I am not pedantic but Johnson really did cross all red lines in any and every way being legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of me in the UK on 4 September 2009.





There is however always peace to be made and war can always be over.


It is after all peace which is what the priceless gift of the beauty of life is all about.


Brian who stood for children everywhere was taken before his time, like so many and too many others.


There really was no worse place than the cold pavement of Parliament Square, Central London to try and grieve over losing my best friend, while being surrounded by the hyenas of what we shall politely call the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village.


There is an oddity about the Russian… government being more welcome in the UK than … peaceniks.


It is what it is. That’s politicians for you.


Their ‘borders’ are far more selective than they claim.


The canines in Westminster only retreated when I promised to deposit their silver bowl outside New Scotland Yard so we could all have it out once and for all over what was really going on and everyone did know I did mean it.


I am not the smiling assassin.


There is nothing to smile about.


There can never be any victory in any war.





In all the circumstances, the best ‘accommodation’ that can be made is the instructed settlement of lawsuits which will form a charitable trust, followed by Johnson resigning so that he can never use Mayoral/Ministerial public office to do what he did to Brian and myself and others to anyone else. That is the only possible way anything could be 'atoned' for to keep other people safe too and so… everyone can move on.


I am a person of my word so unlike the warlords in Westminster when I do a deal that is it and it is what it is.


There isn’t going to be any starting to just brush the torture and attempted murder of a peacenik in the UK in the European Union under the carpet because then it becomes another peacenik and another and another until it’s all ‘normalised’.


It’s not going to be ‘normalised’ again in the European Union.


A lot of politicians are involved in such cover-ups because one hides behind another who hides behind another. You get the drift.


It is true there is a window of opportunity for a ‘renaissance’ all round because the European Union really is worth everyone working to strengthen for the benefit of everyone’s children.


I am a peacenik.


It was their dirty secrets always stopping me from reaching my own true… potential as that… peacenik.


I am peacenik, hear me purr.


It is an absolute that I am never returning to the UK or Australia because I could not in all good conscience for example turn a blind eye to the warlords in Westminster in what is sadly the worst example of democracy in the European Union.


There is no refoulement.


I have made the relevant declaration on November 9th 2017.


I live in the real world.



...annunziata dei catalani... sicily...



There is no reason those who really want to be in government in other countries can’t take greater responsibility and stop putting their civilian populations at risk from the warlords in Westminster.


If a small band of peaceniks could do what we really did then there is obviously so much more other governments could do to protect their civilian populations.


It is well known warlords in Westminster are not really in favour of referendums to end war so if those who want to become any government anywhere else don’t know that, they shouldn’t go into government and risk the lives of any civilian populations anywhere with their own ignorance.


We should all be curious to see if other governments can step up to the mark and stand up for their civilian populations.


I want to continue to do my bit for our young people … in the European Union because that is what I am a part of and who I am.


The Catalans have been on a very long journey that did result in the European Union.


Our shepherds are watching over the flocks in what is left of Catalonia while people from all walks of life in Spain were united in opposing war. So while I would like to quietly visit nearby to the lighthouse along the road from the rose at the castle at the end of the mountains overlooking the sea thirty-five miles from the border from time to time, I am not going to return there either.


There is independence and then there is just politicians and media barons saying a word:



... the shepherds watching over their flocks didn't buy politicians referendum that was only all about politicians because it didn't really represent anything for people...



It was my experience and we have already proved that the Royal Assent, Habsburg ‘usurpers’ et al is not really any different from politicians spin, let alone of any interest to me, so people make their own choices over what cannot in any event be arbitrarily imposed on anyone else.


It is my personal view that the UK should and will… choose to stay in the European Union.


I don’t believe Westminster ever intended to leave the European Union because they are politicians who always lie so there is no reason to believe they have stopped… lying.


I can only live what I know to be true and is the way forward to try and progress peace and prosperity for everyone in the European Union.


I don’t want to be entirely in any one country but instead between two, I have already previously identified, for a past millennium of genuinely heartfelt reasons anyone could understand, which does… also mean putting being an exile behind me.


It is building the bridge between the old and new.



...there's centuries of catalan exiles who have been 'ex-communicated'...



In real terms I have been ‘ex-communicated’ by Westminster so I am moving on with my own life because my conscience is clear. I did the right thing standing with Brian.


There is the route to and a different mountain pass to that of the old Catalonia to watch over in peace because there are not going to be any more transports from Rome ever again in this Renaissance.


There needs to be a renewal of respect to embrace creative human potential.



... the 'highest echelons'...



The night before Christmas, I know that after too long a journey, I am Donna, which is what I always wanted. My only gift is peace.


I am a spiritual work in progress like everyone else.


The most powerful freedom of expression is bearing witness to try and save... civilian lives.


Joyeux Noel, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad xxx


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!