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What have they done…



... that's hardly 'news'... what they did just beggars belief... they had no... respect for the reality law abiding... civilian... peaceniks in the european union, don't have to support any either/or any particular politicians etc...



The Johnson and Lavrov MI6 & FSB ‘press’ conference in Moscow is just a sad and shocking reminder they really are legally responsible for the devastating unprecedented exile of... peaceniks forced out of the UK into the European Union.


I will never forget the journey through the night into exile because of course there were so many conflicting emotions over everything that had happened that politicians did after all deliberately do.


I knew in my heart of hearts, that in all the circumstances, Brian was telling me to go and wanted me to go. 


It was quite eerie, the night it happened, because it wasn't at all planned, so it came out of no-where, but I knew it was the right thing to do. 


It was nevertheless very difficult, because of course it was also about accepting Brian wasn't coming back. That he wasn't just going to walk back into the Square, as though he had never been gone. It was about admitting a finality that included all sorts of feelings.


I couldn't even express how I felt to myself because I was just being torn apart. A part of me still couldn't accept so much. It was so awful losing Brian at the hospital when there was nothing else I could do. 


It's so perverse when politicians target... peaceniks and in the manner in which it all happened... in the UK.


It's sure pretty weird that not just MI6 stands totally discredited over the Iraq War, but the (for example) FSB do too really because both governments et al were trying to force Brian and myself into a political cul-de-sac of their Anthony Blunt kind that solely exists of their trading their own among themselves when they become too discredited. 


It's one of those situations there would never be a 'peace conference' over because the UK & Russian governments stand united... against the errr... peaceniks.


The demonstrable track record of those involved trying to force Brian and myself to be anything/everything/whatever -else- they wanted is staggering, when you consider we have always been... peaceniks.


They seriously, seriously lost sight of Brian and myself being... civilians.


The result. Brian died and I am exiled. 


There was no-where that could possibly have been worse to go through the bereavement 'process' of your best friend dying than on the cold pavement in Parliament Square, Central London, while... being surrounded by the hyenas of the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village.


You'd have to have a heart of stone to go through that experience without it changing you for ever.


There is much they cannot deny because of course the facts of who did what and when speak for themselves.


It was kind of weird and then some the Russian... government was more welcome in the UK than errr... real peaceniks.


It was dire.


They don't know the meaning of the word... respect.


There was never 'free speech' for law abiding... civilians.


And of course the UK never made any effort whatsoever to lawfully settle lawsuits because the verified trail shows nothing but the endless... escalation of harm... all the time that of course just recklessly... continues.


The truth is they just hate real peaceniks because the governments live in a bubble. This consists of a combination of the British government knowing/doing nothing beyond being warlords, while Russia is going through it's 'wild west' phase after the Soviet Union, so all the politicians are just competing in a very narrow spectrum among themselves.


They were certainly living in quite a surreal parallel universe when they reached the point in their 'press' conference, when they incredibly tried to ... deny (which they could only do in a room full of complicit media barons) that they weren't singing from exactly the same...  Brexit hymn sheet. Johnson's fellow sleaze-bags ASIO Assange with the more recent addition of Trump to the menagerie were both clearly made in his own image. 


And all for the 'sovereign' groupthink of having a blue passport ? (clue: it looks like an FSB 'publication') which to be frank only made me wonder if any country does... pink passports.


The messianic 'vision' of Johnson and his fellow 'nationalist' travellers will presumably call their dynastic new 'bloc' Westcow or Mosminster.  


You know Johnson is one self-serving beast wearing the badge with 666 when he is denigrating the "unique" nature of a still emerging legal order in the EU with "the world needs to move to global standards. I think the idea of regional blocs with very densely integrated legal systems - the EU is the only example of such a creation in the world at the moment. I think people want to see a much freer approach with global standards and individuals (ie: VITOL) being able to trade more freely".


I think he knows the Daily Mail faithful would be spluttering over their coco-pops if he had headlined his true exploits in the City of London, because what he is really advocating echoes Hitler's Nazi Germany all over again.  


Everything politicians do is soooo stage managed and contrived for public consumption it is unnatural, unlike a peacenik just getting on a loudspeaker in a public space and just saying it like it really is, which in my long experience in Parliament Square, people from all around the world always completely connect with, because we are all by and large the same. 


The most powerful freedom of expression is bearing witness to try and save... civilian lives.





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!