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Brian, Steve and myself were always very close because we each bore witness for each other working together in the most difficult circumstances possible.



... the witness... once an exile, twice an exile in a whole millennium of... no due process...



We always worked together through anything and everything so that we never undermined each other in any way that could adversely affect any of us.


We never left anyone ‘behind’ enemy lines.





I remember when Steve was first unlawfully arrested and police took me to one of the public interview rooms in Charing Cross Police reception trying to pressure me to give them Steve's details which I refused to do. Much as I didn't like what was happening, I wasn't going to go against what Steve wanted, and give 'police' any of his personal details in what we proved was always the most massive breach of 'data protection' anyway.


Steve wasn't on any database because he wasn't a criminal then or ever.


The politicians illegally took the personal details of both Steve and myself, that we never voluntarily gave them, they only ever used for politicians... personal... financial profit.


(The agreement we always had was that each other would be notified if we were arrested and that we did/would always want to speak to each other because the 'police' always illegally tried to stop that)


The 'police' just abused all 'information' really because I remember when they asked me for the umpteenth time how I 'defined' myself and I said 'human being', a 'police' officer incredibly said "human being is not a defined Home Office group".


There is obviously only something wrong with the 'Home Office' then.


The 'police' used to 'harass' etc us a lot in case we 'strayed' near courts in our own account.



... we were always witnesses for each other...



I remember when Steve and myself were walking down Millbank in Westminster one day and were by the roundabout at the junction of Millbank and Horseferry Road when a 'police' helicopter suddenly appeared and came down right over the traffic island just above the plants, which was a very dangerous thing for them to do. I commented to Steve that whatever it was about... at least it could not be about us, for a change !! I turned out to be... wrong because sure enough then the police all arrived in vehicles with tall tales. Their la-la-land involved the building they "could not name" (MI5) which they strangely claimed we were going to climb !! One of the things we asked out of curiosity was what we would be 'charged' with if we did (since it seemed an 'opportune' time to ask such a question) it turned out to be a question no-one could...  answer. 


The lack of an answer begged an obvious question about what on earth they were really doing... targeting us, because it certainly wasn't for the reason they claimed.


It was rather like on a very hot day during one summer when I was on a break in Trafalgar Square with my feet in the fountains like hundreds of other people. Yet before long -I- was the one who had been surrounded by around ten police with two on horseback going to all the effort of the old only I was not 'allowed' ... to have my feet in the fountain. This inevitably had something of a 'chilling effect' on some of the public watching the unfolding 'performance' who also had... their feet in the fountain. The long and short of it was I asked 'police' what they all proposed telling the 'Judge' in a court they would have to take me to, over why/what they had unlawfully arrested me for doing (although I agreed we could excuse the horses from appearing) that I understood 'police' did not propose unlawfully 'arresting'... anyone else over. I added I hoped they had 'secured' the CCTV. After around another ten minutes of 'police' consulting their 'fat controller' back and forth over their 'police' radios they withdrew without... further comment. So I remained where I was while some of the public came and asked me why the police targeted me, while 'normal transmission' of feet in a fountain on a very hot day resumed. 


When Brian got the summons against 'Sir' Ian Blair, Steve and I were walking across Westminster Bridge shortly afterwards and suddenly we were surrounded by a posse of 'police'  (who must have been lying in wait) and Steve was suddenly pinned down on the ground beside me. I managed to phone Brian to tell him what was going on, while a very large 'police' officer was standing over me, threatening me. 


Brian asked me what the number of the police officer threatening me was and I had to tell him the 'police' officer was so much taller than me that frankly I could not actually read any number.  Brian was there seconds later giving the police a right earful because it was so obviously a revenge attack over the summons.



... brian was the real deal who got a real summons against one blair despite our not having a whole entourage of lawyers, while pushing for another against the other blair which helped force him to resign over 4 september 2006 where i was the common link in both cases...


I was the 'witness' because I was the one who really had the primary High Court jury lawsuit over 23 May 2006 because I was unlawfully arrested although police knew they could never charge me with anything, which was how it turned out, so that all became a central part of a wider cover up. 




There was always the underlying cover up (involving 48 !! unlawful 'arrests' etc) trying to a) stop my High Court -jury- lawsuit over 23 May 2006 that in any legal sense, actually b) came first, that c) also meant Brian could not be prosecuted and d) they had to return everything they stole.


One night Steve went off up Whitehall for the short walk to get pizza for everyone. He seemed to have been gone awhile so I got out my phone to call him and found a voicemail where you could hear !! him being unlawfully 'arrested' for being alive going to get pizza while wearing the 'police farce' jacket which armed police took 'exception' to, which was not a 'crime' on Steve's part. 


When Downing Street armed 'police' did once try and sort of 'prosecute' me for my pink-sequinned banner that said "Peace, Love and Justice for All" they did actually send an armed police officer at taxpayers expense to Southwark 'Crown' Court. When the 'Judges' asked the armed 'police' officer what my crime of "Peace, Love & Justice for All" was, the armed 'police' officer could only think to complain !! that... my crime was "she was with Steve Jago and he was wearing a yellow fluorescent jacket that said "Police Farce".   


The 'Judges' didn't know where to look with those 'admissions' and struggled to write the script for that one.


The best that could be said as we tried to keep a straight face was that we had proved our point that there could not possibly be any 'criminal' case against... us. 


This is what really went on court recordings in what the warlords in Westminster called courts of law in their War on Terror.


The politicians and media barons really did wage a very long and dirty war against peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London violently using legislation that did not exist anywhere else in the country that we proved was illegal because there was never any due process.


I remember Steve's first show trial when the 'Judge' at Horseferry Magistrates was watching him with his beady eye when he swore an affirmation. The 'Judge' asked what he was swearing on to which Steve quite sensibly responded completely deadpan straight up "George Orwell 1984" right back at him, holding up the book for proof. We couldn't help but fall about laughing at that one, although what had happened when he was very seriously violently assaulted when he was unlawfully arrested, was not at all funny and indeed the 'police' were found to be vicious liars. 


It was also very serious that Steve had brought along a chart to the 'court' to explain the link between politicians illegally trying to stop civilians free speech and the negative affect that has on voting behaviour.


The politicians never liked the truth because it gets in the way of their chosen global corporations etc etc.


In any legal sense, the 'Judge' dropped himself in it, having to find the arrest of Steve... unlawful but still finding him guilty of not having 'permission' for free speech, because the unlawful arrest is what was actually used to... illegally find out his personal details, that they would not otherwise have got and so on.


There was not only no due process, but nothing was in any way 'proportionate' because he was very violently attacked in what was really intimidation and so on. 


Once when I walked out of a 'court case' the lawyer (they never lasted long if we had them) came hurrying after me asking me why I had left the 'court'. I pointed out the 'Judge' was trying to stop me/wouldn't let me tell the truth to which the lawyer dared to actually say "it is because you tell... too much of the truth".


Apparently "the whole truth and nothing but the truth" is just a myth for public consumption.


Once when Steve and I were representing each other as McKenzie Friends because we had been illegally denied legal representation, District 'Judge' Snowjob and District 'Judge' Nicholas Evans bizarrely started playing musical chairs so we decided we may as well leave their circus which was always very unpleasant anyway. While we were leaving, the 'Judges' then embarked on a surreal exchange, asking if we were in or out of the court, while we were standing by the door, while they went in and out a different door... themselves. So since we had... 'appeared' to answer... 'court bail' we did Edelweiss and bid our adieus and left them to play with themselves.


There was never any legal point in going to the Magistrates Courts in the UK (that we obviously never voluntarily went to) which only exist in the form they do because they are shake-down money launderettes because they don't have any contemporaneous court recordings because they really don't care about law.


The now closed down Horseferry Magistrates was well known as the dirtiest 'court' in the country.


The politicians don't like political prisoners in their prisons either and not just because prisoners love political prisoners.


I pointed out I had a real incentive to break out of prison and... return to Parliament Square when I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial through the Magistrates 'Courts'. This was because politicians wouldn't have been able to prosecute me for breaking out of prison because they would have to have given me a Crown Court jury they would have had to try and explain to how I had been illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial... in the first place, which they could never have done.


One of the most powerful freedoms of expression is bearing... witness to try and save... civilian lives.




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!