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The politicians and media barons are inevitably spinning more lies about the Iraq War.


There are numerous similarities and links between 4 September 2006 - 31 January 2007 - 19 July 2007 - 19 July 2009 - 4 September 2009.





Another Brexitgate yuletide lament sponsored by the usual suspects saying everything in the UK is... someone else’s fault comes from the unconscionable ’Iraq War Families Campaign Group’ who are a sinister outfit who really are no different from collaborators pandering to the Nazi Gestapo.


They are grown adults who all knew full well the Iraq War ‘Inquiry’ held in a broom cupboard in the QE2 centre... behind the Supreme Court next to Parliament Square in Central London was a put up job staged as a distraction they dignified, run by Blair’s drunken… Alistair Campbell, for public consumption.


Their shameful historical revisionism hides that millions upon millions of law abiding …civilians consistently… always publicly said the Iraq War was illegal.


If the military families had really stood up to Blair & Co, which they never did, then they really would have a lawsuit against politicians, instead of so obviously simply continuing to run cover for them.


In fact, they or their McCue lawyers whose fan base includes… the err... disgraced Daily Mail and Murdoch et al never opposed the Iraq War, and never stood with or supported millions upon millions of... civilians, before falsely simply… repeating politicians and media barons lies that soldiers have to ‘follow orders’ regardless of… whatever those ‘orders’ may be.


One of the biggest growing businesses in Westminster has been mercenary outifts like Rifkind's Armourgroup that he had to spin off to G4S over Iraq before joining Adam Smith International, and so on.


I was unlawfully arrested in May 2009 by 'police' illegally trying to cover up this document below, while for example Ingledew went to... Westminster Council, and Layzell took early 'retirement' to the... Bahamas and so on and so forth in the ensuing cover up:




... the iraq war military families were never interested in any truth in the uk...



The Daily Mail spin is exactly the same lie ‘police’ many of whom have been soldiers tried spinning before they lost, pushing it all back up the food chain because it is in fact well established in law that ‘following orders’ from ‘both houses and black rod’ is not an ‘operational’ decision.



... the 'police' pushed what they illegally did up the food chain back up to 'both houses and black rod' ...


No responsible adult would ever inculcate any young people with blatant war propaganda these days that anyone should hang their own heads in shame even repeating. 


There really is no excuse for any parent… encouraging… young people to fight… for the revolving doors of politicians and media barons.


Sadly, the Iraq War families have no knowledge of and have not made any effort to learn anything about real free speech to try and really save civilian lives.


The IWFCG’s time would be better served asking… themselves some hard questions about their… own behaviour as adults, rather than grandstanding in the very… same propaganda outlets that wanted war, viciously condemning and having unlawfully arrested, the… civilians who… really opposed the Iraq War.



The records prove that in the High Court in 2012 the Master did try to illegally strong-arm me in my lawsuit over a High Court… jury when torture… in the UK was discussed.


What it is possible to prove in a court is that there was a ’government policy’ of using torture against we real… peaceniks over… free speech.


There is no dispute that police were illegally ‘following orders’ from ‘both houses and black rod’ more generally which is ‘not a recognized defence’ in law that because it lacked any due process that a reasonable and rational person would know of itself inevitably opened the door to further and all manner of serious abuses.


It was foreseeable that serious harm was and would be caused which was the intention of politicians.



... 4 september 2006... there's no 'plausible deniability' over "which part of NO didn't politicians get ?"...



Everyone knows that the Blair did intend to murder me on 4 September 2006 because in all the circumstances there really is… no other explanation for… everything that happened.


The records that were very obviously invented... afterwards and all the mountain of lies that were told to try and cover up all sorts have never made any kind of sense at all.


Of course what they were doing was all only ever all about trying to illegally stop peaceniks High Court… jury lawsuits.


The worst kind of 'witness intimidation' possible was going on.


(In July 2008, when Brian asked 'Lord' Phillips of Maltravers in the High Court in a related case if he would "fetter" Jews who had been in the Nazi concentration camps from speaking out too, the 'Judge' looked at me and ran from the court before menacingly delivering a 'judgement' that we had better come to some kind of deal or else over... free speech. Brian's father had been one of the soldiers who were first in to Bergen-Belsen)


It was a known known that I was absolutely correct when the CPS conceded that “the government (deliberately) put in place a sequence of events (on for example 31st January 2007) that only put my life at risk” when I won in court after I had been kidnapped from court on 19 July 2007 to stop me giving evidence. Refer below similarities and link to 19 July 2009 & 4 September 2009.


We proved politicians had not even had so much as a lawful excuse to steal personal information let alone put ‘police’ anywhere near us to… do anything.


It was the politicians and media barons vicious and violent ’police’ who came to us, not the other way around, illegally using ‘legislation’ that didn’t exist anywhere else in the country in a long and dirty war against peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London.


The legislation didn’t exist against the armchair warriors of anything but ‘alt’ news while union leaders were also exempted so our true life experience is very different from the ghoulish myriad of talking heads who are just paid repeaters.






The Tory VITOL 'Sir' Alan Duncan has been paying off... Labour MP's like 'Lord' Malloch Brown who became VITOL's Labour bagman in the... cover-up in the UK by switching to the... unelected House of Lords (it is my personal view that the unelected House of Lords is the biggest problem facing 'democracy' in the UK)



... the 'consultant' ... unelected 'lord' malloch-brown took a massive brown envelope from vitol oil who have an annual 'turnover' of $270 billion in the cover-up... (there's never been any justifiable democratic purpose to the house of lords which is the worst possible example of 'democracy' in the european union)...


(VITOL are the definition of a state within a state in the UK)


Duncan... started out in Westminster being involved in the Dame Shirley Porter 'votes for homes' (ie: for himself) scandal and has just 'expanded' from there.  He (for example) paid for the Daily Mail to publish a libellous 'hit piece' against me in August 2008 which while rather remarkably admitting all the media barons 'journalists' wanted me unlawfully arrested (which the DM legal department were like rats down a drainpipe over when I said put up or shut up) that  hid -I- am the one who actually has a High Court Order (that is really a lawsuit)... against... Duncan and everyone else who was involved in illegally imprisoning me without legal representation or trial in April 2008 etc. Duncan also lied in the Guardian including when he falsely claimed I crossed the road and approached him. In fact, the undisputed facts in legal court records are Duncan got out of a taxi by the pedestrian gates of the Houses of Parliament and instead of entering Parliament by the pedestrian gate, instead came up to me while I was with seven other people by Carriage Gates, going in the vehicular entrance. He did that because I had my back to him and could not possibly have even seen him, because the real truth was... he was... targeting me and needed to be seen on CCTV near me to later invent a false and malicious allegation.


(It was the Daily Mail who were paid by VITOL to spin the Israeli Shai Masot story about "taking down" Duncan which was intended to hide they were the ones trying to "take down"... peaceniks)







The fact that Cameron then illegally publicly said on 19 July 2009 that Tories would illegally ‘remove’ us left no doubt as to their intent to also act without due process.


It is a very straightforward fact that Johnson is then legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of me on 4 September 2009 and… everything that flowed from that including my forced exile.




... 4 september 2009... it's a legal impossibility to claim anything was a 'mistake'...



In a sense, the clock stopped and time stood still at that point because the dishonourable Johnson had crossed all red lines with torture -and- attempted murder over which there was never any ‘plausible deniability’ of any kind while he illegally refused to hand over the torture tapes to me because he is an absolute coward of the worst kind, who didn't want to front up to court.


It was always impossible to ‘walk back’ when a politician abuses public office to attempt to… murder you and of course not only was Johnson in all his self entitled arrogance never sorry, but he hid behind any dirty lawyer or anything else he could find and so on.


Nothing was a ‘mistake’.


You won't find a peacenik with anything nice to say about Johnson, the politician/journalist who is just an extremely nasty piece of work. 


The events on and around 3 & 4 September 2009 are very murky. 


There are a number of similarities between two police officers pushing me from behind without warning into the road on 31 January 2007 (the 19 July 2007 case) and Cameron making the threat on 19 July 2009 to illegally 'remove' us before the neo-nazi who attacked me in Parliament Square who claimed to be an Australian soldier, who came up behind me and punched me to the ground (who was with some-one who claimed to be from the former Soviet Union) before Johnson then goes on to torture and... attempt to murder me on 4 September 2009.


Everyone does know Johnson is only using public office for his own personal ends, during which he has only gone to extraordinary lengths to try and cover up what he has done. Everyone in Westminster knew what happened because it was an open ’secret’ that I was obviously… endlessly threatened over, so I am the prisoner of his lies.


While it was a continuum of sorts it was also distinguished in it’s origin from ‘both houses and black rod’ because the Tories were only in ‘government’ in City Hall at that time.


Of course Brown knew because he was a vicious thug too who was motivated in covering up lawsuits too because we had got the summons against the… Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police with Blair resigning because everyone knew what Blair had done to me on 4 September 2006.


The PM Blair had the bigger problem of the two Blairs, because a) Brian was after him for a summons that he would have eventually got that involved me over 23 May 2006, while Steve and myself were slowly winning through the courts over everything connected to the central case of 4 September 2006.



... brian was the real deal who got a real summons against one blair despite our not having a whole entourage of lawyers, while pushing for another against the other blair which helped force him to resign over 4 september 2006 where i was the common link in both cases...



Brian was the real deal who was the greatest peacemaker of our times, and a real hero and gentleman.





There was nothing remotely 'conciliatory' about the Tory State Opening on 25 May 2010 when it wasn’t at all hidden that Brian and myself were the ‘marks’ while politicians and ‘embedded’ media barons like the Daily Mail who along with the Independent own the London Evening Standard hid they were the true ‘complainants’.


You've got to wonder about the mob mindset of the job lot.


So the defined ‘policy’ that no-one in Westminster batted an eyelid over was politicians would… murder defenceless civilians… in the UK over… free speech, so the erosion of all rights in the UK did not happen overnight in the UK with Brexit, but indeed… long before.


It worked in the reverse to the original ‘policy’ of ‘both houses and black rod’ because politicians from all ‘political’ parties only became involved in the groundhog day of the … cover up… afterwards, although it is a legal impossibility for any to deny they did not know and support what Cameron said and Johnson did.


The very real importance of law abiding... civilians free speech that is independent of the echo chamber of politicians, media barons and global corporations could not be more obvious.





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!