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The Brexitgate spin over a letter it is purported another !! nasty heterophobic woman hating Iraq war MP supposedly wrote to Johnson on 14 December 2017 hides the... same Iraq War Labour rent boy Chris Bryant MP is also implicated himself over a.. previous letter he wrote on 5 September 2006.


It is a very dark, dark story of politicians trying to find 'plausible deniability' to hide no due process over... umm... free speech.



... the 'surreal' headlines in the uk... hide the former mayor of london spun himself to become the... mi6... foreign secretary...


The 'intelligence services' who are a predatory 'cult' really who just spin whatever politicians or media barons want, were deservedly wholly discredited over the Iraq War.


Bryant was one of the MP's trying to cover up what Blair had done to Steve and myself on 4 September 2006 which is when politicians lost all 'plausible deniability' before Johnson started trying to cover up what he had done on 4 September 2009.


Of course by 19 July 2009 politicians and media barons in Westminster who in the real world do... all oppose free speech for law abiding... civilians were openly calling for peaceniks to be illegally 'removed' which directly led to Johnson crossing all red lines to torture and attempt to murder the same exiled female peacenik on... 4 September 2009.



... brexit cameron ... it was always a legal impossibility for politicians to deny they intended to... illegally 'remove' us...



This is true:


... the echo chamber of politicians, media barons and global corporations brexitgate which is a cover up over the iraq war, that is exactly the same as politicians, media barons and global corporations watergate which was their cover up over the vietnam war...



In fact the 'State Opening' on 25 May 2010 proved that politicians and media barons (like the Daily Mail who own the London Evening Standard with the Independent were 'embedded' in the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village) were the true 'complainants' behind the unlawful 'arrest' of Brian and myself, which it is a matter of fact they always HID.



... the preda...tory... johnson is legally responsible for crossing all red lines... 



You won't find any peacenik in the UK, let alone women or the wider general public with anything good to say about Johnson.


While the reality is there is no free speech for law abiding... civilians in Westminster or Moscow, who were involved in the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village in the UK which was seriously illegal, it remains that Johnson was the one who is legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of me in 2009 to try and avoid lawsuits over... free speech.


The extensive court records over several years prove that Johnson (which was actually 'admitted' in court documents etc in 2011) was using the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village to bring malicious prosecutions against Brian and myself, while protecting the likes of Russian troll Mike Raddie from... appearing in court:



... it's always about governments 're-branding'...



Putin the Pretender had never been opposed to the Iraq War:



... westminster rolling out the red carpet for putin the pretender in june 2003...





 ... the $270 billion dollar annual 'turnover' of tory duncan vitol oil only purportedly slithered out of moscow in the run up to brexit...



Westminster had really lost comprehensively in court on 13 December 2007 over 4 September 2006 because there was never any due process over anything they ever did, including under 'data protection' where politicians only use information for their own... personal profit.


4 September 2006:



 ... 4 september 200...6... this is when politicians lost all 'plausible deniability' over "which part of NO didn't they get ?"....


(The obvious... reason they tried to 'disappear' me on 4 September 2006 is because they couldn't win any show trials against... Brian... unless they could cover up my original show trial a) on 22 February 2006 where any sentient human being would know there was very obviously no due process and b) the fact I was unlawfully 'arrested' and not charged with anything on 23 May 2006 in an operation documents show started on 22 May 2006 while... lawyers could not explain not going to the High Court with a jury lawsuit. The 'extraordinary' cover-up that resulted in my own 48 unlawful 'arrests' really highlights the sheer arrogance of the revolving doors politicians/journalists)




 ... 5 september 2006... politicians including bryant... go into cover up mode... with the... same brexitgate spiel of 'uncertainty'...



It was a cover-up mode really:


... the cover up... where bryant & co only ever cared about.... themselves...



It is important to remember that politicians have a whole entourage of lawyers in tow at their beck and call, including when they are lawyers themselves, while we had no legal training and were repeatedly illegally denied legal representation.


I was the one 'witness' who proved they could not maliciously prosecute Brian etc etc:



... 5 september 2006... the "police have to call for back up" in the cover up is the understatement of the century (charing cross 'police' station had to be disbanded from the... top down after we eventually won in court on 13 december 2007)...


Brian publicly accused 'police' of harassment and intimidation of me on the court record on 5 September 200... 6.



... the politicians then had to adjourn the malicious prosecution against brian while they continued to try and illegally 'remove' me...



... ie: politicians had to 're-negotiate' the brown envelopes with/for senior 'police' officers... 



The blatant corruption over... free speech, was shocking.


It incredibly turned out that the British and Australian governments have disgustingly been running an operation against me using family members birth and death dates including the jury trial over the execution of my nephew in Australia in which a... jury also found the shooter had no 'plausible deniability' either.






What is particularly notable is... politicians in the UK going to 'extraordinary' lengths to dishonestly try to spin 'plausible deniability' to try and hide... no due process... too.


Over... free speech !!


In the real world it is 'inexplicable' that the British government would use exactly the same dates of a case involving the execution of my nephew in Australia in... politicians not using any due process in the UK... either.  


It only shows politicians true intent to try and avoid any High Court juries in the UK... because a High Court jury in the UK would obviously not be terribly impressed because it is at the least all very, very nasty. 


The politicians are always seriously OTT.



To example:  





... 22 may 2000  - 13 december 2000...



22 May 2000:



... 22 may 2000...



22 May 2000 - 13 December 2000 - 22 May 2007 - 13 December 2007:



... 13 december 2007 was when we won the central 4 september 2006 case... linked to everything else which proved there was never any due process in the uk from... politicians.... (the 'police' had to be disbanded from the top down, which in practise just meant they spread out and... continued)...



All the lawyers had scattered far and wide... long before Steve and I won in court on 13 December 2007.


It is a matter of fact the government was always ILLEGALLY stopping any High Court... jury lawsuits in the UK.


There was no 'plausible deniability' in Australia or the UK where the childhoods of my brother and myself were always hidden.


On 4 September 2009 was when the government cover up over my being from the stolen generation came to a head, because of what the man who... claimed he was an Australian soldier was witnessed... screaming into my face, threatening me before... violently attacking me in... Parliament Square when I was trying to work out and stop what was going on, before both the British and Australian governments ... covering up:



... the british and australian governments were obviously also trying to cover up i came from the stolen generations taken by the 'military junta'... in australia...


(I had previously been forced to leave Australia as a teenager when I was threatened when I was still a minor who was less than sixteen years old and I was never 'allowed' to have anything to do with my sister either, who was raised separately from me)


It is self-evident that Johnson & Co have never had any legal grounds for always illegally refusing to hand over the CCTV and audio tapes from 3 & 4 September 2009 to me (that we are on the court record very publicly asking for in 2009) where the evidence is they have always used endless threats, intimidation etc etc.


The British and Australian governments were dumping on me big time in Parliament Square, Central London over... free speech:



... no shit sherlock... the 'highest echelons'...'covering tracks'...



When you consider the government never even had any lawful excuse to know any law abiding civilians personal details because all we were doing was lawfully exercising free speech, the staggering breach of 'data protection' and what it was used for !! went way, way beyond nasty.


(It remains a legal impossibility for politicians to claim they have lawfully attempted to settle lawsuits over... free speech in the UK)


All Brian and myself were ever doing was lawfully practising... free speech.


What it all really proves is the very real importance of law abiding... civilians free speech that is... independent of the echo chamber of politicians, media barons and global corporations. 







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!