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It is abundantly clear now that ASIO Assange is like Johnson, a dangerous predator, who was parachuted into the UK in 2010 to run cover for politicians and media barons Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village which was a massive undercover operation.




…’two veterans’ were the ‘marks’ in a massive undercover operation…



This is because the Matryoshka of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ hid that politicians and ‘embedded’ media barons like the Daily Mail (who are also owners along with the Independent of the London Evening Standard) were the true ‘complainants’ in the unlawful arrests of Brian and myself, all of which is obviously seriously, seriously illegal.


It was a very cult-like rule Britannia ensemble.


What made it all worse was that the purpose of the undercover operation was to cover up that Brexit Johnson who was at that time the Mayor of London and boss of the Commissioner of the MET Police had tortured and attempted to murder me in September 2009 to try and stop High Court jury civil lawsuits going ahead.



... what they are really covering up is the dirty war that was waged against peaceniks for a very many years in parliament square, central london...


I was the ‘whistle-blower’ over that for obvious reasons where the government have always illegally refused to hand over the torture tapes to me, because it is a legal impossibility to deny what happened.


I only survived because Brian heard me scream out so they knew they couldn’t get away with murdering us both in ‘police custody’ at the same time.


It all happened only several months after politicians are on public record illegally calling for us to be ‘removed’.


There was no entourage of lawyers even so much as batting an eyelid over politicians calling for us to be illegally 'removed' in the ... same country... at the same time.


ASIO Assange has now played the same CIA Edward Snowden/Glenn Greenwald canard via the government’s inevitably helpful UK Information Tribunal who claim he is somehow different because he is a ‘media organization’ which the courts had previously admitted made no legal difference.


It is not legally possible for politicians, media barons and global corporations to have different rights over ‘free speech’ compared to law abiding… civilians !!



Brexit 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson's jobsworth at the Information Tribunal:



... the predator playing the victim canard... all a ... 'media publisher' does is just hide what is really done to law abiding... civilians... over free speech...



What is most important is the free speech of law abiding… civilians who are...  independent of the echo chamber of politicians, media barons and global corporations.


It would be a legal impossibility to deny who Johnson was still targeting after re-inventing himself as Brexit Foreign Secretary because his trail of harassment to try and cover up what he did in the UK is writ large in everything that was done to us that includes extensive court records.


The Brexit sleaze-bag ASIO Assange is very much made in the image of the Brexit sleaze-bag ’politician’/‘journalist’ Johnson who is legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of me that the Australian government were involved in covering up all of which led to me being forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union.




… errr… many governments, incl. the.... Australian government of Turnbull (where Downer has re-invented himself as the Australian 'Ambassador' to the UK) are the same…  Barosso was clearly paid off by the City of London Goldman Sachs to push through the Article 50…witch-hunt…



It's far more likely Brexit sleaze-bags Johnson and ASIO Assange are trying to... cover up this... Goldman Sachs connection:



... it is a legal impossibility to deny goldman sachs paid off barosso to push through the article 50 witch-hunt (which a jury would obviously view very differently from an 'in-house' ethics committee)...



In Brexit, Johnson’s little brother is Trump who serves as another distraction because Barosso was paid off by the City of London Goldmans Sachs to push through Article 50.


The phoney defence of ‘media organization’ absolutely fits the profile of the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village (1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012) always attempting to avoid legal accountability in courts.


In fact it is UK peaceniks who were tortured, died and forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union because we were always illegally denied legal representation (in which the Australian government were complicit) whereas ASIO Assange has always had a… whole entourage of lawyers.


It wasn’t until after the UK government failed to ‘remove’ me with new legislation on 16 January 2012 that ASIO Assange went to hang out in the Ecuadorean Embassy before eventually the tall tale of Sweden inevitably started to wear thin because of his obvious lack of credibility and his lawyers peculiar inertia.


It is not a mistake that the UK Information Tribunal ‘overlooks’ that ASIO Assange’s entourage of lawyers also ‘overlooked’ going to the European Courts while they all go on about a UN Tribunal because he obviously had not ‘exhausted’ all legal avenues.


His case that doesn’t withstand any legal scrutiny and he only pops us from time to time to help push politicians and media barons narratives. 


ASIO Assange’s ‘legend’ by trying to loosely... associate himself with the Australian cult called ‘The Family’ in Melbourne, Australia does actually eerily closely mirror my own… childhood.


I was raised, like others from stolen generations including in Latin America, in the ‘Hotel California’ of the ‘highest echelons’ of the military junta of the ‘intelligence services’. In what is a very dark story, I was never ‘allowed’ to have anything to do with my sister for obvious reasons because she was raised separately. It is well known that Australia was used for all sorts of ’social experiments’ as part of the ‘five eyes’ network.


I happen to be a real… exile… descended from Catalan exiles.


The predator Brexit ASIO Assange playing the victim:


… i am from the stolen generation who was raised by a... ‘cult’ called the errr... ‘intelligence services’…


I left Australia when I was a teenager -because- I was being threatened while I was a minor who was less than sixteen years old.


You don't get the government coming to 'rescue' you, when the government are the 'cult' as of course so many children brought up in so many government 'departments' know all too well:





When the 'cult' is the government:



... no kidding... the 'highest echelons'... and 'social experiments'...



It's seriously unfair when intelligence agencies abuse their public role to steal innocent and defenceless infants because of course their only real interest is trying to cover up what they have done.


They try and use the stolen generations like a 'Schrodinger's Cat' which is obviously seriously abusive.


Brexit is actually very 'cult' like too with all it's 'will of the people' woo being used by politicians to quite irrationally demand law abiding civilians surrender all their freedoms to politicians to do whatever they want with them.


The messianic British PM with her Brexit means Brexit dogma is very much the new Anne Hamilton-Byrne.


Brexit is their new Jerusalem. 


If people want to surrender their own freedoms to the revolving doors of passing 'populist' politicians that is their own business, they cannot legally impose on anyone else.


The ‘intelligence’ services who deservedly lost all credibility over the Iraq War are such pests with the likes of ASIO Assange working for… politicians/journalists like Johnson !! who are pests too.



... 4 september 2006 (charing cross 'police station') there's no 'plausible deniability' over "which part of NO didn't they get ?"...


The politicians campaign against we real peaceniks in the UK spectacularly fell apart when we won the central case that everything else was built around over 4 September 2006 on 13 December 2007 that proved everything that was illegally done to us was done without any... due process.



... it was proved... they always knew they illegally had us at the 'police' station on 4 september 2006... there was never any due process... and it happened all over again on 4 september 2009... all over free speech !!...



We really weren’t supposed to win that pivotal case because it showed the House of Cards up for what it really is in what included my own 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ in that groundhog day.


This is particularly important because what politicians and media barons really did to…. peaceniks in the UK over -free speech- is so shocking.


When I was illegally imprisoned again without legal representation or trial in 2011 I told the Australian government who didn’t do anything that I would break out of prison if I could. They asked me where I would go and I said back to Parliament Square and the British government would have to give me a jury trial over breaking out from prison that the government would… lose. I had a real incentive to break out of prison to get a jury trial.


When you consider that politicians did not even have any lawful excuse to so much as know any personal details while we lawfully exercised our right to… free speech, the breach of the public trust (not forgetting ‘data protection’) that led to peaceniks being tortured, dying and being forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union is very, very serious indeed.   


It is a matter of fact ‘politicians/journalists’ like Johnson in the revolving doors of Westminster only ever illegally used personal information for their own financial benefit. 


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!