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The politicians and media barons cover up over the Vietnam War which was headlined with Watergate involves many of the same liars in Brexitgate which is the cover up over what really happened in the Iraq War.



... 7 february 2007... brian won 54% of the... public vote (so they changed the voting system after that) while the armchair general donut dannatt got 18%, blair 8%, cameron 6% and the rest of the politicians 0%...



’Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson and his alter-ego Trump with his Iraq War military junta spinning the lie it was a 'mistake' only prove politicians/journalists egos can never be too big as they put themselves centre stage openly mocking as indeed they always did during the Iraq War, what really happened to... civilians and in particular women.


There are no defenceless civilians laughing.


It is the mindless mob mentality of soulless politicians and media barons that the more they can bully defenceless civilians the better they feel about themselves.


Brian started our Parliament Square Peace Campaign on 2 June 2001… before 9/11 and the Iraq War started.


We shared a passion for peace, love and justice for everyone because the reality our own childhoods had been destroyed by war, before our both going to different war zones as civilians had taught us law abiding civilians always need to find ways to effectively challenge their own government.


The Iraq War conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror so the unprecedented public opposition from law abiding civilians who opposed the war have always been the rational ‘non-state actors’ faced down by the two-faced irrational ‘state actors’ who are the accumulation of all evil manufactured by the apparatus of the very centralised state.


After unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War, the warlords in Westminster faced a crisis in the UK over the Iraq War after the appalling Madrid Terror atrocity on 11 March 2004 led to massive protests that forced politicians to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq.


A serious 'conflict of interest'


... barosso was paid off by the city of london goldman sachs to push through the propaganda device of the article 50 enabling act that he obviously had a serious 'conflict of interest' over himself...



The British politicians were very isolated in the European Union after Spanish troops had to be pulled out of Iraq while both the UK & US relied on military bases in the European Union too.


Their response was to try and completely shut down free speech in the UK in April 2005 in advance of the elections that year and the shocking 7/7 terror attack. 


A long and very dirty war then ensued in Parliament Square, Central London against peaceniks over free speech for law abiding civilians.


This included Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 when Brian and I were unlawfully arrested before I was unlawfully arrested on Easter Sunday on 16 April 2006 while I was holding a pink-sequinned banner saying "Peace, Love & Justice for All".



... the endless lies of politicians state broadcaster the bbc and other media barons...



The comedian Stephen Colbert was meanwhile doing media barons whole Dante's Divine 'Comedy' make-over in the United States pretending there was free speech with Bush & Co that he continued under Obama and now Trump.




... the 'official' version of 'free speech' with politicians and media barons spinning the usual dante's 'divine comedy' on an… april 29 2006 cover up in the US referring to the Hindenburg before april 29 2010 - 2011 cover-ups in the UK …


In the UK, the same Gold Commander on 7/7 disgustingly tried to claim less than a year later that we peaceniks were serious criminals which we proved was obviously untrue, while public opposition to the war remained united in coming from… all walks of life.


The British Parliament gave the orders on 19 May 2006 for Kristallnicht on 22 May 2006 that actually became 23 May 2006 when the centurions illegally tried to shut down peaceniks free speech in UK.


... this is what really started the big time witch-hunt against me that included 48 unlawful 'arrests' involving the torture and attempted murder of me that forced me into exile... all for being a... peacenik !!... 


The politicians in among much obviously did not want the same 7/7 Gold Commander Asst Commissioner Allison to be exposed as a liar following orders from politicians on 23 May 2006 to maliciously target... peaceniks, because that would raise so many other questions.


I became the target of an unprecedented massive ‘witch-hunt’ because I was unlawfully arrested despite the police knowing they could never charge me with anything. The cover up led to my being unlawfully arrested 48 times by politicians and media barons always trying to cover up this simple fact.


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


The public records prove that on 22 February 2006 the government had already illegally tried to cover up Brian and I were lawfully campaigning together with their no due process that any sentient human being can see completely disregarded the true democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.



... 4 september 2006... the government terrorizing us, trying to violently cover up what we proved were all their lies where there was never any due process....



The government could not win any court cases against Brian unless they could illegally ‘remove’ me because I was the one who could and did prove they always lied in what was only ever a never ending violent cycle of no due process.


They tortured me on 5 August 2006 and tried to disappear me on 4 September 2006 before I proved in court what they were doing was ‘void ab initio’ on 14 September 2006.



... "my country right its wrongs"...



They could not then put me on the witness stand in their malicious prosecution against Brian over 23 May 2006 on 13 December 2006 so he had to win with ‘no case to answer’ on 22 January 2007 while the corrupt lawyers walked to cover up a) they had never gone to the High Court with a civil jury lawsuit for me over my unlawful arrest on 23 May 2006 b) failing to ask for the return of the display that was stolen on 23 May 2006 etc.


The deceit was very obvious which is why they had Steve and myself in another court on 22 January 2007 as they tried to cover up 4 September 2006 too.



... it was terrible what went on...



When the cover up over 4 September 2006 was suddenly ‘adjourned’ on 22 January 2007 until 22 May 2007, I was then unlawfully ‘arrested’ three times in… one week on 24, 29 and 31st January 2007.


The con-‘artist’ Mark Wallinger was also doing his whole ‘State Britain’ routine at that time, to try and hijack and smash what we did with his rip-off that embroidered the truth with his many lies paid for by... the government.


I was ‘the one’ they had to illegally ‘remove’ to cover up what they had done so they illegally imposed what were called ’extraordinary’… ’bail conditions’ banning me from Westminster including… my own court cases !


It is a matter of fact I spent most of 2007 in police cells or courts in 2007 as they tried to cover up what they had done.


On 7 February 2007 when Brian was awarded the most politically inspiring person of the year in a public vote, the court removed my ‘bail conditions’ for the evening because Brian wanted me to attend, which I did although I was very ill after what had been done to me.


The public were not ‘allowed’ to attend so we found ourselves in a Channel Four studio full of repulsive politicians which was one of the more disgustingly skin-crawling experiences of my life, while they tried to give Genocide the comedy make-over.


When the government were told that I was going to return to Parliament Square regardless of their ‘bail condition’ they hastily convened a ‘hearing’ at Southwark Crown Court on 8 March 2007 with Judge Wadsworth reading the script, admitting I was lawfully campaigning in Parliament Square.



... 8 march 2007...



On the very same day (unknown to us until September 2010) Stake-knife Corbyn’s STWC cabal that included his ‘Momentum’ comrades and 7/7 Livingstone had been sneaking around… behind our backs (until 17 August 2007) trying to work out how to illegally ‘remove’ our tents.



... 8 march 2007... the quislings... corbyn and co with livinsgtone et al and what is now called 'momentum' were always really false opposition working with the MET Police... against us...



Steve and myself had stood up to police when they had come along and threatened to steal our tents so police had backed down because they and the lawyers were already trying to cover up 23 May 2007.



... their abbott was always a rotten liar too who had originally voted with the dup way back in april 2005 to illegally 'remove' peaceniks on the mainland uk in the illegal legislation that notably 'exempted' the corrupt trade union leaders...



The completely two-faced leadership of Corbyn’s STWC were utterly compromised because it was not only inexplicable they had not done anything to support Brian but Livingstone who was Mayor of London at that time was in fact the... boss of the MET Commissioner working against us.


On Friday 23 March 2007 Brian and I went to Horseferry Road Magistrates (while lawyers were covering up much) to pursue a summons against both Blairs. District Judge Purdy asked to speak with us because he wanted to know what we were going to say because it involved what he had covered up too in the malicious prosecution against Brian.


In retaliation for... our going to court the government illegally issued summons against Steve and myself that Steve did by happenstance get on the Saturday that I did not get that having only been issued on 23 March 2006 after Brian and I went to court illegally listed a hearing on Monday 26 March 2007.


I was very clearly the one they were still targeting because I was the truth that destroyed their mounting lies.


The long and short of it was that when we turned up to court on the Monday 26 March 2007 over … Steve’s summons Brian and I were unlawfully arrested… after we discovered I had also been illegally listed over summons issued against us on 23 March 2007 that I had never got.


When I had simply told District Judge Nicholas Evans I wanted to make a complaint because what was going on was corrupt he had abruptly left the court without comment. While we were waiting around asking when another hearing would be listed over the summons the court knew they could not use against us… Brian and I were suddenly unlawfully arrested.


District Judge Nicholas Evans then had the illegal summons he had issued placed ‘sine die’ to try and cover up what he had done, and the Attorney General had Brian and I illegally charged with Contempt of Court to keep trying to cover up everything.


The malicious summons against me prove I was the ultimate target because I was going to be unlawfully arrested/taken to court whatever happened simply because I could prove all the lies were lies.


After Brian and I had been to court on the Friday they had to work out how to try and attack Brian, Steve and myself because they knew we protected each other.


On 29 March 2007 they did a show trial in the Magistrates Court that court records then prove the High Court had to stop being revisited in the High Court with their lies over ‘jurisdiction’ on 12 December 2007 which batted that back down to the Crown Court.


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)


Horseferry Magistrates also -separately- illegally imposed unprecedented ’banning orders’ against Brian and myself that were not linked to any court proceedings of any kind, to in fact try and stop us going to the Magistrates... Court over the... summons against the Blairs.


The politicians were illegally claiming they could repeatedly unlawfully arrest us and violently take us to court but we could not go to court to get redress !!


The politicians were openly waging all out war on us with horrifically escalating state violence against us over free speech.


26 June 2007:



... 26 june 2007... one blair resigns on 27 june 2007 while the summons is issued against the other blair...



When Blair was forced to resign on 27 June 2007 over the cover up that was going on that was common knowledge in Westminster, Livingstone tried to violently ‘remove’ us on 17 August 2007 (with the 8 March 2007 emails that were not disclosed until September 2010 by... Johnson, proving Livingstone knew he was going to be found out too)


... 27 june 2007...in revenge...  the MET Police went around unlawfully arresting all of us...



During an undercover operation in the evening on 17 August 2007, I was violently punched in the head by an assailant police disappeared. After we made a formal written complaint Livingstone used his private security to harass me so Acting Inspector Cole could unlawfully arrest me (and… later Brian) to try and cover up what he had done.



... 17 august 2007... politicians and police disappear the assailant... in the houses of parliament...



When Livingstone knew he faced a High Court jury civil suit in the UK he slyly sent Andrew Gilligan along on 24 October 2007 on a fishing expedition to publicly smear us anyway, while trying to find out what Brian and I would say (because they knew they were going to have to drop the case against Brian and myself the next day on 25 October 2007 when we answered 'police bail') so I didn’t speak to him because I saw what he was illegally doing.


Brian and I had by this time continued proceedings against the remaining MET Police Commissioner Blair at... Southwark Crown in October 2007 after District Judge Nichlas Evans had tried to throw out the 26 June 2007 summons. The government only managed to delay those proceedings ending up back in the High Court by illegally refusing to hand over the recording of Crown Court proceedings to cover up what the HH Judge Rivlin had really said because police had ‘no recognized defence in law’ when I was on the witness stand.


On 12 December 2007 the High Court batted the 23 March 2007 Contempt of Court case back down to Southwark Crown Court using their fraudulent ‘jurisdiction’ argument over the infinitive ‘a’ they put about for public consumption.


On 13 December 2007 Steve and I unexpectedly however comprehensively won (see below) the central case over 4 September 2006 (along with two other cases I won at Southwark Crown Court in December 2007  too) that conclusively proved -everything- they had always done had no due process which is ‘not a recognised defence’ in law.


Charing Cross ‘Police’ had to be disbanded from the top down which in practise only really meant they spread out to continue attacking us.


The spin:



... it was always a known known that the iraq war conclusively proved there was no war on terror... where colbert is media barons false opposition including against trump when colbert does not mock... himself over the iraq war... too...


In February 2008 Tory VITOL Duncan illegally brought a malicious prosecution against me using the same Acting Inspector Cole Livingstone did.


When I lawfully made a citizen’s arrest of Livingstone over 17 August 2007, on 9 April 2008 (primarily to try and stop the unrelenting state violence against us all)  VITOL Tory Duncan tried to illegally have me ‘removed’ on 10 April 2008 which is how I got a High Court Order (that is a really a lawsuit) against… all the politicians.


In August 2008 the Daily Mail and Tory VITOL Duncan maliciously published a libellous hit piece that lied about the legal reality I am the one with the High Court Order against everyone, while also incredibly admitting media barons all wanted me unlawfully arrested.


The... tax exile Lord Rothermere's Brexit Daily Mail legal department were like rats down a drainpipe when I invited them to put up or shut up.



... colbert who is no different from trump trying to laugh off  the iraq war as a "mistake" still carried on having a hoot under the obama regime...


Labour and Tory changed changed Mayoral batons and after Cameron publicly said he would illegally ‘remove’ us on 19 July 2009, Johnson crossed all red lines and used his position as boss of the Commissioner of the MET Police to torture and attempt to murder me on 4 September 2009.



... all the while it was a complete lie there was free speech for law abiding civilians in the uk...


Let us not forget that the current Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has exactly the same lawyer Martin Forshaw from Weightman's Solicitors covering up too because they could not hire a different lawyer to try and get someone else to cover up the same fundamentals involving both Labour, Tory (and the Lib Dems and Greens)


There was always the most almighty massive cover-up over September 2009 because it obviously proved so many fundamental lies said by politicians and media barons about the Iraq War and the War on Terror.


When CNN door-stopped me over the ‘Iraq War Inquiry’ I just said I wouldn’t dignify the cover up they admitted was being run by Alistair Campbell taking place in a broom cupboard in the QE2 centre… behind the Supreme Court.


The government had tortured and attempted to murder me over free speech !! in the UK over the Iraq War and their supposed War on Terror.


The politicians and media barons Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village (1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012) hides the torture and attempted murder of me to try and stop High Court jury lawsuits over non-existent 'free speech':



 ... 25 may 2010... 'two veterans'... when politicians and media barons got the bbc to illegally edit and maliciously publish audio to hide that the true 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest was the mi5 'democracy village' of politicians and media barons, because they were a busted flush...


Brian died during the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village between 1 May 2010 - 2012 that always HID it was really politicians and media barons who were the true ‘complainants’ in our unlawful arrests and I was forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union. The government stored the stolen display in the Museum of London to continue to spin however they wanted, long after and because we had really comprehensively won everything in court on 13 December 2007.


On 29 April 2010 and 2011 the government had suddenly 'adjourned' legal proceedings into the illegal use of agent provocateurs to run the Matryoshka of their MI5 Democracy Village before the not so 'British' Nazi loving royals latest 'marriage of convenience' and their offloading their Bin Liner bagman who was well past his use by date.


The media barons like the Daily Mail who had been 'embedded' in the Matryoshka of the MI5 'Democracy Village' always hid what they did by illegally refusing to front up... in court.


It is a matter of fact on 21 June 2010 I was illegally stopped from giving evidence in the High Court in London before I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010.


Johnson was also spinning another of his sleaze bag alter-egos ASIO Assange at that time through first the Guardian then Russia Today and Murdoch's Fox News to try and cover up what was really going on.  


It's always been about 're-branding the Iraq War':



... the tory vitol who purportedly slithered out of moscow in the run up to brexit and the matryoshka of their mi5 democracy village covering up the unlawful arrests of brian and myself on (for example) 25 may and 8 august 2010...



It was only always an absolute and vicious lie spun by politicians and media barons that there was ever free speech over the Iraq War in the UK for law abiding… civilians.


The real 'Russia scandal' was the Russian government's involvement in... the UK in the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village that started... under the cover of an election in 2010... to try and hide the 'marks' were Brian and myself.


All the politicians in the UK had to do to make sure they got a hung parliament to change the baton was split the vote three ways with the student fee lie.


The British politicians couldn't let it publicly be seen that the Labour government... supported Johnson using an undercover operation against us to try and bring... malicious prosecutions in (for example)  the High Court.


It is a matter of fact Johnson knowingly used the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village that included media barons being 'embedded' to bring malicious prosecutions against Brian and myself.


In 2010 it wasn't odd that Westminster and Moscow worked together more generally. What was illegal was that they worked together in the UK against... peaceniks to try and cause the most serious harm possible. 


It was well known that Brian did not like the Russian government, who are false opposition who host all Westminster's false opposition, just like the BBC do in reverse, because everyone knows there's no free speech in Russia either.


Of course the 'intelligence' services lost all credibility over the Iraq War.



... iraq war, what iraq war ? ... putin the pretender getting the red carpet treatment collecting the oil check june 24-27 2003...



The fact that Johnson was using the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village to try and cover up he had tortured and attempted to murder me to try and stop High Court jury lawsuits was obviously very, very serious.


Johnson couldn't however change there was no plausible deniability that he was legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of me in September 2009.


In fact the true record of witness statements and court recordings from High Court proceedings in the UK in 2011 do prove that Johnson's lawyers conceded they were illegally using the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village to maliciously bring prosecutions against Brian and myself. 



... unsolicited emails... 'predatory drones'... in all the true circumstances involving very serious lawsuits... it is not at all surprising i view westminster, washington and moscow as predatory drones...



In the real world people don't have to support any politicians or government to genuinely be opposed to war. 


On 7 January 2017 Tory Vitol Duncan and the Daily Mail were at it again, trying to hide they knew Duncan was legally responsible for what he did to me, with their Israeli Shai Masot spin that hid it was... Duncan trying to "take down" me. What both governments knew was Brian and myself had (for example) busted someone from the Israeli IDF attacking me in Parliament Square (we found IDF & private security ID in his bag) several days... before the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village started when the man from the IDF... in the UK !! threatened me that he would "be back" which we did think was odd at the time until/because we didn't know a massive undercover operation was... about to begin.


It was an absurdity (that no peacenik would ever believe) to even pretend that Netanyahu would want to "take down" a British Minister who obediently votes for war while working for a global... oil trader (running mercenaries like Adam Smith International through MI6 & the DFID) with an annual tax-payer funder 'turnover' of $270 billion that is for example far larger than Google's $89 billion annual turnover.


The propaganda was hiding I am the one who has a High Court Order from April 2008 against VITOL Duncan et al who it is a matter of fact bribed public officials (some of whom openly admitted it) £160,000 VITOL gave him, to illegally imprison me without legal representation or trial in April 2008.


... what they mean is VITOL duncan never 'faced questions' before a high court jury... everyone in westminster knew what was going on...


(When the prison governor at Holloway Prison was forced to release me she personally tried to get me to sign under duress, a 'waiver' over her involvement, which I refused to do, because all the prison staff had said from the beginning they had no legal grounds to admit me to prison based on the paperwork in April 2008. All the same people were involved in August and September 2011 when I was illegally imprisoned again without legal representation or trial.) 


A man from the SOCA agency (now called the NCA) was also busted several days before the massive undercover operation began  in 2010 when police were forced to arrest him for (they claimed) 'impersonating' a police officer... it turned out he really was, while trying to smash down the display. When I made a formal written complaint, Murdoch then sent down his SUN 'crime editor' on a fishing expedition to see if we could identify him which they discovered we could, so they tried to buy us off with money (we refused) to try and... cover up !!


After September 2009 I had everyone and their dog come along threatening and having a go at me including plain clothes MOD who tried to kidnap me one night to try and cover up what had happened too, because it was always a legal impossibility to deny what happened.


The Matryoshka of the MI5 'Democracy Village' from 1 May 2010 onwards hosted a right old nest of spies in Central London laundering all sorts that the public all knew was completely fake because politicians had publicly called for us to be illegally 'removed'


The dirty war waged on peaceniks that originated on mainland UK could never have started anywhere else in the European Union because it has always been the UK who have been the biggest war mongers, who primarily rely on the US military to back them up while Russia who when not allies are only false opposition.


Most people on continental Europe know this because Two World Wars caused Genocide across Europe.


It really does say a lot about so called ‘democracy’ that it is the peaceniks who are blacklisted and… exiled, because what remains true is that Westminster have never wanted to make peace with… peaceniks because we are no different to most other law abiding civilians.


I don’t personally view politicians who waged the Iraq War any differently from politicians who have gone before them waging war because the reality is they are all just as rotten as each other constantly trying to undermine and subvert the rule of law.



... the politicians and media barons ... trump and colbert spinning the same brexitgate along with mueller & co...



The truth is politicians and media barons were never trying to leave the European Union but are instead only continuing along their chosen OTT destructive path of trying to cause as much harm as possible to defenceless… civilians.


They always like their 'theatre' writ large to try and cover up what they are really doing.


It is (for example) self evident the always discredited Johnson never changed who he was maliciously targeting while Mayor of London, that he is only covering up while malevolently posing as a ‘revolutionary’ Foreign Secretary.


It is impossible to even deny the whole Brexit House of Cards is built entirely around Johnson.



... the 4 september 2006 case that we won on 13 december 2007 was the central case that is a high court jury lawsuit that proved everything else was a massive lie built around politicians no due process...



It is fair to say I am entitled to a ‘decree absolute’ from the ECJ against any and all politicians who spin Brexitgate because it is of course customary to have a court judgement before any ‘divorce’ so that one side (of politicians and media barons) cannot take advantage of and rip-off the other side (of defenceless civilians) which is exactly what is going on.


There were obviously no gentlemen involved in what only politicians want to call their 'gentleman's agreement' over Article 50 that has no legal standing of any kind.



... brexitgate really is 'peak stupidity' in the whole cycle...



When you consider we proved that from the outset politicians knew they had never so much as had a lawful excuse to even know a single personal detail about us because we only ever lawfully exercised our right to free speech, the extent of their breach of the public trust (and 'data protection') goes way beyond 'extraordinary'.


The politicians and media barons always knew they could not ‘overtake’ our winning in court on 13 December 2007 because all rational adults know no due process does ‘not have a recognized defence’ in law.

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