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The Brexit ‘breakfast club’ may as well say their deliberate appeasement and collaboration with Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the no due process of Enabling Acts then was all a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ too.




... the stolen generations... once an exile, twice an exile in a millennium of exiles...



The Brexit 'breakfast club' claiming no due process is a 'gentleman's agreement' :



... brexit 'tsar' alexander boris johnson's all singing, dancing tune of no due process...


Let me guess, the British Edicts of Expulsion in 1290 that are still on the statute books and the Spanish Inquisition were all a 'gentlemen's agreement' too ?


There were certainly no real women involved, then or now among those who spin no due process.


In the real world of responsible adults, it is all way beyond 'cavalier' (consider if politicians in... all the countries suddenly decided they wanted to start 'negotiating' among... themselves over all... civilians freedoms in this appalling manner too ! ... all at the same time):




European Commission - Speech 

Press statement by Michel Barnier following the General Affairs Council (Article 50)


Brussels, 12 December 2017


Ladies and gentlemen,


Many thanks Sven to you and the rest of your team.


Minister Mikser and I have just had a good discussion with the Ministers of the EU27, three days before a crucial European Council.



... none of it is going to go down well with millions upon millions of... civilians in... 27 other countries on the continent across the European Union...


Together, we took stock of the progress that was achieved last Friday with Prime Minister Theresa May on citizens' rights, Ireland and the financial settlement.


It was an opportunity for me to thank the Ministers for their continuous support. Our strong unity played a key role in Friday's agreement.


Tomorrow, I will be in the European Parliament, and as always I look forward to their Resolution.


Ladies and gentlemen, Friday's agreement was an important step forward. It was a first result in the negotiations.


It puts the talks with the UK on a better track to organise the withdrawal in an orderly manner.


However, I would recommend that everyone remains cautious and calm:


It will be for the European Council to decide on Friday first if sufficient progress has been made based on the Commission's recommendation.


Even if the European Council does recognise sufficient progress on Friday, we will have a final agreement only if the political commitments taken by Theresa May on behalf of the British government last Friday are respected. We will be vigilant.


We will not accept any backtracking from the UK on commitments in the Joint Report. All our points of agreement are now closedOur working method has been successful so far because we have put things in the right order.


We need to keep the same method in phase 2.


First, we will need to ensure that the Joint Report is translated into legally binding and precise language for the Withdrawal Agreement. What I told Ministers is that we will be ready to present a draft of the withdrawal agreement early in the new year.


Secondly, if the European Council adopts additional guidelines for a transition and if the Council gives us the mandate to do so at the next General Affairs Council end of January, we will start negotiations on the transition arrangements.


Thirdly, we have discussed with Ministers the need to continue our internal preparations on the different elements for the future relationship. Many Ministers said that the UK must clarify what it wants.


One last point: « sufficient progress » does not mean « full progress ». There are other points to discuss for the UK's orderly withdrawal, for instance:


The governance of the Withdrawal Agreement itself, including dispute settlement and measures in case of non-compliance; Other separation issues which have either not been finalised – such as on Euratom - or have not yet started – such as on the protection of data which have been processed before Brexit;


And of course Ireland, where the UK has made important commitments, but where much work remains to be done in a distinct strand of negotiations. On this, all Ministers agree. Ireland requires specific solutions because it is in a unique situation.


Thank you very much.




None of it withstands any legal scrutiny whatsoever because it isn't even something politicians would claim they could legitimately do across all the countries in the EU at the same time.


The politicians Article 50 control freakery is a serious turn-off for anyone who loves freedom.


Brexit only gives rational adults the legal grounds to 'divorce' any politician who goes along with it, with a quickie 'decree absolute' from the ECJ.




There isn't a politician who could stand before the ECJ and claim they 'reasonably believed' the no due process of Article 50 itself could arbitrarily remove whatever civilians freedoms suited any politician.


It's impossible to deny the fact Blair's Barosso was paid off by Goldman Sachs in the City of London to push Article 50 through.


What were any politicians doing even passing Article 50 expecting civilians to argue over their European Union citizenship !! in the ECHR which governments like... Russia and Turkey who are not even part of the European Union sit on ?


How could any politician publicly claim politicians could even discriminate and take away European Union citizenship from anyone in the UK when all the politicians always knew that people in Northern Ireland would not lose their European Union citizenship because they are dual Irish nationals ?


Last time anyone looked most of the public knew Brexit ’Tsar’ Alexander Boris Johnson who is the violent and misogynist sleaze-bag 'politician' and 'journalist' who tortured and attempted to murder an exiled female peacenik which was no 'mistake' while he was Mayor of London, before re-inventing himself as Foreign Secretary, was no ‘gentleman’.


His fellow Brexit sleaze-bag ASIO Assange was definitely created in his own image.


No-one who had ever really been exiled would ever support the no due process of Brexit.


If people want to surrender all their own freedoms to the whim of any passing politicians that is their own business that they cannot impose on anyone else.




It is absolutely unlawful to equate voting for... politicians who come and go, with... civilians and their freedoms who should never have to come and go according to the whims of politicians/journalists.


None of it is going to go down well with millions upon millions of... civilians in... 27 other countries on the continent across the European Union.


The House of Cards is Johnson is Trump and Trump is Johnson.



... johnson crossed all red lines in what was no 'mistake'...


It says a lot about so called 'democracy' when it's the... peaceniks violently forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union.


The warlords in Westminster publicly waged a very dirty war on peaceniks in Parliament Square in Central London over a very many years.









27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!