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There is a ‘reasonable suspicion’ politicians are abusing the EU referendum as cover to (for example) try and strong-arm unprecedented ‘immunity’ including from lawsuits, over the torture and attempted… murder of a female peacenik exiled out of the UK in the European Union.



... 8 march 2007 ... another win at... southwark crown court ...


There is no other way to describe Brexit other than the use of strong-arm tactics by the government because it involves nothing but threats and intimidation from politicians who are all ultimately vociferously complaining about the legal order in the European Union.


In our own situation politicians have only been illegally trying to use the referendum to try and overtake lawsuits that they have made absolutely no attempt to lawfully settle.


It is a legal impossibility to try and 'overtake' our lawsuits.


The politicians could never claim they didn't know about our lawsuits that they had never made any effort whatsoever to lawfully settle.


There is a -direct- connection between Johnson very publicly waging a long and dirty war on peaceniks as Mayor of London following in the footsteps of Livingstone & Co before re-inventing himself as Foreign Secretary.





... my own exile involved nothing but 'strong-arm' tactics while I was illegally denied legal representation... before brexit 'exceptionalism' which came after and is characterized by politicians complaints over the legal order of the rule of law in the european union...


The politicians were not at all discreet in publicly calling for our to be illegally ‘removed’ without due process in violation of court orders and rulings.


Johnson was a dual national British and American politician in public office when he tortured and attempted to murder me in the UK in 2009.






Mueller & Co are all lawyers who have a long history securing immunity for themselves… in the US in the revolving doors between political parties from Nixon in the Vietnam War to the Bush and Obama administrations over the Iraq War.


Any analysis of US ‘politics’ shows politicians basically take turns giving ‘immunity’ to each other.


In fact, Mueller really used his position in the Trump administration to secure immunity for himself on 19 June 2017.


Most people know it is self evident that Iraq War and all the flowed from that was never part of any ‘War on Terror’.




Our situation is distinguished/ we are different because we are civilian peaceniks from the UK in the European Union.


It’s a ‘straightforward’ matter that I was (for example) unlawfully ‘arrested’ 48 times in the UK because politicians continually ignored court orders and rulings while I was repeatedly illegally denied legal representation over many years of no due process, that led to politicians torturing and attempting to murder me that ultimately forced me into exile.


We were all seriously abused by violent politicians.






8 march 2007 - 13 december 2007 - 10 april 2008


... 8 march 2007... on the very same judge james wadsworth at southwark crown court ruled i was lawfully campaigning in p.square, blair, stakeknife corbyn & livingstone's 'momentum' were acting in exceptionally bad faith, plotting... behind our backs...


The legal ‘difficulties’ for British politicians in the European Union include there is no statute of limitations on torture and there is no precedent for ‘immunity’ over torture -and- attempted murder.


It wasn't disclosed until September 2010 that Blair, Livingstone and Corbyn had been plotting behind our backs together... all along incl. with Johnson et al:



...8 march 2007 too... perfidious albion and all that...


On 8 March 2007 at exactly the same time the Crown Court ruled I was lawfully campaigning in Parliament Square, Blair & Stake-knife Corbyn et al were plotting behind our backs with the MET Police to try and cover up we had won in all the courts.



... not forgetting blair and errr... the abbott had always been in bed with the DUP voting to illegally 'remove' peaceniks too...



They covered up we won in the Crown Court on 13 December 2007 too over their cover up on 4 September 2006, and then they all covered up our High Court Order in April 2008 and so on and so forth.


It was always the case that there was never any due process.


It has always been a legal impossibility to deny (incl. legal liability over) the torture and attempted murder on 4 September 2009.


... it was years of no due process that led to johnson crossing all red lines when they tortured and attempted to murder me...


Everyone has always known what the torture tapes show where I am the one who has been a prisoner of all their lies for years now.


Any legal observer would be able to very clearly see the multiple illegal operations run against us to try and cover up what had been years of no due process that culminated in 4 September 2009.


On 19 July 2009 politicians very clearly stated their intent to illegally ‘remove’ us which all the politicians knew was acting in contempt of numerous court rulings in the Crown and High Court in our favour.


It is a matter of fact politicians did what they did on 4 September 2009 because they ALL knew they had never had any defence to lawsuits because everyone knows no due process is ‘not a recognized defence’ in law.


It was always an open ‘secret’ in Westminster what happened.


What is all the more damning is politicians so obviously endlessly spending millions only trying to illegally stop the lawsuits in a very dirty war waged on peaceniks over a very many years in Parliament Square, Central London.


It was after September 2009 that everything dramatically escalated all over the place and I once again saw the true faces of the vultures in government when Brian died.




... 8 december 2012... more 'strong-arm' tactics in london... that intended to and did cause the most serious harm possible...



Of course politicians and media barons have never ever showed any respect at all for peaceniks because the mob mentality of corporate ‘interest’ in greed take over in war which is how the rule of law completely breaks down in central government.


The two primary problems obviously involve a) not only trying to responsibly address what has happened but b) trying to ensure it does not happen within the European Union… again.


It has always been impossible to address the real issues because public officials obviously won’t even mention the T -torture- word because they know they have legal responsibilities, while they have always sought to avoid the involvement of any agreed 'interlocutors'.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!