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The warlords in Westminster did after all publicly demand we be illegally 'removed' which forced me out of the UK into exile for a... second time, this time into the European Union, long before global corporations pulled the Brexit lever. 


There’s tax exiles and then there’s real… exiles.



... exile on main street... once an exile, twice an exile descended from centuries of catalan exiles...


I was first exiled from Australia when I was a teenager because I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to be with my sister.


This was because it was a little ‘embarrassing’ for the British and Australian ‘intelligence’ agencies to explain how they had stolen one sister before there was another sister they could not steal in their human trafficking racket.


Then hey presto, Blair & Co were saying I was not ‘allowed’ to campaign with Brian in the UK as though Article 11 Freedom of Assembly and all due process did not exist, all of which we proved was illegal.


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


It's self evident to any sentient human being there was no due process.


The British politicians weaponised legislation in April 2005 in a very dirty war they violently waged against peaceniks in Parliament Square over a very many years, because they did not want to pull troops out of Iraq.


It was all truly horrendous and there is a very long trail of our being illegally denied legal representation which did lead to Brian's death.


The politicians publicly called for us to be ‘removed’ in 2009, while being cheered on by media barons from... across the spectrum, which all led to my being exiled for a… second time, out of the UK into the European Union because we had comprehensively won everything in courts on 13 December 2007 because there is obviously ‘no recognised defence’ in law to no due process.


It is impossible to deny global corporations pulled Brexit in a 'stalemate' they could not win if they played fair, over the issue of their multi-billion dollar racket of leveraging corporate legislation.




The reason the British government of all political sides have been illegally refusing to settle peaceniks lawsuits for so long is because they at best want a ‘political’ deal that is obviously not legally enforceable, to put a ‘hard border’ over our going to court.


This inevitably creates all sorts of unprecedented legal ‘conundrums’.


What politicians have really been doing is trying to cause us the most serious harm possible.


In legal terms, the government have to hand over the financial settlement without further delay because we really have no more hurdles to overcome ourselves over lawsuits we really won almost ten years ago.


It is a legal impossibility for politicians to use the cover of Brexit to make a political deal with other… politicians to try and ‘overtake’ our lawsuits yet again.


It is not for politicians who… lost lawsuits almost ten years ago to keep trying to dictate ‘terms’ to peaceniks, when all the politicians are really doing is illegally trying to continue causing serious harm.


It is a matter of fact Blair and Johnson don’t want any High Court jury revisiting 4 September 2006 & 2009.


Brexit was the final proof that politics in the UK is not fit for purpose.


All the politicians and their mouthpieces are doing is blaming... civilians when it is... politicians who are the problem.


Everything about Brexit has only brought politics into very serious disrepute.


Brian was always right that the UK needs to 'right its wrongs' instead of blaming anyone and everyone... else.





I really am not interested in being FURTHER bullied by politicians waving around their citizenship canard, after having now been exiled... twice for being a law abiding civilian, because last time anyone looked, citizenship did not confer rights of ownership of people by politicians.


I am personally fed up with Commonwealth politicians bullying me and far, far worse for so many years, so I am willing to at some sensible point renounce that dual citizenship.


It is after all what politicians who publicly called to illegally 'remove' peaceniks have only proved they want me to do anyway because they did torture and attempt to murder me shortly after in 2009.


The real point is it is my stated intention to use the financial settlement from lawsuits to try something different within the European Union because I am neither a politician or banker and there is… more we could do beyond a stand-off in courts over legislation.


I am curious to learn if peaceniks can turn a financial settlement into real and viable job opportunities for young people in the European Union that would in turn keep multiplying that settlement to benefit more and more young people in the European Union, while avoiding the usual traps of cheap labour, national legislation, or diluting the four freedoms.


There are so many young people with so much creative potential.


I also want to find peaceful ways that make tax exiles -want- to invest their money in real job opportunities and growth for young people in the European Union etc.


I am a real exile, not a tax exile, so I obviously want to do my bit to address the unnecessary inequalities that confront young people in the real world today in the European Union.


There is (for example) no real reason why there are taxes beyond what people can afford to buy, to fund administrative governance, yet ordinary people continue to contribute a disproportionate amount of tax in excess of that.


I want to turn a financial settlement from what was an appalling experience over many years, into constructively working to build job opportunities young people can really benefit from within the European Union.


So the only real question now is are politicians going to lawfully settle the lawsuits without further delay -or- try to keep causing us the most serious harm possible ?

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!