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The Two Genocidal World Wars that were supposedly triggered by the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June 1914 that saw millions upon million of civilians slaughtered across Europe were always planned.


... 23 may... 2006: catalan exiles ("once an exile, twice an exile...") have been through the whole 360 divide and rule from every royal, religion and politician for most of the past millennium (there was no due process or high court jury 'allowed' for above)...



Europe has made some limited progress with an evolving European Union with freedom of movement for law abiding civilians (that only happened through the courts) while those leaders installed in the Middle East still argue over… oil prices, rather than uniting for the benefit of civilian populations. 



... 23 may 2015... the 'damascus protocol'...



The Sharif of Mecca didn't ratify the Paris Peace Treaty in 1919 (because the British reneged on their deal over Palestine) so the British replaced him with the House of Saud, while his sons ruled Iraq and Transjordan.



... the sharif of mecca didn't... ratify... the paris peace treaty in 1919 ... which is why he was replaced by the house of saud...


The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was published on 9 November 1917. O 29 November 1947, the United Nations 'mandated' many decades of further divide and rule.


The old not so 'plausible deniability' of Westminster:



... the british government, as per usual, pretended nothing was anything to do with them... and everything was everyone else's fault...



Two World Wars showed the always two-faced British government who were the pre-eminent colonial power at the time by a long way, wanted a European military garrison in the Middle East for commercial reasons.


The real reason for the UN vote in 1947 is obvious, because they knew that a single government would return Arab governance, because the majority of people are Arab.


It beggars belief that Israeli and Palestinian... politicians have not been able to come to a peace deal for their civilian populations over so many decades, and in particular when you compare the lives of people living in most of the big oil states in the Middle East. 


The Iraq Wars have suited many politicians and companies profiting from artificially inflating the price of abiotic oil that is not running out anytime soon.


Whenever there is a war, you can be guaranteed Westminster are involved, including in all sorts of double-dealing.


The warlords in Westminster currently control the global oil markets through VITOL who are the biggest 'commodity' trader who are really what is the definition of a 'state within a state' with an annual 'turnover' of $270 billion. 


... the price of oil has long been artificially inflated by governments etc...


Brexit which is really all about politicians using their Article 50 propaganda device to try and blame... civilians again, when it is really ... politicians who are the problem, is the old far from Commonwealth of all sorts meeting a slowly emerging... legal order in the European Union.


In our own long experience politicians in Westminster have only very violently been trying to put a 'hard border' (not unlike the MI6 & CIA 'Operation Ajax' against Mosaddegh in Tehran on 21 December 1953) between peaceniks and lawsuits before juries in courts in the European Union, which is how I came to be exiled... again.


My own journey of exile where I have been exiled twice now (and I am descended from Catalan exiles) began almost 37 years ago when I was still a teenager. 


Of course, there is no real reason there is not a Middle East Union or African Union to benefit civilian populations in those places too.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!