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I was seriously threatened as a teenager in Australia while I was still a minor who was less than sixteen years old which forced me out of Australia into exile in the UK, before the British government tortured and attempted to murder me, forcing me into exile for a second time in the European Union.


This needs to be said to -end- governments lies they never wanted heard in any... court, that have now led to a Catalan peacenik (who is a descendant of Catalan exiles) being exiled twice by both the Australian and British governments.



… no shit sherlock… parliament square, central london in the background...


I was first exiled around 37 years ago.


The link between court cases in Australia and the UK that was hidden by the governments were the childhoods of myself and my brother that were hidden by the intelligence agencies covering up the lies of Two World Wars, the Cold War and then Iraq Wars.


What was hidden was (for example) I was stolen by the intelligence agencies who obviously always knew no descendant of any Catalan exile would ever work for any intelligence agency because over the past millennium Catalans defended and had been exiled from the mountains by the whole 360 of every passing royal, religion and politician's spin.


The fact the British and Australian governments stole me as an infant in what was really a seriously twisted ‘social experiment’ even among the many going on at the time where I was raised by the ‘highest echelons’ in their intelligence agencies is not something I can undo.


They always tried to make me their ’Schrodinger’s Cat’ but I always refused to be owned by them.


It was a classic case of a cover up of a cover up because I was a) stolen b) by the ‘highest echelons’ of ‘intelligence agencies’.


I was always the hidden prisoner of all their lies.


The conspiracy between the British and Australian governments became only too clear.




1995 - 2013



1995: I lawfully got sufficient records that when you put together the two parts of my life that everyone tried to keep separate could only lead back to Alfred Deakin ‘Bloody’ Brookes who… tried to cover up what he had done.


The shadows started circling again during which I was repeatedly 'pressured' in all sorts of horrible ways.


Alfred Deakin ‘Bloody’ Brookes was (for example) the ’sixth’ man in the spy ring who everyone did complain about.


The 'sixth' man was an Australian in intelligence services that had been 'compromised' since their inception, with the Russian government frequently obligingly providing very convenient 'plausible deniability': 



... the 'sixth' man... the ministry of propaganda...


I collected godparents no-one could possibly ever want:



... 'the minder'... tudor harvey barnett.. director general of asio...


Barnett was recruited by the other half of the one who bought a goat she called Mrs Peel, who had himself been trained by the leader of the pack... Anthony Blunt.


It would be an easier question to ask/answer which member of the British intelligence services wasn't working for the Russian government too. 






1999/2000: 19 February 1999, 22 May 2000, 4 September 1964 - 10 September 2000, 13 December 2000



... 19 february 1999, 22 may 2000 (10 august 2000) 13 december 2000...



On 22 May 2000 a jury in Australia correctly concluded my nephew was executed by a coppers son who had no ‘plausible deniability’ of any possible kind that anything was a ‘mistake’.


The politicians and media barons nevertheless dishonestly persisted in falsely publicly claiming it was a 'mistake', as they all continued taking the side of the shooter, despite and after the jury conclusion resulting in a conviction. 


During the ‘appeal’ process when there was no possibility the jury verdict could be overturned ‘plausible deniability’ was used to murder my sister who was born on 4 September 1964 on 10 September 2000.



 ... 4 september 1964 - 10 september 2000... during the veneer of an 'appeal' process...


When I briefly returned to Australia after my sister died, the one who bought a goat she christened Mrs Peel incredibly said to me and I quote “something good might come out of it” (meaning it was convenient for the intelligence agencies who had for example always openly opposed my sister and myself being together)


It's not difficult to guess what the threats that were made against me when I was a teenager included, that forced me out of Australia into exile.


No-one ever protected us from Alfred Deakin ‘Bloody’ Brookes.


Following the shooter inevitably losing the ’appeal’ on 13 December 2000 because it really was impossible to overturn the jury conclusion in a case that it was only odd ever needed to go to trial because there was no recognisable defence in law, my other nephew who was the twin of the other nephew who was murdered died in 2001.


The one who bought a goat she christened Mrs Peel renounced her British citizenship.


And there might have lain the hidden lies behind human tragedies that tore families apart, except for the proven conspiracy that then unfolded between the British and Australian governments... in the UK cases.







What then unfolded in the UK was a dual conspiracy to cover up what happened in Australia and what was happening in the UK that public records prove I repeatedly tried to stop.




The common link is Alexander Downer, the former Australian Foreign Minister in the Howard government (that Turnbull was also a part of) who resigned from government following the 3 December 2007 election to work as a ‘lobbyist’ with former MI5 officers (ie: no doubt with the likes of MI5 Democracy Village 2010 -2012) before re-inventing himself as Ambassador to the UK in 2014. 




2006: 22 February 2006, 22/23 May 2006, 4 September 2006, 13 December 2006



Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


Blair & Co were less than subtle with their original malicious prosecution against me on 22 February 2006 that is the same date Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943 in Munich which was just before the first transport from Rome arrived at Auschwitz on 23 October 1943.




The common feature of the very dirty war that was waged by politicians against we peaceniks for a very many years in Parliament Square, Central London was there was never any due process while were repeatedly illegally denied legal representation.


When I was unlawfully arrested during the operation on 22/23 May 2006 and they could not charge me with anything, Brian was always going to win his case unless the politicians could somehow stop me having a High Court jury lawsuit.


On 4 September 2006 their conspiracy fell apart when they had me at Charing Cross Police Station under false pretences during which they invited myself and Steve into a corridor they claimed was without CCTV where they illegally destroyed the footage Steve took.


This is when the British and Australian governments lost all 'plausible deniability' on 4 September 2006 in the UK:



... 4 september 2006... this is when the british and australian governments lost all 'plausible deniability' over "which part of no didn't they get ?"...



The Australian government were involved in the cover up over 4 September 2006 too.


The fact governments were left with no 'plausible deniability' over what they did to one Catalan sister in the UK, makes it more likely than not they used 'plausible deniability' to murder the other Catalan sister in Australia.






The governments used exactly the same 'sequence' in the UK, as in Australia and they knew it, because there should have been the High Court -jury- trial in the UK over 22/23 May 2006, which the governments knew they would lose, because there was never any due process.


(On 4 + 10 = 14 September 2006, malicious prosecutions against me under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 were ruled “void ab initio” at Westminster Magistrates on the UK.


I was born on 10 February 1962 and my sister was born on 4 September 1964 and died on 10 September 2000, before it was proved that both governments tried to use 'plausible deniability' against me on 4 September 2006 & 4 September 2009 in the UK)


On 13 December 2006, the malicious prosecution against Brian over 22/23 May 2006 was stopped half-way because they couldn't put me on a witness stand because I wasn’t charged with anything, while lawyers had failed to go to the High Court with a...  jury lawsuit.


The British and Australian governments conspiracy didn’t just happen to dream up the corresponding dates to events in Australia that followed the same ‘sequence’ and ‘theme’ in the UK.


It is proven the British and Australian governments were working together in the UK using an identifiable pattern and sequence of -linked- birth and trial dates as execution dates in the UK.


The government didn't 'invite' us along to 'police' stations on 4 September 2006 (& 4 September 2009) for a cup of tea, where we conclusively proved we were being held against our will etc.


Much of our long years campaigning in Parliament Square, Central London, mirrored being on a long trek through the annals of the history of the British dirty tricks brigade.




2007: 22 January 2007, 22 May 2007, 13 December 2007



On 22 January 2007 the cover up over my ‘missing’ High Court jury lawsuit from 22/23 May 2006 continued.


Brian was found to have 'no case to answer' over 22/23 May 2006 in one court (which was close to my 'void ab initio' which meant they could not lawfully get a malicious prosecution off the ground against me) while the government were trying to cover up 4 September 2006 in another court.


The cover up over 4 September 2006 was suddenly ‘adjourned’ until… May.


I was then unlawfully ‘arrested’ on 24 & 29 January 2007 & then again during an undercover operation on 31 January 2007.


There are a vast number of lawsuits surrounding the central 4 September 2006 civil suit.


The CPS gagged when I won the 31 January 2007 case (on 19 July 2007) after it had been shut down to stop me giving evidence by kidnapping me from court during live proceedings !! when I said the government “put in place a sequence of events that only put my life at risk”.


It has been the story of my life really.


The government tried spinning 22 May 2007 against Steve and myself in the cover up over 4 September 2006 before we unexpectedly comprehensively won everything in court on 13 December 2007.



... 22 may and 13 december 2007... except that we comprehensively won in court in the uk...


The identifiable ’sequence’ was we weren’t supposed to win over the cover up on 4 September 2006 because that is the case no-one has any ‘plausible deniability’ over that is the central case they lose… all and every other case over.


It all completely unravelled when the script of no due process that was written was undone by case law they could not deny.


On 13 December 2007, the curmudgeonly Judges at Southwark Crown Court had to eventually (after repeatedly sending us out of court while they 'conferred') very sarcastically “thank me" for "bringing case law to their attention".


Brian and myself smiled wryly when the court was forced to hand back £500 I had been forced to hand to a lawyer who had run from the case over a year previously that I insisted had to be paid back in cash, because that is how I had paid. The court were actually forced to go to a bank and hand over the money in cash… in a brown envelope !!


The unprecedented lawsuits are just massive because so many cases were linked to that cover up.


In April 2008 I got a High Court Order that was supposed to give witness protection to peaceniks and stop further malicious prosecutions that were only trying to delay a lawful settlement of our lawsuits.


In fact the politicians always acted in Contempt of the High Court Order which is why I was eventually forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union.



2009: 4 September 2009



It was an open ‘secret’ in Westminster that the now Brexitgate ’Tsar’ Alexander Johnson Foreign Secretary tortured and attempted to murder me while he was Mayor of London.


The Australian government were involved in the cover up over that too.



2010 - 2012: The Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village



The cover up just continued. Johnson was violently attacking the peaceniks and threatening everyone all over the place.


Brian died and I was forced into exile for a… second time because we weren’t given witness protection to reach a lawful settlement over the lawsuits that we won on 13 December 2007 long before Brian died and the government continued violently attacking… peaceniks.


We conclusively proved politicians never had any ‘plausible deniability’ over the reality there had never been any due process in the UK.


Cameron had already illegally threatened to 'remove' us on 19 July 200... 9:



... 19 february & 22 february 2016 - british and australian governments repeat 'execute' threats under cover of brexit...


While they do use sequential dates to link up what they do, if they hadn't done that in the UK, they would have run out of dates on the calendar because the politicians did so much that was illegal in Parliament Square, Central London.


Peaceniks who have been exiled could not possibly be included in Brexit as yet another means to try and illegally 'overtake' lawsuits.




It is obvious I would never (and have good reason not to) ever trust a politician.


(Of course the Australian government's real interest in trade these days, beyond trying to offload/exile peaceniks, is really in the Asian markets, not Brexit.)


When Brexitgate 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson resigns and the Australian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Downer  (who has massive 'conflicts of interest' that arose when he was a... politician) retires that will be the end of the 'sixth' man conspiracy. 


I cannot undo what they did that I did lawfully try to stop.


It is a very dark and extremely unpleasant case where unusually the old Commonwealth meets a slowly evolving legal order in the European Union.


The reality was it was the... peaceniks !! forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union. 


I have always been legally entitled to witness protection and personally want the lawful settlement of lawsuits because I obviously want to get on with my own life in exile... in peace.


The politicians who... lost in court almost ten years ago don't get to dictate 'terms' to peaceniks over the lawful settlement of lawsuits.


The -public- legal records speak for themselves that I have always acted responsibly in doing my best to protect defenceless civilians.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!